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Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village All Characters List & Details



Resident Evil Village All Characters

Characters of any game describe the uniqueness and diversity of that particular game. Resident Evil has been one of the horror games which also have a different character. Each character has its own story and background, which make every character unique and different.

Characters in Resident Evil Village

Like its sequels, the game has several different characters with Ethan Winters as the leading or main character. According to the official website of Resident Evil villain, there have been 6 major characters including Ethan, in the game. But according to the trailer and some other resources, there has been another mysterious-looking character. So there will be around 7 major characters in the game.

Resident Evil: Ethan Winters

Ethan is the main or player’s character of the game. The whole story of the game revolves around him. The story Resident Evil Village is the continuation of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, therefore the main character in both sequels is the same. So he might have various things in common from its prequel.

Resident Evil: Mia Winters

Mia is the wife of Ethan. She might the reason behind all the trouble because she has been working in a laboratory, producing bioweapon. The whole chain of the event starts from that laboratory.

Resident Evil: Rosemary Winters

There has been another member of Winter’s family, named rosemary Winters. She is the daughter of Chris and Mia. Due to unknown reasons, she has been kidnapped by a character named Chris. The reason for this kidnap is unknown and Ethan is leaving no stone unturned in getting her back.

Chris Redfield

Chris is one of the characters who has been a part of the Resident Evil series from the very beginning. In Resident Evil Village, Chris has returned. The role and actions of Chris will have consequences on Ethan and his family.

Resident Evil: Alcina Dimitrescu

One of the main or major villains of the game is Alcina Dimitrescu. The lady is famous with various names like “lady Dimitrescu” or “the tall lady”. This is because of her huge size. According to Capcom, the height of the lady Dimitrescu is 9 feet and 6 inches. She lives in a castle along with her three daughters. The whole story will unravel after the release of the full game.

Resident Evil: The Duke

As the game has two major locations, the village, and the castle. Lady Dimitrescu will be in the castle and her daughters and the duke will be found in the village. Unlike the lady, the duke will not always the bad guy. He is a mysterious man and has control of the different objects in the village. You can buy, sell or craft different items from him.

Resident Evil: Heisenberg

The 7th and final character of the game Is Heisenberg. His description is missing on the website of the game but has been seen in the trailer. At one place, the lady Dimitrescu has been seen talking about him on the phone. She seemed conserved about him. Further, at the end of the trailer, Heisenberg has been seen walking towards Ethan mysteriously, with flying objects around him. The role of Heisenberg not clear until the launch of the game.

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