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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves The Art of the Trickster – How to Complete Sixth Tall Tale?



Sea of Thieves The Art of the Trickster

The Art of the Trickster has been the sixth tall tale of the Sea of Thieves game. As the number or rank of the tall tale increases, the difficulty of the mission also increases. Therefore this mission is relatively complex and has some additional hurdles to restrict the progress of the player in the game. In this article, the player will find every possible easiest way to do this mission, so, stick to the article to do the act of the trickster with ease.

The Art of the Trickster

Like previous tall tales, in The Art of the Trickster, the player needs to collect the number of things and then bring them back to the Salty, from where the mission starts. The possible location of every item will be discussed in this article.

Things/items need to collect in the mission

In this mission, the player needs to collect four items, which will lead to the fifth and final item. The first item will be the Trapmaker’s Spyglass, then the player needs to find Trapmaster’s notes and Trap Master’s Gunpowder key. Then the player needs to collect the totem which will lead to the final item and that will be the Shroudbreaker. The player needs to take Shroud Breaker back to Salty to end the mission.

Start of the mission

To start the sixth tall tale named The Art of the Trickster, the player needs to head to the plunder Valley. Then head to the east side of the island near the shipwreck. In front of this shipwreck, the player will see a campfire, and next to the campfire, there will be a skeleton parrot. The name of the parrot will be salty. The player needs to head towards it.

In front of the skeleton parrot, the player will find a book named The Art of the Trickster. Vote for that book to start the quest. Like other quests, when the player starts the mission, the narrator will tell a brief about the mission.

Listen carefully to the talking parrot to get a brief about the whole mission. After that, the player will have a hunch that what he needs to do.

Trapmaker Spyglass

The first thing that the player needs to get is the Trapmaker’s Spyglass. To find this, the player does not need to wander on the other island because it will be on the same island where the player starts the game, and that will be the plunder valley.

Head towards the west side of the island, towards the beach, the player will find a marking on the wall near the giant rocks, nearly in the center of the island. Where there are markings or signs, there will be a tunnel on the right side, go inside to that tunnel. Take the first right inside the tunnel and then follow the pathway until the player reaches the large open cave or space.

Here the player might need to concern the book which he gets from Salty. Look in the book for the pattern of the skeletons. There will be a short one-line story about each skeleton, present in the cave. Read the story and arrange the hands of the skeleton accordingly.

The player might need to move the hands of the almost 4 skeletons. The four riddles and their solutions are:

The forsaken Captain points to fire and ash

After entering the cave, on the right side, there will be a skeleton whose arm will be pointing outwards. Interact with it until its arm starts pointing towards the bushfire.

Hand in hand, two lovers face their destiny

On the left side after entering the tunnel, there will be two skeletons, which are possibly the couple. Interact with their hands until the hands of both places over another.

The Rum Runner laid her drink to rest

Then near the bushfire, there will be a skeleton with a mug in his hand. Interact with it until the hand with the mug moves downwards.

The thief hides behind her mask of gold

The last skeleton will be just beside the bushfire. Interact with it until the mask is placed on its face.

After arranging the hands of the skeleton according to the book, the player will notice the cage-like structure will be lowered from the top of the cave. Head towards it and there will be a skeleton in that cage. This skeleton will have the Trapmaker’s Spyglass and Trap maker notes. Get the glass as well as notes and continue the mission.

Find Trapmaster’s notes and Trapmaster’s Gunpowder key

Now the next items which the players need to find are the Trapmaster’s notes and the gunpowder key. Now the location of both these items varies from player to player. But the location of these items will be on Discovery Ridge or the Plunder Valley. So the player needs to move around only in these two islands.

Name of the island and respective riddle

But this is not easy. To find the exact location of the respective item is pretty complicated because of their respective riddles. Move to the last page of the book and their player will find the image of the island from a bird’s eye view. The name of the island will be written on the left page and the image of the island will be on the right-side page.

This will not be the ordinary bird’s eye view of the image. It will have some sort of marking and lines. There will be a symbol of the skeleton head on one side of the marking. This is the symbol of the trickster. Now where the symbol is located, the player needs to go there.

Hence figuring out the location is one of the basic tasks in this step, but it is not difficult. After figuring out the location, the next step is pretty tricky.

Look for the signs or markings from the riddle through Spyglass

Now the player has to stand over the marking or sign of the trickster and look for any marking on stone, sand, or anywhere else. The riddle of that marking will be written below the image. For example, one of the possible riddles the player might get is the “The red sun rises gifting light, the blue moon shines bright at night”. So from this, it is evident that the player needs to look for the sun and the moon drawing at a specific place.

Look through and adjust the Spyglass

So after figuring out the point of focus, take out the spyglass and look to that specific point. The two markings or signs will fit in the eyes of the skeleton of the spyglass. Adjust the spyglass and player in such a way that the marking or drawing will exactly fight the eye cavity of the skeleton.

After doing so, the point where the face of the skeleton will be will give the location of the required item. The face of the skeleton has an X-shaped marking. So the player needs to dig at the place where this X marking fits perfectly. Dig there and retrieve the respective item.

Summary of step 2

Now there are a lot of options for riddles that players might get. Therefore the player first needs to see the island from the left page, where he needs to go, and then there will be a riddle below the image. Read the riddle and try to highlight the words. It will not be so difficult if the player reads the riddle carefully. Then accurately set the eye sockets of the skeletons to the respective sing or drawing, and then dig where the X mark of the face of the skeleton sets.

Run towards the boat after getting the Trap Masters Gunpowder key

After getting the Trap Master’s Gunpowder key, the player needs to run towards his boat. This is so because once the player removes the key or chest box from the sand, the whole island will start exploding. And if the player died because of the explosion, he needs to start the whole quest from the beginning. Therefore after retrieving the key, rush back towards the boat. Use the audio cues to guess the place of the next explosion and thus avoid getting hit by it.

