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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Riddles: How to solve Tall Tales riddle



Sea of Thieves riddles

Sea of Thieves has been a game full of riddles and mysteries. In the whole game, the player has to solve the various types of different riddles through different means. Sometimes he needs to follow the mission manual and sometimes he needs to follow the hints and ghost tracks of the skeletons or the ships.  It all depends on the type of mission or the quest the player is doing.

Riddles in the Tall Tales of the sea of thieves

In the game, there have been tall tale series named shores of gold. This tall tale series has the main storyline of the game. It has nine missions. Each mission has its specific riddles and mystery to solve. There have been some riddles that have a common solution for all the missions of the tall tale.

To cover all the riddles of the game in a single article is impossible. Hence only the common riddles and their solutions are given in this article. Other riddles, which may vary from mission to mission can be solved with ease by reading the mission manually. Some of the common solutions are given below.

Vault in the different missions

In various missions, there has been a vault that players need to enter and solve the riddle. Every vault may have a different riddle to solve.  But all vaults have a common mechanism and common traps. Once the player enters the vault, he needs to light up all four corners of the table. Once the player has to light up all the corners, the vault will start flooding with the water.

As this happens, it is the time when the player needs to solve the riddle. Now mostly the player has to arrange the symbols on the pillars in a specific direction or a specific sequence. This sequence can be found in the mission manual book. Find the right sequence and arrange the symbols on the pillars accordingly.

Once the player arranges the symbol, he needs to press the button on the table. This button will either solve the riddle or move the player to the next riddle. Solve the next riddle to get the reward by pressing the button on the table again.

Once the player has completed all the riddles, the water will automatically stop flooding the vault. And if the player got unlucky and drowned in the water, he needs to start the riddle again. So in this vault, the only key is the time and swiftness of the player to solve the riddle before getting drowned.

Find the island which the player needs to visit

Now in some circumstances, the player needs to visit the island to find the respective peace. Now figuring that on what island the player needs to go is pretty difficult.

Finding the islands through constellations

There are some examples from the tall tale Stars of a Thief that how the player can guess his respective island. In this tall tale, the player needs to find the constellations and these constellations will lead to the specific island. Each constellation along with its respective direction/location are given below:

  1. Sleeping Bear – South by South-West
  2. Obsidian Arrow – South-West
  3. Old Boar – North-East
  4. Tat-Pitch Boat – West
  5. Courting Crab – East by South-East
  6. Glimmer Fish – East by North-East
  7. Proud Eagle – North West
  8. Golden Feather – South by South East
  9. Great Kraken – North
  10. Sea Queen – North by North-East
  11. Iron Scarab – South-East
  12. One-Eyed Shark – South
  13. Singing Snake – West by North-West
  14. Unending Flame – West by South-West
  15. Great Warrior Warmonger – East
  16. Patient Turtle – North by North-West


Finding the islands from the chapter of the books

Similarly, in some cases, the player needs to figure out the island from the chapter of the book. There have been a lot of such tall tales in which the player needs to head to the specific island after reading the specific chapter.  If the player has that specific chapter in the book, he must go to the specific island.

This example can be found in the third and fifth tall of the game. The example of the fifth tall is given below. Here we mention only a few chapters and their corresponding island, to make things clear for the readers.

The pig chase

If the payer gets a chapter named salty sands, he needs to go to the salty sands islands. The coordinates of the island are G3. After going there, go to the north most of the map. After that, find the location where George is standing in the book. Match the location and pinpoint the location of George. After doing so, dig there to retrieve the respective box.

Our Vows

The player can also get a chapter named Our Vows. If this does happen, he needs to go to the Smuggler’s Bay. The location of the island is the F3 coordinate from the map. After going to the island, go to the location where two islands meet or to the arch of the islands. Then go west side of the bridge and match the location by the picture in the book. The location where George will be standing, dig there to retrieve the respective item.

Our first kiss

If the player gets the chapter named Our First Kiss, he needs to go to the Lagoon of Whispers. The location of the island is D12 according to the coordinates from the map. Then find the location from the picture. After that, go to that very specific point where George and Rose are standing, and dig there to get the respective item.

We survived our first ambush

The player can also get a chapter named We Survived our First Ambush. If this is the case, he needs to go to Cannon Cove. The location of this island is G10 according to the coordinates from the map. After going to the island, head towards the east beach. Then find the location with help of a picture in the book. Where George and Rose were standing, dig there to get the respective item.

Finding the island from the respective totems

Now in some cases, the player will find a specific totem. This totem will lead the player to the specific island. Now during the mission, the player can get to know about the location of the island by reading the book. But in reality, all totems indicate the same island, irrespective of the mission.

So, here is the list of all totems and their receptive islands from the game. If the player finds any of them, he needs to head towards the receptive island to make progress in the mission.

  • Boar Totem – Devil’s Ridge
  • Crab Totem – Uncharted Island at N13
  • Moon Totem – Crescent Isle
  • Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow
  • Snake Totem – Mermaid’s Hideaway
  • Shark Totem – Kraken’s Fall


Look through different objects to find the way in the mission

In some cases, the player needs to use different objects to find a way in the missions. For example, the player needs to use the spyglass to find the ghost ships and ghost skeleton to make progress in the tall tale of Fate of the Morningstar.

In some cases, he needs to look through the wooden plank and find the location which perfectly fits the carvings of the planks. Hence there have been several things that the player can use to solve the riddles in the game and to make progress in the game.

Pathways leading to the right direction

On a few occasions, the player has only needed to follow the eminent pathway. For example, sometimes the player finds a wooden or Stoney pathway that will lead the player to the required destinations. Hence various riddles are so obvious that the player only needs to find some specific traces and keep following them until they lead the player to the destination.


Hence in the game, the player finds various riddles and cues which can lead the way of the player during the mission. These riddles can be solved with ease by focusing on specific keywords, like the name of the island, coordinates of the islands, name of the totem, or the name of constellations.

The totem and constellations which lead the player to the specific direction or the island are common all across the game. Above the list of all totems and constellations are given, the player can use it to find his way to the destination.

So to solve the riddles with ease, just focus on mentioned keywords and always try to relate the original things from the book. In this way, the player can easily solve the riddle and can make his way to complete the mission.

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