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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Cursed Rogue: How to complete Second Tall Tale Guide



Sea of Thieves Cursed Rogue

The sea of thieves game has been full of adventure. The player can either do missions or can explore different maps and islands to find hidden treasure. Talking about missions, there have been a total of nine major missions in the game, collectively named tall tales.

The cursed rogue

After Shroudbreaker, the second tall tale of the game is the cursed rogue. In this mission, the player has to go to different islands to kill different captains and then collect different items from them. Then, in the end, the player has to kill the most powerful captain and collect the item from it. In this article, the player will get to know everything regarding the cursed rogue mission. Moreover, he will get to know how to do this mission with ease. Therefore, stick to the article to know everything about the second tall tale named, the cursed rogue.

1. Go to plunder outpost

To unlock the second mission of the tall tale, the player must bring Shroudbreaker, from the first mission to the mysterious stranger of the plunder outpost. Hence, to start the second mission, go to the plunder outpost. Then go to the order of souls.

In that room, on the left side of the woman, the player will find a book named the cursed rogue. Vote for the book to start the mission. After voting, the woman named Madame Olivia will start talking. She will tell you everything regarding the mission, therefore, listen to her to get a brief outlook of the mission.

2. Memories of Captain Marrow

After that, open the book inventory and open the just collected book from there. As the player will open the book, the first will be named as the memories of Captain Marrow. The book will tell the player about the location of the island where he needs to go. The location and the islands will vary from player to player. So the player must keenly observe the pictures on the book and find his respective article.

The player will be provided with any of the following options. The Snake Island, the Shark Bait Cove, the Devil’s Ridge, Barnacle Cay, Wanderers Refuge, and the Castaway Isle are the options that will be provided to the player. Therefore the player needs to guess his island according to the hints given in the book. So go to that specific island to give Captain Avery and get the skeleton key.

3. Get skeleton key from Captain Avery

Go to the specific island to find Captain Avery. Now at that point, some players might wonder how they will guess that they are on the same island where they need to be? Don’t worry, the player will find all the answers in this article. When the player goes to the correct islands, some music sound will play and a background voice will start talking to the player. That voice will try to flee the player away.

If the player listens to such sounds, it means he is on the right island, otherwise, he needs to find the correct one from the clues and hints from the book. After finding the right island, the player needs to find Captain Avery. He will be on the top of the respective island mostly.

The player has to defeat the captain to get the skeleton key. It will not be very difficult. Just a few blows on the captain and he will be dead. The captain will be in its skeleton form. Moreover, there will be more skeletons around the captain.  Just focus on the captain and defeat him. As the captain dies, he will drop a skeleton key. Collect it and return it to the ship.

4. Memories of Blackheart Bill

Now after coming back to the ship, the player has to move to the next step in the book. Open the book and the next chapter will be the memories of the Blackheart Bill. In this chapter, the player will also get the different locations. This means all players might not get the same location to get to.

There will be different possible locations. Crook’s Hollow, Plunder Valley, Discovery Ridge, Lookout Point, Mutineer Rock, and the Thieves Haven will be options. The player will get any of the one locations where he needs to go. Hence the player needs to look for the clues in the riddles and the pictures in the book, and decide accordingly.

5. Find Captain Blake and get the skeleton chest

After finding your respective island, go there. Like the previous island, the sounds will be heard as the player will go to the right island. If the player will not hear any sound or music, it means he is on the wrong island.

After going to the island, the player needs to find Captain Blake. He will also be on the top of the islands somewhere. This captain will also be a skeleton, surrounded by some other skeletons. The skeleton of the captain will be wearing the captain’s hat, so the player will not confuse it with ordinary skeletons.

Defeat Captain Blake. Unlike Captain Avery, Captain Blake will not drop the chest as he died. The player needs to find the chest. The location of the chest will be around somewhere the captain Blake was spawned. Therefore dig there and the player will definitely find the chest there. Get the skeleton chest and bring it back to the ship.

6. Open the skeleton chest

Now the next step is to open the chest. Skeleton keys will be used to open the skeleton chest. After opening, there will be two different collectible things in the chest. Collect them and bring them back to Madame Olivia.

7. Come back to plunder outpost to the Madame Olivia

The chest will have two items, one will be Briggsy’s broken spyglass and the other will be Briggsy’s Star Map. Bring both of these to the plunder outpost to Madame Olivia. Give them to Madame Olivia, she will appreciate your effort.

8. Enchanted compass

As the player hands over the things to Olivia, she will do the spell. A blue light will appear and then she crafts an enchanted compass. She will hand it over to you and tell you that the compass will lead you to the Briggsy. Briggsy is the main villain of this mission therefore it will not be easy to defeat her.

9. Follow the enchanted compass

The enchanted compass will lead the player to the location of the Briggsy. Mostly it will be a rocky mountain-like structure. Briggsy will be found on the top of the mountain. Now the player has to fight her and get Briggsy’s skull. This enemy will not be the same as the previous pirates. So be careful while fighting her.

10. Defeat the Briggsy

Now the Briggsy has three different attack modes. Two of them are not that much lethal, but the third is pretty dangerous. First, she will attack with swords, in second, she can teleport, and in third, she will create some sort of sonic field around her. The third attack is the most powerful. Because it will throw the player far away. Therefore, if the player will not have the cover of the ridge on his back, he will fall off the cliff and can die because of the fall damage.

To fight Briggsy, the player only understands her moves. As the enemy will start flying in the air, it means she is going to throw the player away. Therefore take cover at that point. Other attacks are easy to dodge. And hence after careful fighting, the player can defeat the Briggsy with ease.

11. Bring Briggsy’s skull back to Madame Olivia

After killing Briggsy, she will drop a skull. Collect it, and bring it back to Olivia in the plunder outpost. As the player brings it back to Olivia, she will appreciate the efforts of the player and will praise him. And that will be the end of the second quest.


In a nutshell, the player has to do three major things in the cursed rogue mission. First, he must find the skeleton key, which can get after dealing with Captain Avery. After that, the player needs to find the skeleton chest. The chest can be found at the location of Captain Blake. The third and final thing is to defeat captain Briggsy. To do this, the player must bring the belongings of the chest to the ilia, she will give the player an enchanted compass which will lead the player to be Briggsy. Defeat Briggsy, bring Briggsy’s head to Olivia to complete the mission.

Some key things to remember

In the second tall tale of the sea of thieves, there have been some things that the player must need to know to make easy progress in the game.

  • Read the book carefully.
  • Use the above-mentioned clues to find out whether the player is on the right island or not.
  • Skeleton keys will be dropped by Captain Avery but the chest needs to dig from the place of Captain Blake.
  • Bring the belonging of the chest to Olivia which will give the enchanted compass to the layer. The compass will lead the player to the Briggsy.
  • While fighting Briggsy, learn her movement and act accordingly.
  • Do not rush while fighting Briggsy. Wait for the right time and then attack to kill her.

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