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Kaeya Genshin Impact Best Builds, Weapons & Skills



Kaeya Genshin Impact

Kaeya is the male character of the game. He is the cryo character of the game. Further, he is the national of Mondstadt. He is the cavalry captain of knights of Favonius.

This job perfectly suits his nature. He can do any task assign to him. He will do it by hook or by crook. Until the results are according to his expectations, he will not care about the method used for that task.

Moreover, he can sense a bit of reluctance in the eyes of his enemy. He uses this against them. Therefore he leads his army in the best way possible.

Kaeya Appearance

The player has a purplish magenta color outfit. He has short magenta hair. Moreover, the skin tone of the player is a bit dull. This brown completion adds to the macho personality of the character.

The player wears an eyepatch on the right eye. The shirt of the player is light blue with dark paint. The color of the jacket is magenta with golden buckles on it.

Brown waist belt with brown wrist bands perfectly blends with the color and personality of the player. A large blue furry cloak covering the right shoulder of the character.

This prominent the cleavage of the player, exposing the muscles of the left arm. High blue boots lack extra design. This adds to the elegancy of the character.

Kaeya Best build

The best build for the character includes a sword and an artifact set. The sword is powerful and named Aquila Favonia. The artifact set includes Blizzard Strayer. 4x blizzard Strayer includes is the artifact set that goes best with the sword.

This can increase the cryo damage of the player up to 15%. As the character is a cryo character, therefore this increase is justifiable. Hence using the cryo attack can increase the critical damage up to 20%.

Kaeya Weapons

The top 3 best weapons for the character include:

  • Aquila Favonia

The weapon has a base damage of 48.can increase the 20% of the attack. It can also regenerate the 100% HP of the attack. If the attack surrounding by enemies, it can give up to 200% damage.

  • Skyward Blade

The weapon has a base damage of 46. The weapon can increase the critical damage by 4%. The attack speed of the character will also increase by 10%.

  • Festering Desire

The weapon can give the base damage of 42. It can increase the damage of the elemental skill by 16%. Moreover, the elemental critical skill damage rate also increases by 6%.

Kaeya Artifact set

The best-fitted artifact set for the character is 4x Blizzard Strayer. This is also for the cryo character like Kaeya. Using cryo attack, the critical damage of the attack increased by 20%. Not only that, if the enemy is already frozen, additional 40% damage is taken by the enemy. So a total of 40% damage can be given by using this artifact.

Kaeya Skills

Some of the best skills of the character include:

  1. Normal Attack: Ceremonial Bladework
  2. Frostgnaw
  3. Glacial Waltz
  4. Cold-Blooded Strike
  5. Heart of the Abyss
  6. Hidden Strength

How old Kaeya Genshin Impact?

The character was first seen in the game in September 2020. So the age of the character in the game is 10 months.

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