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15 Best Sims 4 Baby Shower CC & Mods




Sims 4 Baby Shower CC & Mods is one of the most important events of one’s life. It brings a lot of happiness. It starts a new chapter of life. It brings a lot of joy to someone’s life. Parents make a lot of memories. Sims 4 has covered a lot of perspectives of human life. Baby showers have been one of them.

Various developers have designed various mods regarding the baby shower. It includes different characters and dressings. It covers every aspect of the event. From pregnant mothers to baby shower cake, they have covered every point of view.

Colors are the major aspect of the baby shower. Parents reveal the gender of their baby. It can be a surprise for parents as well. Hence it must have blue or pink color. The dressing of guests and surroundings also matters a lot.

Dressings, costumes, décor, every event possess a specific color. In this article, we have covered many things. From dressing to surroundings and cake, everything is discussed in this article. Hence stick to the article and indulge in the beautiful event of the baby shower.

1. Baby shower event

Baby shower event

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You can plan a baby shower even for your Sims. By planning an event, you can call your friends and family at your place and can share happiness with them. You can have an event set in the CC list. This set includes greeting cards and presents in short this includes a complete event set.

2. Baby shower bundle

Baby shower bundle

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For the event, you need different things like decorative materials, foods. Buying it one by one is surely difficult but Not now you can have a baby shower bundle in the CC list. This bundle includes Balloons. You can choose the color according to your baby’s gender, some yummy food, and frames for photos.

3. Pregnancy animation Pack

Pregnancy animation Pack

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To add spice and colors to your event, you can share your whole pregnancy journey with your guests in the animated mod. You can share from the first day of pregnancy to that event day. You can create an animated movie for your event. This pack is available on the CC list and you can buy it easily.

4. Baby shower fake cake

Baby shower fake cake

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Every event is incomplete without sweets. And when it comes to sweets, cake is the best option. But if you are health conscious and even you don’t like cake you can have the fake cake to add color to your event. You can have it in both colors for baby boy and baby girl. You can customize the size of the cake too.

5. Baby shower cake

Baby shower cake

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You can have a real cake at your event. You can have it in two colors pink and blue according to the gender of the baby. But the best thing is you can keep these cakes as gender-revealing cakes too. Even if your Sims is expecting a twin you can have two cakes too.

6. Little Adventurers Poses

Little Adventurers Poses

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Who doesn’t love photographing, especially pictures of children? You can make your event child-friendly by adding this pack to your event. In this pack, you can have eight different poses for a photograph of the children. They will be guests at your event with their parents. You can preserve memories of your event forever.

7. Little Man or Little Miss Set

Little Man or Little Miss Set

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This set includes party must-haves such as utensils, favors, cakes, and banners with gender guessing as to the main point. The fun part of this set is you can let your guest guess the gender of the baby. This can make your event interesting. In the end, you can reveal the real gender by using this set.

8. Bundle of Joy Baby Shower Party Items Set

Bundle of Joy Baby Shower Party Items Set

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This set contains 11 items. It includes decoration items such as wall decals, balloon arches, table settings, gift boxes, and even ceiling lights. You can have these items in three colors such as blue, pink, and yellow. This set adds beautiful color to your event and gives a very vibrant look. You can make your event attractive

9. Gender Reveal Cotton Candy Table

Gender Reveal Cotton Candy Table

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Those who don’t love cotton candies especially children. If you are looking for different gender-revealing ideas. This set is the perfect choice for you. You can have a wooden table in this set. You can use this table as a decorative table. Also can have cotton candies on it. Cotton candies are available in two colors pink and blue.

10. Gender Reveal Box

Gender Reveal Box

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This is another interesting set to make your guest guess the gender of the baby. This set includes a box with the colored balloon in it. The color of the balloon depends on the gender of baby pink for baby girl and blue for baby boy. The box has ‘he’ or ‘she’ written in black letters on the box and has balloons on it.

11. Sweets Décor

Sweets Décor

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Happy events are incomplete without some delicious sweets. In this pack, you can have 12 objects such as ice creams, pancakes, lollies, and marshmallows. These all items are available in 5 different colors. You can use them like sweets and can also decorate your cake with them. This will add a bit more delicious effect to your beautiful event.

12. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Décor

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Décor

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Twinkle twinkle little star is a world-famous poem for children and all children love it. Why not have a themed decoration of this poem. You can have decor sets such as moons and stars. You can also have cupcake cotton candies and cake. This will surely add a dreamy effect to your party.

13. Baby Shower Poses Package

Baby Shower Poses Package

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Everyone loves photographs and photographs are the best way to save memories. Parties are the type of get-together and everyone loves to take pictures with their friends. By using this set you can have different poses of photographs. Your guest can have pictures with pregnant Sims lady in different poses and make your event more interesting and memorable

14. Bee Baby Shower Set

Bee Baby Shower Set

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Bee baby shower set is another theme-based decorative set. If you are bored of seeing blue and pink colors everywhere. you can use it as it is in a fresh yellow color set. 15 items include balloons, cake, and water bottles in black and yellow. It also contains a banner with ‘’Mother to be’’ written on it.

15. Baby Shower Pose Pack

Baby Shower Pose Pack

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This pack is specially made for your pregnant Sims lady. She can have pictures with her friends in different poses. This also contains special poses for a couple of photoshoots. You can also have a family pose for family pictures. With this pack, you can add more colors and interest to your event and make it memorable forever.

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