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Cyberpunk 2077

Queen of the Highway Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Complete Guide



Queen on the Highway Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, has been the game of unique features and aesthetics. In the game, you have to do the quests and side quests to make progress. Queen on the Highway Cyberpunk 2077  is one of them. The side quests may not seem of that much importance, but they can provide you with some extra ability and weapons which you can use in the main quest.

The main storyline also involves some characters, like Rogue and Panam. You have to work for such characters and in the end, you receive the reward. Panam Palmer has been one of the characters for whom you have done various quests.

You have done ghost down and rider in the storm like missions for her. You also love her and have done some romance with her in the game. So she has been one of the major characters in the game.

Queen on the Highway

Queen on the Highway is the final task for Panam palmer. Panam belongs to the camp called Aldecaldos and Raffen are the arch-rivals of them. Raffen got more men’s power and all artillery abilities, so they always overpowered Aldecaldos.

In the quest of the Queen on the Highway, you have to fight with Raffen for Aldecaldos. You will be provided with the armored vehicle/tank to drive and to fight with the Raffen.

After doing that quest, you can get the free Mizutani Shion Coyote, but for it, you have to break the trust of Panam in the following side quest. As Queen on the Highway has been the last quest of the Panam, so breaking her trust in-game will not much affect the main storyline of the game.

Call from Panam

The mission starts when you receive a call from Panam. She will tell you about the armored vehicle called “Basilisk”, that it is ready to drive. She will tell you to meet her at the camp.

Go to Aldecaldos camp

The next objective will be to meet Panam at the Aldecaldos camp. You can go there by simply following the route from the map. In other words, a map/GPS will guide you there.

Talk to Panam

After reaching the camp, find Panam who will be on the other side of the camp. When you go there, you will find some other camp members along with her. All of them will be near the basilisk. Talk to Panam, she will tell you about the vehicle.

Talk with Mitch and other camp members

There you will also talk with the mish and other camp members. Mitch will tell you about the condition of the vehicle and a brief history of it. Other camp members will tell you about the imminent danger of the Raffen. So you have to use the basilisk to take down the Raffen from the surrounding.

Get into the basilisk

Panam will tell you to hop in the vehicle and try it. For getting in the basilisk, you first have to climb on it. Then come to the front side of the armored vehicle and there you will see a door and a get-in prompt will emerge. Get in the vehicle and test it.

Talk to Panam

After hoping in the tank along with Panam, the latter will try to start the vehicle. As it has been the old model, she will start it with a bit of difficulty. Once it gets started, Panam will tell you briefly about the basilisk teat how to control it.

Controlling the basilisk

Panam will tell you that to drive the vehicle, you have to jack in it. After that, the vehicle will get linked with your cerebral cortex and you will be able to drive it with ease, like the extension of your body. Then you might wonder what the purpose of copilot is. Panam will tell you that one person steers the vehicle while 2nd will fire the weapons. She will tell you detail about it later, farther from the camp.

Take a test drive

Panam will drive the tank a bit farther from the camp. Then from there, she will ask you to drive the vehicle by linking it with your cerebral cortex. Thus jack in. You might feel a bit nauseous but don’t worry, it will be over soon. As you will become part of the vehicle, you can see everything from the perspective of the vehicle. In or out of the vehicle, you will see as the vehicle see.

Practice the vehicle

Then Panam will guide you about how to use the vehicle properly. Firstly she will tell you about how to drive the tank. You will also see the control prompt on the bottom left of your screen. Drive the vehicle from some obstacles. Panam will tell you where to go.

Drive pass wind turbines

Now the test drive will include t pass through the wind turbines. Panam will guide you. To complete this objective, you don’t need to be quick. Just drive safe, go nearest to the wind turbine, and then Panam will tell you to take left or right turn. Train yourself there till the objective is completed.

Shooting practice

After completing the driving practice, the basilisk will stop at a firing position. From there, you have to practice the firing of the machine. The basilisk was the shipping vehicle from its time. But still have some decent weapon system. Shoot some targets till your objective completes. Then practice will be over.

