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How To Cure Poison in Elden Ring



How To Cure Poison in Elden Ring

Status Effects affect players and monsters alike in Elden Ring, applying beneficial or negative effects to them. It’s crucial that you keep a close eye on these as you fight — some may be debilitating, while others make you stronger as you battle foes across the world of Elden Ring .

Status ailments are perhaps the most powerful tool in a warrior’s arsenal. They can turn the tide of battle, as a low hit point count or poison status can quickly spell disaster for a player character. Take heed to be wary of your surroundings and any new afflictions you may have contracted — they could spell your doom.

Poison is a deadly Status Effect in Elden Ring which can be debilitating and even dangerous to players. The most common of which is inflicted by enemies, but some environmental hazards can also poison players if they aren’t careful. If you’re poisoned in Elden Ring, take a look at our guide below to find out how you can get rid of it.

Elden Ring: How To Cure Poison

When you’re poisoned, your character’s effectiveness is severely diminished. You can’t attack or defend as well, and it can even cost you precious hit points. Fortunately, you have multiple ways to prevent poison from taking hold. Check out some of the things that can protect against poison below — just know that no matter what, poison will always remain one of the more threatening Status Effects.

The best way to cure Poison in Elden Ring is through Neutralizing Boluses, which are found by defeating many of the enemies you’ll encounter throughout your journey. These items sell for a significant amount at vendor shops. Alternatively you can use Cure Poison Spells. These spells have a high casting cost and can only be used once per party member (so keep these for times when your health is low).

Elden Ring Neutralizing Boluses

Players can purchase consumables called ‘Neutralizing Boluses’ that can be found in a handful of places. There is a vendor named ‘The Nomadic Merchant’ who sells them at a cost of 600 Runes, who can be found to the southeast of the Coastal Cave.

Another way to tackle the Poison debuff is to simply cook up a neutralizing potion. In case you don’t feel like synthesizing one, though, you can buy it from the Armorer’s Cookbook for 600 runes. That recipe also teaches you how to make Neutralizing Boluses — but if you want to take this as far as possible, why not learn how to synthesize them yourself?

Elden Ring Cure Poison Spell

The Cure Poison Spell can be learned from Brother Corhyn, one of the many new NPCs that have appeared in game. This spell is expensive, costing about 1,000 Runes, but will save your life should you ever need to use it.

The Cure Poison Spell is a staple for most adventurers in the realm of Tibia. The spell can be learned from many different NPCs, though some are much more pleasant than others. This spell can be cast with a Faith stat of 10 or above and costs 7 Focus Points to cast.

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