Head to the Sailor’s Bounty to use the Trap Master’s Gunpowder key

After getting back to the ship, now the player needs to move towards the next step. He needs to go to the Sailor’s Bounty to use the key which he gets from the respective island. The location of the island will be C4.

After going to the Sailor’s Bounty, head towards the centre of the island and search for the ditch like the place. Jump into it and then there will be two tunnels. Take whatever tunnel because both will lead to the same place.

Tunnels in the Sailor’s Bounty

These tunnels are not ordinary tunnels, both of them will have traps in them. So take whatever tunnel the player wants, but move with great precaution in the tunnel. Keep looking on the floor, there will be small outgrowths of the wooden planks. Avoid stepping on them. Jump over them or pass beside them. In this way, keep moving forward in the tunnel and the player will reach the waterfall. Go down the waterfall.

Simply the player needs to keep following the signs of the trickster. Head in the direction where he sees the sign of the trickster on the rock. By doing so, he will reach another tunnel system. These tunnels are comparatively more difficult than the previous one.

There will be spikes coming in and out of the wall. Time the movement of the spikes and then move when spikes are inwards. Time all the spikes across the tunnel to pass it easily.

Fight the skeletons in the cave

After passing all the hurdles and the traps, the player will reach the large cave. There will be a pedestal in the centre of the cave. Place the Trap Master’s Gunpowder key on the pedestal. As the player will place the key on the pedestal, skeletons will start spawning in the form of waves. Fight all the skeletons.

Trick to fight the skeletons

The skeletons which spawned in the cave are equipped with swords and guns. So it will be difficult to defeat them and if the player dies fighting them, he will respawn before the cave trap system and he has to pass through all the traps again. Therefore pass through it with caution.

The best way to fight them is to align yourself in such a way that when a skeleton with a gun shoots you, its bullet will hit the other skeletons and not you. It will not be very difficult, just align yourself in such a way that a gunned skeleton will not get the clear line of shot.

Moreover, the player can also use the traps inside the cave. Pull the lever in such a way that the skeletons get hit by the trap and die.

Captain Lair

In this cave, the player needs to defeat Captain Lair, which can be defeated in a similar way to the other skeletons. Hence just follow the mentioned trick to kill captain Lair. After getting killed, the captain will drop notes and the totem. Now the type of totem will vary from player to player.

Get to the respective island according to the totem

The player can get any type of totem. According to the respective totem, he needs to head towards the respective island. The list of totems along with their island are mentioned below:

  • Boar Totem – Devil’s Ridge
  • Crab Totem – Uncharted Island at N13
  • Moon Totem – Crescent Isle
  • Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow
  • Snake Totem – Mermaid’s Hideaway
  • Shark Totem – Kraken’s Fall

Now after getting the totem, the player needs to head to the respective island. Then he needs to find the cave to make progress in the mission.

Open vault according to the respective totem

Now after going to the respective island, the player needs to find the cave. The outside wall of the cave or vault will have the same symbols or drawing as of the totem. For example, if the player has the moon totem, he will find the moon drawings in the Crescent Isle. Hence place the totem near the drawing.

There will be a designated spot where the player can place the totem. After placing the totem there, a vault will open. Enter into the vault.

Fight the skeleton waves inside the vault

After entering the vault, light up all corners of the table with the help of a lamp. After that, a small vault will open having the Shroudbreaker stone. Go towards that vault but when the player tries to pick the stone, a wave of the skeleton will start spawning and the vault gets locked.

Each wave has its respective boss. Kill the boss to call the next wave. Each boss will drop the medallion, pick it up and place it on the table which will have its distinct spot. Kill all three bosses and get their respective medallion and place it on the table.

After doing so, the vault will be unlocked and the player has to pick the Shroudbreaker stone again. Pick the stone and take it back to the Salty on Plunder Valley.

Go back to Plunder Valley to Salty

After getting the stone, the player needs to head back to the place from where he starts the mission. Take the stone back to the Plunder Valley and give it to Salty. Salty will thank the player and this will bring the end of the sixth tall tale of the game.


Summarizing the whole mission, first, the player needs to go to Salty in the Plunder Valley to start the mission. Then he needs to go to the cave to the western side of the beach to get the Spyglass. After that, the player needs to find the Trapmaster’s notes and Trap Master’s Gunpowder key. Use the spyglass and riddles from the books, or simply follow the tricks from this article to pinpoint the location of both objects.

After getting the key, head to the Sailor’s Bounty to do the next step. Pass the caves with precaution and then place the key on the pedestal in the cave. Kill the captain Lair which will spawn thereafter placing the key, and get the totem.

Then head to the island according to the type of totem and then get the Shroudbreaker stone after defeating the waves of the skeleton there. Get the stone back to Salty to complete the mission.

Some key thing to remember

There have been a lot of things to remember regarding this mission, as it has a lot of traps and hurdles and various other difficulties where the player can get stuck.

  • Follow the tips and tricks from this article.
  • While finding the location of the Trapmaster’s notes and Trap Master’s Gunpowder key, align the eye sockets of the skeleton from the spyglass as perfectly as possible according to the objects. Then dig right where the X mark will be.
  • While passing through the caves of the Sailor’s Bounty, be aware of the traps embedded in the ground.
  • Time the traps of the second tunnel system of the Sailor’s Bounty to pass them without getting damaged.
  • After getting Trapmaster’s Gunpowder key, run towards the boat as quickly as possible. Use the audio cues to guess the location of the next bomb, and then move accordingly.
  • Avoid getting killed at any location during this mission because if the player dies, he has to start the mission from the beginning or has to pass the difficult tunnel system again.

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