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Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda



Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda

Every character of Resident Evil Village is mysterious right now because the game has not been released yet. There have been speculations and ideas and regarding the characters, but the clear image, role, and nature of every character are still known. Some characters though got their names. Mother Miranda has been one of them

Resident Evil Mother Miranda

As the mystery of other Resident Evil characters, the role of Mother Miranda has still been unknown. In trailers, there is a glimpse of Mother Miranda. Despite this, in the third trailer, lady Dimitrescu can be seen talking on the phone with Mother Miranda. So, Mother Miranda might be one of the leading villains of the game.

Name and role of Mother Miranda

In the Resident Evil village, every character possesses its unique name. Alcina Dimitrescu is named Lady Dimitrescu due to her looks and elegance. The role of Mother Miranda has been unknown but from her name, we can make some speculations.

Mother is someone who nurtures the young. She feeds and takes care of the whole family along with their children. So it can be judged that Mother Miranda will be supreme for everyone. She might be the Godmother of the whole village or the lead villain of the game. Lady Dimitrescu can be seen talking to her in a very respectful way and updating her about the ongoing conditions.

Moreover, there can be seen as a sort of logo in the trailer with a nest with a fetus in it. There might be possibilities that Mother Miranda take care of some special child and contain some powers. So from her name as well, we can speculate that she is someone with great importance, worth, and value.

The response of villagers towards Mother Miranda

Capcom has released the demo version of the game as well. But in that, there has been no clear image of Mother Miranda. Infect there is nothing about Mother Miranda. But in trailers, there are a lot of hints regarding her.

In a trailer, it can be seen that villagers are getting around in a circle holding hands with each other and calling the name of Mother Miranda. So it can be said that villagers are worshipping her by calling her name. This is because, by the appearance and the posture of the villagers, it can be judged that they are praying and calling someone for their help, and asking for the mercy of someone.

So Mother Miranda might help villagers against some kind of threat and danger. In the same trailer, some werewolves can be seen attacking the village as well as the villagers. And after that, villagers gathered in a house and prayed by calling their name Mother Miranda. So she might help villagers from the attack of werewolves.

Resident Evil Village The witch

Another speculation is that she might be the witch. Like villagers praying from her and calling her name for help, some experts say that she might be the witch who resides in the village or somewhere near the village. Her appearance also forces some people to believe that she is a witch.

The appearance of Mother Miranda

She can be seen in all trailers. Her appearance is like an old lady with a bent back, walking with the help of a stick, with horrific looks. She seemed to wear some sort of large clock like most witches seem to wear. So there are possibilities that she might be the witch.


In a nutshell, from trailers, it can be said that Mother Miranda is someone with supreme control and authority. No one can ignore her. Lady Dimitrescu, as well as villagers, everybody needs her help and needs her in other cases. From villains to innocent villagers, everyone is under the command of Mother Miranda. So she can be the lead villain of the game. But all of these are still speculations. These mysteries will unravel after the release of the full game. So sit tight, and wait for the release of the whole trailer to get to know completely about every character of the game.

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