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How to Find Bounty Boards in Fortnite



How to Find Bounty Boards in Fortnite

When you’re looking to turn those last few pieces of currency into something more valuable, head on over to a bounty board. Bounty boards are a great way for players in Fortnite: Battle Royal Season 8 (or earlier) who need some help completing quests and earning gold bars! You’ll find each location below with its own unique instructions as well as advice from one our writers about things they’ve found helpful when questing – such as where hidden items may be located nearby or how good shields can Block certain shots if equipped properly by your hero.

How to Find Bounty Boards in Fortnite

Bounty boards are a common sight in the Wild West of Fortnite. They’re kind of like large wooden pieces with several bounty listings tacked onto them, and imagine if you saw one stuck on top that read “Wanted: Snake Eyes Pete or Two Timin’ Charlie.” All players need do when interacting is simply walk right up to it and press their interact button!

The war effort boards are different than the bounty ones. The former tend to have an overhead and a dropbox next them, as you’re meant to donate gold bars there; whereas with bounties all that does is make them look like regular chests from far away (although this doesn’t always happen). It’s important because sometimes if your target isn’t close enough for one type of quest but then proceeds onto another nearby area where they can still see people on foot or mounted around without any obstructions between themselves and their objective-you might end up running into someone else Alerted.

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