Talk to Panam

The next objective will be to talk to Panam. Here Panam will tell you that what you can do more with this vehicle. As this vehicle is jacked into the cerebral cortex of you and your copilot, you can feel yourself double. When Panam jacked in, you will also see from Panam’s perspective as well as from yours. Here you might have some sexual contact with Panam

Romance with Panam

As you both jacked in the same vehicle, you can feel like two different persons. To enjoy this feeling more, you both will have some romance in the basilisk. The fun breaks when Raffen attacks the vehicle.

Kill the Raffen near you

When you get shot by the Raffen, the sexual play will end at once. You then take control back of the basilisk and kill the nearing enemies. The Raffen will also have attacked the camp. Soul will ask you to come to camp to save it from Raffen after clearing the surrounding area.

Go to the camp

Go to the camp and kill all the enemies. Enemies will be marked on the map so you will not find it difficult in finding them. Eliminate the threat from the surrounding. As you are in a tank, you will not take much damage. But still, try to eliminate the enemies as quickly as possible because they are attacking the camp.

Meet Soul

After killing all the enemies from the surroundings, you have to meet Soul in the nomad camp. Park the tank on the marked location and then exit it and meet Soul. You will be in your boxers only as you get disturbed during the romance.

Talk to Soul

Go to Soul and talk to him about the attack of the Raffen. Here he will allow the Panam to rejoin the camp. After that Soul decided to move the camp someplace safer.

Panam Rejoining the camp

Soul appreciates Panam for her doings and apologies that he was wrong and she was right. Panam will be shocked after hearing it as she was not expecting that Soul will reenter him in the clan. Every camp members cheer Panam up.

Follow the Panam

Follow the Panam towards a bar-like place. During the walk, you both talk about the recent mission, and she thanks you for helping the camp. She also offers you to join the camp if you want. During this walk, you might feel dizzy and a bit scattered. No matter what you feel, just keep following Panam.

Talk to Panam

Panam will lead you to the bar. Go there and have some drink with her. She will offer you to join the Aldecaldos there. But you cannot join the camp. Have some drink and some chit chats. Before leaving the counter, you will have to choose what to say top Panam regarding the camp. You might offer your services for the camp.

Lose of conscious

After making the final decision, you feel dizzy once again. And then the condition worsens and you sell to the ground unconscious. Panam jump over the bar to pick you and that will be the last scene you will witness before going subconscious.

Gaining conscious

After gaining back consciousness, you will find yourself laying on the bed with Panam standing beside you. She will tell you that they moved the camp and take you with themselves. This is so because you were not feeling well.

Talk to Panam

Panam will ask you about your health. She will seem to worry about your passing out like that. Here you will tell her about the Johnny silverhand that he is in your head. Check this guide if you need johnny silverhand items.

Johnny has been tempering your mind so that’s why you might not feel well sometimes. She will ask you to talk to a doctor about it. But you know that it all will be just a waste of time, as you have already tried it.

Talk to Mitch

After that, you will stand up and about to leave the camp. You will meet Mitch near the hut. He will also offer you to join the camp. But you cannot do so and move on by denying his request politely.

Follow Panam

The next objective will be to follow the Panam. She will lead you out of the camp. She will show concerns about your health while walking out. She asks you that how she can help her to comfort you, but you have no clue about it. Give her a goodbye kiss and then she will leave by saying that you both will keep in touch. Here the quest Queen on the Highway will end and you will receive the reward of the quest.

Some key things to remember

This quest is pretty easy and there is no confusion where a player will feel lost. But still, some key things you should keep in mind while doing this mission and making choices in the quest.

  • If no objective will update and you feel stuck, turn or move towards Panam, it might resolve the issue.
  • You cannot join the Aldecaldos camp. So if you do want to join the camp, you will not be provided with the option.
  • Follow the markers on the map to the objectives with ease.

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