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How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online?




GTA 5 is an exciting game with many unique features. Once you start playing this game, you have to earn as much money as you can. Because money is essential to survive in the game.

There are different methods to earn money but the fastest and easiest way to earn money is from the rockstar club. After you have a little amount of money, you can easily purchase a house for yourself.

You can play different modes of the heist to earn money. After you have a house you can move to the next heist and complete that. After you complete all the heist you will get $1M as a reward through which you can purchase a large office.

After you have your own office you can become the CEO or VIP. After becoming CEO in GTA 5, the next thing you should do is to start a business. The first one you should buy is the import-export warehouse. After you buy this warehouse you can earn money fast.

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks

You should try to sell your cars to the best seller and make money. There are three types of cars in different ranges. The first one is of standard range and you can get 30k. The second car is of middle range and you can get 60k.

The third car is of the top range and you can earn 80k from it. When you have this amount of money you can now buy a buzzard attack chopper. After you have enough money you can now buy a bunker.

The bunker will help you to carry out your business chores. The best bunker cost $1.45. There is a command center inside the bunker and a weapon and vehicle workshop also. Similarly, you can move ahead and expand your business and can make a lot of money.

GTA 5: The lucky Wheel


GTA 5 also has a lucky wheel for the players. Each day players can head into the diamond casino and approach both the cashier and the lucky wheel. The cashier will give the player 1000 chips as a visitor bonus every day which can be exchanged for the GTA $1000 while the lucky wheel spin can award the player with 2500 to 15000 chips. In addition to this players can win additional gifts like clothing items, high-end wheels, and different weapons.

GTA 5: Associate or bodyguard

Associate or bodyguard in GTA 5

Associates provide security for the CEO and maintain the backup. While on the other hand, the bodyguard provides security to the VIP. Both the roles are similar and essential and the salary is $5000 every half hour, a great way to earn a lot of money.

GTA 5: Protect your earning

After you have a lot of money you must take precautionary measures to protect your money. You should put your money in the bank as soon as possible. Whenever you get the money from different jobs you must immediately put the money in the bank. You should not spend your money roughly. Try not to spend your early cash on cosmetics or clothes.

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