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GTA Halloween Events: GTA Online Slashers and GTA Online Ghost Car



gta online slashers

The streets of Los Santos aren’t safe at night. That is, unless you dress up like your favorite horror movie monster and hide behind a mask to avoid being hacked with unlimited rocket launcher wallhacks by hackers in the game! This spooky season we get 4 new Halloween Slashers inspired by some of this most notorious villains around -spawning right next door when they least expect it while on road-and there’s nothing better than having one for yourself as Bender turns into were-car during that famous episode from Futurama (or if preferred reference Christine).

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this guide for Slashers and Phantom Car hunting in GTA Online! Nighttime is when you’ll find the heavy hitters, but don’t fear, if your team wipes out their foes they’ll reward everyone with something special after victory has been achieved.”

Where to find Slashers in GTA Online

Four different slashers can appear in GTA Online, each inspired by a specific movie monster: like Pennywise the Clown, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th or Michael Myers. There’s also Freddy Krueger who has been known to terrorize victims on Elm Street when he was just an boy with dreams of becoming famous one day!

According to Tez2, serial Rockstar game source on Twitter, these are the requirements to spawn in a Slasher:

  1. It must be between the in-game hours of 9PM and 5AM
  2. You cannot be driving a flying, water, weaponized, or special vehicle
  3. There is a 15 minute cooldown between instances of the event

Every Slasher spawns in a particular area on the map:

  1. Clown spawns in the Los Santos City
  2. Jason Voorhees-style Psycho spawns in the Great Chaparral, Vinewood Hills, Banham Canyon, Tongva Hills/Valley
  3. Fiery Driver spawns at Redwood Lights Track in Los Santos

GTA Online Ghost Car

The Phantom Car is a unique Slasher that only spawns under certain conditions. You need to be in a session with more than one player, and they’ll randomly choose someone from among those present for this race against the phantom vehicle’s nefarious driver!

If you manage to take down one of the GTA Online slashers, then come November 1st your reward is an exclusive t-shirt showing off their bloodied weapon. It’s not too late!

The deadline for submitting this task has passed though so no more people can get in on these free goodies anymore- unless they revive it through donations or something like that? Either way I’m glad someone finally came up with an awesome idea that didn’t involve shooting gamers who were alreadyStanding Their Ground.”

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