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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Fate of the Morningstar: How to Complete 7th Tall Tale?



Sea of Thieves Fate of the Morningstar

The fate of the Morningstar has been the 7th tall tale of the sea of thieves. It is a pretty easy tall tale as compared to its counterparts. There has been no wide range of possibilities. This mission has a single or two possibilities which directly lead to the end of the tall tale. Moreover, this tall tale is full of clear hints and clues, which makes this mission easier. So stick to the article to find the easiest way to do this mission.

Things to collect in Fate of the Morningstar

In this mission, the player needs to find seven things. First, he needs to find the lantern called Sarcophagus. After that, the player needs to find the remaining six items. Three of them are keys while three are the chests. All the keys are called skeleton keys and all the chests are call skeleton chests. Therefore the player can use any of the three keys in any of the three chests. So the player does not need to search for the specific key to open the specific key. Simply find any chest and any key and complete the mission.

Start of Fate of the Morningstar

To start the mission, the player needs to head to the Ferry of Damned. Now the Ferry of Damned is not an island in the sea of thieves. The player of the Sea of Thieves will be familiar with it because whenever the player dies, he will go to the Ferry of Damned and then after a while, respawn at his island or on the ship.

So to go to the Ferry of Damned, the player simply needs to die. After that, go to the Ferryman on the top of the ship, where he will be driving the ship. On the left side of the Ferryman, there will be a book named fate of the Morningstar. Vote for the book to start the mission.

Finding Sarcophagus

Now the first in the book will be My Last Words. In this, the player will find the location of the first item. On the left page, there will be the location of the island where the player needs to go. There are two possibilities. The player will either get Krakens Fall or the Marauder’s Arch.

On the right side of the page will be the location of the lantern on that specific island. Now the location of the lantern on each island will be the same. Just head to the top of the island and there will be a dying tree with a lantern hanging to it.

Dig in front of that tree and retrieve the Ferryman’s Sarcophagus. The location and process of getting the lantern will be the same on both islands.

Find all the chests and keys

Now the next step is that the player needs to find all three chests and the keys. So turn to the next chapter in the book, which will tell the player where he needs to go. There are also again two possibilities, he needs to go either Southern Sand of Old faithful Isle or the North Beach on the Kraken’s fall. So head to the respective location according to the book.

Follow the ghost skeleton

Now after going to the respective island, the player needs to light up the lantern and find some blue-coloured skeleton ghosts. These ghosts will be pointing or moving in some specific direction. The player needs to go in that direction.

In both islands, the player just needs to light up the lanterns and look for the skeleton ghosts and see their location. Follow them and they will lead the player to the key as well as the chests.

Now sometimes these clues are not continuous. For example, the player needs to follow the footsteps of the ghost skeletons. Sometimes there will be two different paths of the footstep. In such a case, the player can follow either of the two or can follow both one by one. After a while, these footsteps will disappear but will reappear after a short distance.

Hence the player needs to look for the ghost skeletons and their action. They can be pointing towards some direction, moving or running in some direction, throwing the key in some specific direction, firing cannon, burying up the chest somewhere, or anything related to the mission. These cues will clearly show the direction or location of the chests and the keys.

Therefore just follow the ghost skeletons to do the mission with ease.

Release the souls

After getting all three keys and all three chests, the player needs to open the chests. He can open them one by one as he finds a key and a chest, or he can collectively open all chests after finding all keys and the chests.

All the chests will have the soul of some specific person. As the player opens the chest, the souls free. And this has been the task that players need to do in this mission, to free the souls.

Head back to the Ferryman

The souls will fly from the chests a bit slowly. After the souls get free, head back to the Ferryman in the Ferry of Damned. Head back to him and interact with him to complete the mission.


In a nutshell, the player needs to free three souls in this mission. To start the mission, head to the Ferryman in the ferry of damnation. After that, collect the lantern from the mentioned two of the possible locations. Then heads towards the next two of the possible locations to find chests and the keys. Follow the ghost skeleton to find all chests and the keys.

After collecting all six items, open the chests and free the souls. Return to the Ferryman to complete the mission.

Some key things to remember

This mission is relatively self-explanatory, hence there has been not a lot to remember. But still, there are some things that the player needs to remember while doing this mission.

  • To go to the Ferry of Damned, the player needs to die.
  • The location of the lantern in both of the islands will be similar, so do not get confused by the name of the Island.
  • Follow the ghost skeletons and the hints and clues they are giving to find all the keys and the chests. Simply follow their direction to keep on the path and do the mission most easily.

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