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36 Best Sims 4 Anime Mods & CC Clothing, Facial look, Facial Detailing




Top glass games cover every type of their users. The same goes with eh Sims 4. There have been various Sims 4 Anime Mods for the game. The player can install them to enhance the gameplay of the game.

Anime lovers can customize various things. These mods are not only limited to the look of the character. The player can customize goodies as well. They can equip the dressing of their favorite anime character.

Whether it is clothing or facial look, the player can customize all. These mods are not only limited to Japanese anime. It also covers various cartoons. The player can customize various themes accordingly.

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Either it is dragon ball Z or any other game, you can have their goodies. Different games and movies are also covered in this category.

Hence, in this article, we have summarized all of this. We have gathered all the best anime mods for Sims 4. It includes clothing, facial look, facial detailing, and much more. Thus this article is going to be nostalgic for anime lovers. So stick to the article to enjoy the collaboration of Sims and anime.

1. Saimi Anime Eyes Series v2

Saimi Anime Eyes Series v2

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The eyes of the person reflect his personality. That’s why anime eyes are so unique. Saimi Anime Eyes is the second variant of its type. It includes 8 different eye colors. These colors have unique names. These anime eyes are large and round. They also have a glare in them. This increases the size of the eyes. Thus it imparts a unique anime look to the character.

2. Little Ebisu Short Hair

Little Ebisu Short Hair

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Based on Little Ebisu God from Noragami. This is the most popular hairstyle in young male Shorthair. Keep continuity between your look and outfit. It goes well with all the dressing. To get short hair scroll down to your CC. you will see different short hair. But first, you have to download the CC showcase.

3. full metal alchemist uniform

full metal alchemist uniform

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This character uniform is based on dark fantasy writing by Hiromu Arakawa. No doubt this is one of the best anime characters. This is a set of different things like a T-shirt, tattoo, etc. this outfit comes with white gloves to give a complete look. This is available on the CC list. But this is only available for female Sims characters unfortunately

4. Yaiba Costume Set

Yaiba Costume Set

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The Yaiba costume set is available in all four different forms. These four costumes contain different printed dresses with matching socks. These dresses are equally perfect for both female and male characters. These four costumes are very modern and equally unique. Based on characters of famous anime series known as Demon Slayer

5. Dragon ball z shirt

Dragon ball z shirt

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Dragon ball is one of the favorite series of all children. Now the dragon ball z shirt is also available on Sims4. It is a top type shirt. It comes with a set of seven t-shirts with different dragon ball designs on them. You can also change the color of your shirt according to your choice.

6. Death note T-shirt

Death note T-shirt

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This T-shirt is also based on an anime character. This contains a set of three T-shirts with different designs on them. The T-shirt is only for male and teen characters. Female characters can also use this. This is due to the unisex nature of the shirt. In short, these are very beautiful and unique T-shirts

7. Little Ghibli T-shirt

Little Ghibli T-shirt

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Ghibli is the most beloved character of all time. This comprises a set of 5 T-shirts that look great on little and toddler characters. Including Totoro, the tree spirits from Princess Monokoke. No-face from Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli characters. These are very cute and find one’s attention immediately. It is also a top-type shirt. The colors of these shirts cannot be changed.

8. Totoro Onesie

Totoro Onesie

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Totoro Onesie is one of the very cute outfits. Parents will love this outfit for their toddlers. It has five designs for toddlers. This outfit also contains a hood. It comes in a very cute grey plain color with a white print on it. With this outfit, you can convert your toddler into a tattoo itself.

9. Dragon ball rug

Dragon ball rug

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This is based on the most famous Dragon ball cartoons. It is a circular-shaped rug. It has the design of dragon balls on it. If you are a lover of dragon balls you will love them. This is best for your home decoration. It is just on the rug t.

10. Pokémon Rug

Pokémon Rug

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This rug is based on the famous character Pokémon and everyone loves Pokémon. It comes in a set of six rugs. It has different designs on it. Designs include Pokémon, Pikachu, a Poke ball, or a Pokémon logo. These are also circular rugs. Best for your home decoration if you are a Pokémon lover.

