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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: Where is Grand Theft Auto III?



GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

The original Grand Theft Auto games are classics, but many gamers today don’t know of the PS2 era’s GTA trilogy. Vice City and San Andreas make sense to them; where do you recognize one if not for their inclusion in this game? However there is some disappointment because we haven’t heard anything about GTA VI even though it has been eight years since V was released- until now!

It seems Rockstar doesn’t want us sad anymore as they announced The Trilogy: Definitive Edition last week which will contain all three classic titles (GTAs 1-3).

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of GTA III, Rockstar has decided to create a complete make over for their newest installment. Although these games are quite new and popular with many people who have never experienced it before; there is still controversy as where this game takes place because some believe its time should be used more productively than playing others’ memories back-in like an old film reel on TV at 2am.

Which city does GTA III take place in?

Some gamers may be shocked to know that GTA III took place in Liberty City, meaning that Grand Theft Auto IV wasn’t the first game set there. We don’t really know why it was called “GTA:III – pertaining to its successors with numbering rather than geographical designations–but given this information comes from 2001 and a lot can change since then (including pop culture), let’s keep an open mind!

When is GTA III set?

The third main entry into the series was set in 2001. According to multiple sources, and the GTA Fandom Wiki this date is supported by an episode of “GTA Episodes from Liberty City.” The game’s newest trailer has had its debut during E3 2019 where we got our first glimpse at what’s coming next year!

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