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How to unlock Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors



genshin impact labyrinth warriors

The Genshin Impact community is eager for the launch of a new region. Based on leaks, it’s almost confirmed that they’ll be either The Chasm or Sumeru (two regions in different parts).

The leakers tried their best to reveal information about this upcoming release but were surprised when an artist who was apparently creating fan art based off these supposed screenshots posted them online without permission; luckily he took down his work before any legal action could happen though!

It all started when prominent leaker Genshin Intel posted a video inspired by unreleased content in his latest leak, which was originally meant for private viewing. The clip contained several renders and structures built around trees – including one very interesting building under what looks like roots or leaves on the ground (most likely because of how high up it is).

In response to this post with no confirmation from Bethesda as an official announcement trailer would be if they leaked something early themselves before release date; fans were quick-to assume these screenshots were pulled straight outta “Sumeru.” Regardless though we’ll just have wait until E3 next month where hopefully some.

The entire city seemed to resemble a giant tree and the community was convinced that this rendering is for Genshin Impact’s new region, Tevyat. The mystery around it has been complicated even more by miHoYo deleting alleged fan art of what could have been released early from their development stages as well as being strict against leaks in general (considering they quickly took down any photos/videos). Whether we’re getting our first look at Sumeru or another surprise revealed later on remains unclear but one thing seems certain: no matter how much time passes without word coming out about releases – there will always remain excitement building until announcements finally arrive!

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