11. Pokémon Wallpaper

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If you are a Pokémon lover it is the best choice for you. This is best for your child’s room or even for your room. These come with 15 different Pokémon designs and colors. You can have any of them. With these, you can convert your house into a real fan of Pokémon’s house.

12. Seller moon poster set

Seller moon poster set

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It is based on famous sailor moon characters. These are available on the CC list. This set includes several different decorative options. It also includes different designs and colors. It comes with swatches. so you can check before adding them. Actually, with these sets, you have many options to choose from.

13. Kawaii cafe

Kawaii cafe

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It is based on Japanese cultural art. If you love different cultures and art you should go for it. This is a coffee shop with vibrant color walls and flooring. It gives a very soothing look overall. Hence it is a very eye-catching scene. It is the best place to relax and enjoy.

14. Otaku hideaway

Otaku hideaway

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This is another aspect of Japanese culture. It is now available on the CC list. It looks like an underwater house. Your entire house can look like a house in water. It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Perfect for your Sims family. It is the best place to live on vacations. Its exterior is based on cherry blossoms. It gives a Japanese look.

15. Diabolik Manor

Diabolik Manor

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It is based on the famous anime series “Diabolik lovers”.

It is a great addition for anime lovers. It feels like a mansion with large gardens and pillars. It is a two-floor house. It has everything available with it. From the kitchen, bathroom to the library, gym. In short, it’s a perfect house to live in.

16. Totoro in the Rain tattoo

Totoro in the Rain tattoo

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If you are an anime lover and permanently want to show your love for anime this tattoo is the best solution. It is a custom tattoo. You can have the tattoo of your choice on your body. Specifically your upper arm or your back. After having this tattoo you will have a very cool look.

17. Fullmetal Alchemist – Ouroboros Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist – Ouroboros Tattoo

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These are the Ouroboros tattoos worn by the Homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist. If you are a true fan of Homunculus, it is the perfect choice for you. You can wear this tattoo on your chest, arm or even on your hand. All variants of this tattoo aren’t available yet, but it is a perfect choice.

18. Fullmetal Alchemist – Riza Hawkeye’s Tattoo.

Fullmetal Alchemist – Riza Hawkeye’s Tattoo

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This tattoo gives a perfect look to you. It is a great piece of art. You can wear this tattoo on your full back. The details of this tattoo are amazing and perfectly all right. In short, this is the most detailed and complicated tattoo.

19. Naruto Ninja Career

Naruto Ninja Career

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It is a complete carrier mod. It has six stages. After completing these stages you can choose the carrier whatever you want. You can become a Hokage, Akatsuki Leader, Teacher of a Legend, or a Medical Sannin. You can live the way you want to live.

20. WMS Hair Ombre Recolour Mod

WMS Hair Ombre Recolour Mod

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Ombre hairstyle is in fashion nowadays. It is the best for young ladies. Even if this mod is not compatible with anime mods, it is still worth trying. It will give a completely new and modern look to your Sims character. You can directly download it from your CC list no extra package is required.

21. Hair recolors mod

Hair recolors mod

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In hair recolor mod, you can adjust opacity, lightness. You can adjust the saturation of your hair. You can sort of customize any hair color you might want. You can have every possible color out there. as bold as you want as pestle as you want. You can even save swatches

22. Eclipse FFXIV Eastern Buns Hair Set

Eclipse FFXIV Eastern Buns Hair Set

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It is a new hairstyle in Sims is a thrilling hairstyle that gives you the best look. It is based on the final fantasy XIV character. This contains 18 basic colors. The best thing about this is that it is available for both male and female characters. It also contains almost all haircuts.

23. Chii from Chobits Hair Mod

Chii from Chobits Hair Mod

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It is not a new color but an update from an old version of Chii hair. You can have both platinum and blonde hair by this mod. It gives a more realistic look to your anime. You can apply it to both long and short hair. It is the very unique and perfect hairstyle

24. Slashed Recolor Mod

Slashed Recolor Mod

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It is based on the Slashed hairstyle in the vampire game pack. It consists of black base color with dye options on ends. It is best for male and female characters equally. It looks perfect at any age of the character. If you have a vampire game pack installed you can enjoy this mod fully.

