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How to Farm Millions of Runes Fast in Elden Ring



How to Farm Millions of Runes Fast in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you’ll come across a dozen bosses, each with their own unique fighting style. There are three main ‘gods’ that your character will come across through the game: Margit, Godrick, and Radahn. Each has their own unique flavour to fighting against them, and with each encounter being different depending on the weapons and equipment you’ve used up until that point, it’s important to be prepared well.

One of the biggest challenges for any gamer is gearing up their character, especially if they’re trying to raise a newly created one from nothing to the level cap. There are several ways of going about this, but one of the most reliable is perhaps farming. Farming is where you gain items by completing in-game objectives – usually over and over again. But how do you farm efficiently? That’s what we’ll be answering in this guide.

Elden Ring: Rune Farming Method Tips and Tricks

When in Elden Ring, it’s always smart to be prepared. The monsters are tough and competition can be fierce! To give you the best chance of succeeding, aim for at least level 40 before trying this Rune Farming Method. This way, you’ll be ready for whatever Midas Mode throws your way.

Players should try not to peak at this farm if they want to keep things a secret. The reason for this is not the method of farming itself, but simply getting to it. If you want to surprise their friends and family with a unique idea for a Christmas present, consider making them one of these!

When players first start off in Elden Ring, they will find a location called ‘The Golden Scarab.’ However, there is no need to waste time looking for this item. It’s unnecessary for the first stage of farming. Even still, plenty of runes are available — so there is no need to worry about collecting them.

This method of farming is very easier for spellcasters and ranged classes to complete, but melee users should still be able to make it work, providing they’re willing to invest a bit of time into it. Beat up Godrick the Grafted, and you’ll be able to use this location for farm whenever you please.

How to Farm Millions of Runes In Elden Ring

In the video above, Arrekz Gaming shows you how to quickly and easily get to this farm in no time. All you need is a Rocket League account and to follow these, super simple steps.

First, head to the First Step Dungeon and defeat Godrick. Once you’ve beaten him, make your way to Rose Church, located in First Step. If you can’t find it, check out the map — it’s near the Academy of Raya Lucaria!

Get an alt character and make sure they’re level 45 or higher (the Lord of Blood quest will be available when you reach level 45). Get to the city of Velia and chat with the Mysterious NPC outside of the church. He’ll give you a quest, but he won’t let you take it until you obtain the Bloody Festering Fingers.

You can find four items that can be used on any of the NPC’s in the church. The item, Lord of Blood’s Favor, is used on a Maiden corpse found near a puddle of blood. This will cause the Knight to become aggressive and attack you. Defeat him and take his armor as proof that you beat him.

Go back to the Church of Rose and talk with the NPC. Once there, he will ask you to find his lost finger. Accept this mission and then go speak with him again. He’ll give you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal for your troubles.

This may not work for everyone, I don’t want to say that it’s a foolproof strategy—but it works for me. First off, you need lots of health. So stock up on healing items. When you get to the end of the level, ignore all enemies and run straight past them. This is a bit risky if you have not stocked up on health items, but I have only ever died once when doing this strategy.

In Elden Ring, you’ll find the Site of Lost Grace. Here, you’re able to farm enemies for runes. Each enemy is easily picked off, especially if you use the Mournweald Greatbow, and each enemy death usually results in 2000 runes for your inventory. Clearing every enemy here will net you anywhere from 40-50k runes per run — but you can reset it whenever you like!

There are three enemies in this mini-boss fight: the blue creatures, the red creatures, and the giant spikes. The Blue Creatures will attempt to attack the player head-on. Occasionally they will grow spikes, but these can be easily avoided by sidestepping out of their way. The Red Creatures will jump around and sometimes grow spikes- and if you touch them you might get hurt!

Players have the option to respawn at any time, so if they die before they even get the chance to play properly, they can come right back and try again. Additionally, if you die during a run you will respawn nearby with your rune in hand. This means you can fight the creatures on your own terms — just be sure to keep an eye out for red ones, which react immediately when you attack them.

Elden Ring Best Runes Farm Location

Use this trick if you are playing as a Samurai in the upcoming game, Elden Ring. It is the fastest way to get runes, and it works very well. We did this method in less than an hour without any risk — so safe! And if you’ve saved up your runes like we did, you’ll have this sweet level-up at the ready. Make sure to use these runes wisely — they’re worth a lot of power!

We were sitting at level 61 when we decided to spend the few shards we had left on an Elden Ring farm spot. We didn’t have much to lose because we’d already cleared the full map, and in about an hour we’d gone from level 61 to level 78 with a little help from Starscourge Radahn’s rare drop — an almost-perfect weapon for Wander.

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