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GTA Online Ufo Locations Guide



gta online ufo location

The annual tradition of Halloween is now in full swing, and as such there has been a wave or two on new content for GTA Online players. The weekly reset was just last week so those who missed it are coming back to see what’s available this year! Rockstar Games will be releasing an official rundown later today but we’ve already seen some suitably ghoulish things pop up around Los Santos including cobwebs hanging from trees which can only mean one thing: ghosts have returned yet again after being absent since 2013’s Scareán Clown Promontory Co incidence.

Gta Online Ufo Location

Gta Online Ufo Location

Tez2, the tipster for rock stars on Twitter has some insider information about what you’ll be able to do this Halloween. You can go as your usual style or dress up as a Phantom Car Dancer and dance through town looking like an awesome skeleton! Slasher’s also waiting in ambush ready with their knives while alien hunters will need guns if they want any chance at survival against those pesky UFOs that show up every now and then during these Phantompanic battles–it sounds like playing comes first though so head over here if fighting foes isn’t really where yo’ heart lies.

Tez also shares that the second stage of their daily UFO event is live, so today (October 21) you’ll want to head over to Sandy Shores. Tez notes “the ufo will show up around Blaine County within a few days,” and it seems like they’re getting closer and could potentially affect our city!

The GTA Online weekly updates of the game are here with a new prize ride, called RT3000. To get it you need to be part in top four for eight pursuit races and winners will receive this bike! There is also an exclusive car available which can only be unlocked after finishing first at any sort of competition or on your own skillset; it’s known as Peyote Gasser–check out these discounts on offer:

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