25. Multicolored Braided Ponytail

Multicolored Braided Ponytail

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This mod adds colors to your character. This mod has five very cute and fun hairstyles. Cotton Candy (blue and pink), Sunshine (orange and yellow), spring (pink and green), Cloudy Skies (white and blue), and Flowers (pink and yellow). Those are perfect for girl’s characters. It gives a vibrant look to your female characters.

26. Black Multi Colors Set

Black Multi Colors Set

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With this hairstyle, you can have two shades of colors to download. For this hair color pack, you should first have a cats and dogs expansion pack. You can have seven hair colors black-red, black-purple, and black-blue, black-green, black-purple, and black-aqua. This mod is a very adventurous look to your character. It is perfect for a modern look.

27. Anime Hair Set

Anime Hair Set

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This features a very beautiful multi hair color. Along with a bob-cut hairstyle. It gives a rainbow color look to your Sims with split hairs. It gives a perfectly modern and stylish look to your young female Sims. It suits you very well on your young female Sims. It’s a must-try hairstyle

28. Anime-inspired Plasma Eyes Set

Anime-inspired Plasma Eyes Set

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It consists of 20 anime-inspired eye colors. It is available on the CC list and you can easily download it. It will give a new and fresh look to your Sims character. You can choose any of the eyes of your favorite anime character from this pack. It is a must-try mod.

29. Anime-Inspired Eyes Set

Anime-Inspired Eyes Set

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It is a very lovely mod. It is a set of 28 anime-inspired eyes. It works best for your anime Sims character. However, you can try them with your simple Sims characters. It is a whole new and very unique mod. In short, it is a must-try mod.

30. Basic Sharingan Eye Set

Basic Sharingan Eye Set

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It is a Naruto-inspired mod. If you are a Naruto fan you should go for it. It will give a very powerful look to your Sims character. It goes well for both female and male characters equally. It will give a cool look to your Sims character. It is a must-try mod you should definitely go for it.

31. Blue anime eyes

Blue anime eyes

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As the name indicates, it gives your character beautiful deep blue eyes. It is a new color in this game. It gives a wholly unique look to your Sims character. At present this is the most used eye color with 10000 plus downloads. If you are a fan of colored eyes and want to try something different you should definitely go for it.

32. Anime-inspired plasma eyes in various colors

Anime-inspired plasma eyes in various colors

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This contains a set of different anime eyes. It has almost 16 eyes. Instead of downloading one by one, you can download the whole pack. Hence can use it easily. It is worth downloading a pack for an anime lover. It will make Sims’s character look like an anime character. It also has swatch colors.

33. SAO Sinon Anime Eyes

SAO Sinon Anime Eyes

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It comes in a set of 8 different colors. It will give a great look to your anime character. You can change color whatever you want whenever you want. These eye colors are very cool and attractive. It is good for both male and female characters of any age. If you want something unique you should definitely try it out

34. Rizumu Amamiya Eye Set

Rizumu Amamiya Eye Set

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It is inspired by the famous anime character Rizumu Amamiya. This mod works well for both male and female characters. But this is not available for the toddler. It comes with four different swatches. This set also contains two types of socks for both male and female characters. It is a must-try mod for Rizumu fans.

35. Long Wavy Over Ombre Re-colored Set

Long Wavy Over Ombre Re-colored Set

It is a popular hairstyle with more than 11000 downloads. This is an amazing recolor best for young and adult female’s character. If you are a fan of long hair you should definitely go for it. The wavy long hair gives a perfect stylish look to your female character. If you are bored with your straight hair you should try this.

36. Bakugou Katsuki Style Set

Bakugou Katsuki Style Set

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You can have anime character Katsuki Bakugou back in Sims 4 using this extension. It includes characters’ hair color, t-shirt, and eye color. This hair looks perfect and stylish with a red-eye color that adds a wholesome look to the character. It is best for Akatsuki fans. You should definitely download it.

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