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Hu Tao Genshin Impact Best Builds, Weapons & Skills



Hu Tao Genshin Impact

Hu Tao Genshin Impact is the female character of the game. She has been the Pyro character of the game. She is the national of Liyue. She is a cheerful young girl. She is pretty enthusiastic. But on the other hand, she is the director of the funeral house.

By looking at her qualities and nature, nobody can guess that she is the director of the funeral house. Moreover, she is friendly and helpful. At the same time, she can be badass while dealing with the enemies.

Hu Tao Appearance

The dressing of the character best matches with her job. She wears a hat with red blossom in it. It gives the descent look to the character. Moreover, brown hair with golden looks magnificent on the charter.

Hairs are pretty long, reaching below the hips of the character. The overall color of the dress of the character is brown. The character wears a brown cloak with long sleeves and a long tail.

On the back, at the tips of the dress, there is white threading. Off-white embroidery on the front shirt and the sleeves adds to the beauty of the dress. Low off white socks and brown shoes, exposing the legs, make the character more charming and attractive.

Hu Tao Best build

The best build for the character includes a polearm named Staff of Homa and an artifact set called the crimson witch of flames. The artifact set includes a 4x crimson witch of flames. This combination is the best fit for the character. This combo can lend up to 15% of the damage. It also increases the other damages include burning, overloaded, vaporize, and melt damage up to 40%. This duo also increases the elemental skill of the character.

Hu Tao Weapons

The top 3 best weapons for the character include:

  • Staff of Homa

The weapon gives the base damage of 46. It also increases the HP of the player by 20%.

  • Skyward Spine

The weapon can give the base damage of 48. It can increase the critical damage by 12%. Moreover, the speed attack can also be increased up to 12%.

  • Dragon’s Bane

The weapon can give base damage of 41. This weapon can give the already damaged player by hydro or puro power, the increased damage by 20%.

Hu Tao Artifact set

The best-suited artifact set for Hu Tao is 4x Crimson Witch of Flames. This powerful artifact increases the damage caused by flame, burning, vaporization, and overload by up to 40%. The artifact gives the pyro character a pyro bonus damage of 15%. So best fit with Hu.

Hu Tao Skills

Some of the best skills of the character include:

  1. Normal Attack: Secret Spear of Wangsheng
  2. Guide to Afterlife
  3. Spirit Soother
  4. Flutter By
  5. Sanguine Rouge
  6. The More the Merrier

How old Hu Tao Genshin Impact?

The character was first seen in the game in March 2021. Therefore the age of the character in the game is 4 months.

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