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How to Fly a Plane in GTA 5?




GTA 5 has many unique items in the game that makes it even more exciting for the players. The most exciting thing in the game is that the player can even fly the plane.

There are different categories of vehicles that the player can fly. Each vehicle has its characteristics concerning speed, flight, height, and distance. Now the question arises from where the player can purchase these vehicles.

These vehicles are available in the stores from there you can purchase them in exchange for money. If you are short of money and still want to buy a plane then you can steal it from the airport. If you know how to fly a jet or plane you can reach your destination in a short time.

Guide of Fly a Plane in GTA 5

Fly a Plane in GTA 5

It is not an easy task to fly a plane if you are completely new to it. You will need some time to learn its functionality. The w and S button on the keyboard is responsible for the acceleration and deceleration. If you want to tilt the plane and move in the opposite direction then Q and E buttons will help.

These buttons are not mandatory-you can even change them from the setting options. For up and down plane tilt buttons 8 and5 are responsible. For tilting the plane from left to right then 4 and 6 buttons are responsible. Nothing is easy at first sight.

Similarly, when you first sit on the plane, you will get confused. But with time, you will get used to it. As it says practice makes a man perfect. Plane helps you to complete different missions and for carrying goods from one place to another. You can even carry passengers to their destination.  The plane is helpful in many ways.

Training courses

The flight school is located in the southern part of the map. There are eight events with the plane that you have to complete. As you will complete one test the next test will be automatically available for you. If you are completely new with the plane and not aware of its machinery then it will be difficult for you in the beginning. You will be immediately thrown into the timed course. You can start the test over and over again to improve. Once the course is completed your skills will be improved 100%. At this point, you will know how to fly the plane in GTA 5.

Course No.1

The first course is all about how to take off the plane. When you take off the plane, do not touch the direction buttons. When the rear of the plane rises, you must follow the instructions next. Once the plane has taken off, do not withdraw your landing gear.

Course No.2

The second course is all about inverted flight. You have to go through the different checkpoints to complete this test. You will be guided by the instructor also.

Course No.3

Take off and go through the checkpoint at the end of the runway.

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