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How to get Ghost of War Ultra Skin in Warzone



War Ultra Skin in Warzone

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are coming to an end, but before they go forever Call of Duty fans can enjoy season six. The Ghost of War skin for this spooky event is available through a new code that players will be able get starting on Halloween night!

The first five seasons have been great with plenty content being released each update so I’m sure any avid gamer would agree it’s about time something changed up – which also happens in real life right? Well not really since both these video games worlds seem eerily similar as you explore inside them while completing missions or killing enemies outside their battlegrounds… But yeah don’t worry anyone because tomorrow evening at 7pm EST.

The new skin up for grabs is the Ghost of War Ultra Skin, a spooky Halloween-themed skeleton that you can use in all sorts of battles. There are two ways to get this bundle but one has been limited so far! For those interested and eager just like me who want more than what they already preordered or bought from January 15th through July 31st (Nexus Edition).

These are the two ways you can get the new skin:

  • You can get this skin by simply pre-ordering Call of Duty: Vanguard digitally
  • The Ghost of War Ultra skin is also available in a new bundle

There’s always hope with an offer by purchasing Cod Points which cost $2 per 200 points value purchase; however if we were lucky enough our rewards includes three legendary weapon skins including their signature sword “Ursula.” If not then don’t worry because whether buying warzone edition early October 2015 onwards gives us access too ghosts Of wars ultra.

The Vanguard skin will go on pre-order starting October 22 and end November 2. After this time, it’s available for purchase exclusively through your in game store with an extra fee of $1 per character slot (or proportionate amount if purchasing multiple).

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