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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker: How To Do The Shroud Breaker Mission?



Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker

The sea of thieves game has been a pirate-themed game in which the player has to do some pirating mission. In the game, all collective missions are called the tall tale. There have been a total of nine tall tales, meaning that there are a total of 9 major missions in the game.

The first tall tale mission is called the Shroudbreaker. In this article, the player will get to know how to do the Shroud Breaker mission with ease and will find every tip and trick to do this mission in one go. So stick to the article to find the easiest way to the mission

1. Find The Mysterious Stranger And Talk To Him

To start the mission, the player first needs to go to the mysterious stranger. The mysterious stranger can be found in a tavern in an outpost location. The tavern is the same location where the player spawns when he starts the game. Therefore it will not be difficult to find the tavern.

After that, go inside and talk to the mysterious stranger in the tavern. On the right side of the mysterious stranger, the player will find a barrel with a book on it. Interact to the prompt of the book and the mission will start. As the mission starts, the mysterious stranger starts talking.

The mysterious stranger will give you a brief outlook of the mission, where to go, and how to do the mission. If the player will listen to him carefully, he can draw a rough sketch of the whole mission in his mind. After the mysterious stranger stops talking, the player has to move to the next location.

2. Find the ship named Magpie’s Wing

After listening to the conversation of the mysterious stranger, the player will need to open the book from his inventory. Read the manual of the book. From the book and also from the mysterious stranger, the player will get to know that now he has to find the ship wreckage.

The name of the ship whose wreckage needs to be found in Magpie’s Wing. From the book, the player will get to know that Magpie’s Wing got destroyed while trying to find the shore of gold. The location of the lost ship was Crooks of hollow. So, open the map and mark the location on the crooks hollow. There will be two islands with the name of the crook on them. Therefore explore the sea between these two islands to find the Magpie’s Wing.

To find the ship wreckage, dive into the ocean. The shipwreck will be on the northwest side of the lonely island. After finding the ship, look for the captain’s room in the wrecked ship. His room will be on the backside of the ship. After that, find the ship’s log in that room. The log will be on the floor in front of the chair. It will be easy to find as it will be different from other objects in the room.

After picking the log, come back up to your ship and look for the new book in the inventory. Open the log from the inventory and read it.

3. Find the golden chest

From the log of the Magpie’s Wing, the next task for the player is to find the golden chest. On the right side of the log, there will be a hint that the chest was drowned in the sea on the northeast side. To make things easy, look for the chest on the southwest side of the cluster of the islands. More specifically, look for the chest on the southwest side of the snake aisle.

The chest will always be under the water and of a golden color. Due to its bright color, the player can find the chest with ease. To find the chest, the player mostly has to remain under the water, hence it is necessary to come to the surface to fill the lungs with fresh air so the player will not drown.

So after getting the chest, bring it back to the ship. After bringing it to the ship, open the chest and collect the pages inside it. Open the pages from the journal to find the next clew of the game.

4. Go to the Crook’s Hollow

The player will find two pages in the chest. Open them from the journal after collecting them from the chest. The left side of the page will show some islands. There will be a center island surrounded by several different small islands. The player needs to go to the center island to make progress.

The purpose of this article is to ease the player so he can complete the mission with ease. Therefore, just go to the Crook’s Hollow islands from the map. It will be near to the location from where the chest is found.

Enter the island from the backside near the waterfall. Behind the waterfall, there will be a cave. Go there and the player will find a symbol printed on the left wall. The same symbol or mark will be printed on the top left corner of the page which is collected from the chest. This will indicate that the player is at the right place.

From the chest, the player will also find a totem. The player can bring the whole chest or only a totem to this island. Place the totem to the right side of the mark on a small platform near the lantern. As the player places the totem on the platform, a secret door will open which will lead the player into another cave or a vault. Go in there to make progress in the mission.

5. Complete the riddle inside the vault

As the player will enter the vault, he will find the table in the center with four pillars surrounding the table. In this vault, the second page will help which was retrieved from the chest. Use the right-hand page to solve the riddle.

As the player goes near the table, he will light up the fire. As the fire light ups, the vault will close and start filling up with water. If the player will fail to complete the riddle in time, he will drown and the mission will fail. Therefore he must need to solve the riddle to come out of the vault with the reward.

Use the right page to solve the riddle. The right page has four different patterns. These patterns are the riddles. The pillars around the table will have a similar pattern like on the page. Hence the player has to arrange all the patterns on the pillars according to that of the page. The symbols on the pillars can rotate, therefore rotate the symbol until the correct one will come in front.

The player has to arrange the pattern of the four pillars with three different combinations to unlock another secret vault in the room. This might seem difficult but use the page to get the guidance. Just make a pattern similar to that of the page and repeat the combination according to that on the page and the riddle will solve.

6. Find medallions on the island

When the player successfully makes all three combinations, the water will stop. After that, come back to the center table and the player will see the location of the medallions on the table. Now the player has to go to the location one by one to collect the medallion.

To collect the medallion, go to the mentioned location and start digging. After digging, the player will find the medallion. It will be circular with some pattern on it. After collecting the medallion, come back to the table and place it there to its specific location. After that, the location of the second medallion will show.

The location of all the medallions will be on the same island therefore the player does not need to wander here and there in the sea. Just go to the location mentioned on the table, dig there, collect the medallion, and come back to the table to place it there and to get to the location of the next medallion.

7. Pick up the Shroudbreaker

When all the three medallions will be placed in their location on the table, a small vault will open on the backside of the table. Go there, and the player will find the Shroud Breaker there. Pick it up and bring it back to the ship.

At that point, the player might encounter some skeletons. He can either fight them or can ignore them. Just come back to the ship with the Shroudbreaker.

8. Go to the mysterious stranger

After that, get back to any mysterious stranger and hand him over the Shroudbreaker to complete the quest. As the player hands over the shroud breaker to the mysterious man, the mission will complete.

If the player wants to make progress in the tall tale mission, give the shroud breaker specifically to the mysterious stranger of the plunder outpost. As the player hands him over the Shroudbreaker, the next mission will start and thus the player can make progress in the game.

Some key things to remember

To find the Shroudbreaker, there have been many spots where the player might feel stuck. To avoid this, there has been some important things that the layer must keep in mind to the mission with ease:

  • Follow the above-mentioned path to avoid any danger or halt in the mission.
  • In the mission, the player has to go under the water several times, so don’t get drowned. Come back to the surface at the right time to fill lungs with the fresh air.
  • Magpie’s Wing will be drowned near the Crook’s Hollow, therefore look for the ship around that island.
  • To find the chest, look for the bright golden lights which are emitting from the chest. It will also distinguish the chest from the ordinary chest.
  • There is no need to bring the whole chest to the Crook’s Hollow, only totems will do the work.
  • While solving the riddle in the vault, don’t get panic, just arrange the pattern on pillars according to the pattern on the right-hand page.
  • To make progress in the tall tale, bring the shroud breaker back only to the mysterious stranger of the plunder outpost.

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