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Elden Ring

How To Leave Elden Ring Roundtable Hold



How To Leave Elden Ring Roundtable Hold

If you’re new to From Software’s Souls-style games, then Elden Ring can be downright overwhelming. With a staggering amount of places to explore, NPCs to meet, enemies to destroy, and bosses to slay, there’s something for everyone here — but only if you can actually find it.

If you find yourself at a loss over how to get around in Elden Ring , don’t panic! I’m here to help you out. I’ve run into similar problems myself and wanted to share with you my ways of getting back into the thick of things. Once you’ve left the Roundtable Hold — and progressed a little further than where I am in the game — these tips will come in handy for sure.

How To Get To Roundtable Hold

It can be a bit tough to reach Roundtable Hold for those without access to one of the two Site of Grace spots. Fortunately, players will be able to rest at both locations after completing the first quest with Melina, and will subsequently gain access to Roundtable Hold immediately afterward.

There are two locations

  • Lake-Facing Cliffs
  • Stormveil Main Gate

To trigger the Roundtable Hold – Site of Gratitude cutscene, you must first defeat Margit, the Fell Omen. The simplest way to accomplish this is to let her guard down by either A) having a party member die and then resurrect them, or B) speak to her when she’s weakened. Once she’s on the ground, simply finish her before speaking to Gratitude.


If you’re not a big fan of the constant fighting and just want to walk peacefully to Lake-Facing Cliffs, you need to take an un-impeded path through the mountains north of the Stormhill Shack. First, start at the Stormville Shack and head due north on the road. As the road bends to the left, go straight forward under a massive arched bridge and through a small forest area.


On one side of the arch, players will find a bridge that stretches into the distance. At the end of this section, they can look down and spot a new pathway on the far left. This path leads to an overlook, where players can see two nearby sets of cliffs. The first is small and jagged; it’s the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Bewilderment.

Don’t get too friendly with the wolves around Mountaineer’s Foothills — you’ll find that these wolf packs are far nastier than the usual wolf packs around other areas. The good news is, navigating through this area is as easy as taking a stroll in the park: just run. There is a Site of Grace to the west, but you don’t have to go there if you don’t want to.

How To Leave Elden Ring Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold is a fantastic hub area filled with plenty of non-player characters (and a few hidden secrets). It’s a twisty maze of rooms, but the NPC’s will help you get back on your way. You can even find some unique gifts and items to take back with you!

Fast-traveling to a Site of Grace is the only way to get out of Roundtable Hold. To do this, players will need to find one of their Golden Medallions that are marked on the map. Pretty much any area that you’ve been to before will have a Golden Medallion (unless it’s a boss battle), and these allow you to quickly fly to that location.

When returning to Roundtable Hold from anywhere else in the world, you will always be returned to the same position upon teleporting. This is done to ensure a smooth and speedy experience of returning to your last location. The icon that represents Roundtable Hold is always located in the bottom-left corner of your map, separate from the rest of the world symbol.

Elden Ring Roundtable Hold What you can do There?

At the Roundtable Hold, you can find a variety of characters that can help you in a variety of ways. You’ll always be able to access any NPC at any time, from any location — but you’ll usually want to go to this hub first to meet new party members and prepare for battle.

A Hugging NPC

So, this is really cool. Basically, Fia will help players who are losing to buff their character a bit, so they can rally back and win the fight. There’s a neat twist to it, though — if you’re already winning, you might not want the blessing Fia gives out — for a 5% health debuff and 10 seconds of extra poise, it’s hard to turn down when you’re on top. But if you’re losing?

An Invading NPC

Interacting with the center of the main hall causes an invader to appear. You must fight this invader in order to unlock your Bow Gesture.

Incantation Seller

This will give you Faith spells.

Appearance-Changing Mirror

The Mirror Chamber is a place that you can access. In this chamber, you can change your appearance if you like.

A Spirit Tuner

Note that Spirit Ashes’ stats are increased via the use of a leveling quest, available to all players. This is done by completing a series of items, which can be passed on to other users as well, allowing them to power up their own Spirit Ashes. It’s a system that works for everyone, and it’s super fun too!


This NPC will unlock Spirit Ashes on appropriate gear. This will be both a great boon and a terrible curse. The world is not ready for such things.

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