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Lisa Genshin Impact Best Builds, Weapons & Skills



Lisa Genshin Impact

Lisa is the female character of the game. She is the electro character. She is the national of Mondstadt. Lisa is a witch by nature. But she has been the most distinguished graduate of her school.

She loves to wander about. She tries to gather the knowledge as much as possible. But soon she got afraid of the price. When she got angry or frustrated, the air around her becomes electrified.

Moreover, she is working as the librarian in the knights of Favonius. She doesn’t like books much but is devoted to her job. She even goes outside to collect the overdue books.

Lisa Appearance

Like most witches, Lisa also wears a large hat. The hat is purple with a light purple lining. A purple rose adds to the beauty of the hat, representing the favorite flower of the character.

Keeping this interest, the whole character has a purplish theme. The character has blonde hair with purple eyes. A white shirt, covered by half sleeves purple jacket looks beautiful on the character.

The shirt is covered by a purple cloak with a golden belt. The dress reaching up to the thighs of the charter with golden wedges to the tips. The thigh long legging also has purple cutting on it.

This cutting looks symmetrical with that of the shirt to gives a satisfying pattern. Purple gloves and purple boots completing the purplish look of the witch.

Lisa Best build

The best build for the character includes a catalyst and an artifact set. The catalyst is Skyward Atlas. The artifact ha goes best with this catalyst is 2x Thundering fury. This combo increases the cryo damage of the character by 15%.

This build also increases the electro charge damage by up to 40%. Therefore considering the electro nature of the character, this build suits best. It increases the electro features of Lisa.

Lisa Weapons

The top 3 best weapons for the character include:

  • Skyward Atlas

The weapon has a base damage of 48. The weapon increases the elemental damage bonus by 12%. The normal attack can give the enemy extra damage for 15 sec. this has a 50% probability.

  • The Widsith

The weapon has a base damage of 42. Reactivating increases the attack by 60%. Interlude can increase the elemental mastery by 240.

  • Mappa Mare

The weapon has a base damage of 42. The weapon can initiate the elemental reaction. This gives 8% elemental bonus damage to the player.

Lisa Artifact set

The best artifact set for the character is 4x thundering fury. Electro characters cause special benefit from it. This is so because it increases the charge and superconducts by 40% Genshin Impact Tier List. It also gives the electro bonus damage by 15%.

Lisa Skills

Some of the best skills of the character include:

  1. Normal Attack: Lightning Touch
  2. Violet Arc
  3. Lightning Rose
  4. Induced Aftershock
  5. Static Electricity Field
  6. General Pharmaceutics

How old Lisa Genshin Impact?

The character was first seen in the game in September 2020. So the age of the character in the game is 10 months.

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