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25 Best Sims 4 Bedroom CC & Mods



sims 4 bedroom cc

This wide range of sims 4 bedroom mods is the perfect contender to default bedrooms in the game. Most of the default bedrooms are too plain and mellow. Hence, there’s little to no room for story development, artistic freedom, or customization. On this collection of bedroom CCs, you’ll find a bedroom approach for every plotline and character. Whether it’s a Disney-inspired girly girl room or a surrealistic room with abstract art. Most of these rooms feature unique goodies and experimental furniture. Many rooms here fit many situations; a trip to an exotic island, a vacation plan to a ski resort, etc. You can switch up the furniture of a boring old room and turn it into a vibrant one. So without wasting any further time, let’s take a look!

1. Bedroom Cologne 2020

Minimalism seems to be the central inspiration for this bedroom set. The furniture including the bed and side table seems quite over the top. Furthermore, the overall grey and white shades give this Sims 4 bedroom a very futuristic appearance. To give the rest of the room a sudden pop, there’s a marine-colored painting at the back. This bedroom’s named after the infamous 2020 Cologne Furniture Fair.

2. Elamia Bedroom

Anyone can take a single look at this bedroom and conclude that it’s a girl’s bedroom. There are pink hues everywhere and the bedroom gives off a very homely feel. That’s ensured by including a rug under the queen-sized bed in the middle. This room would be perfect for a simple, mellow, and light-hearted sim. Apart from having multiple shades of pink the color scheme also features; light skin, light purple, grey shades.

3. Milana Bedroom Furniture

This bedroom mod is for the wood lovers out there. There’s an abundance of furniture made out of wood in this set. Furthermore, the whole color scheme is based on various shades of blue. That’s why it is very light on the eyes. This room seems appropriate for kids and can also be a perfect nursery room. Furthermore, there are 12 variations in this set. There’s also a painting at the back that’ll remind you of the ocean and the beach.

4. Francium Bedroom

The most special items in this bedroom set are the indoor plants. The next most noticeable item in this Sims 4 bedroom is the Scandinavian style furniture. This ten-piece set also includes moderately sized lamps. You’ll also notice a fur rug on the floor. Most of the furniture is in various hues of brown which goes well with the white paint. There’s a single dark blue painted wall that makes the room stand out even more.

5. Zara Bedroom

On first look, this one seems to be all over the place. There’s a wide range of color combos and then there’s marine blue in the middle. The marine blue study chair and cushions give the room a pop of neon brightness. The rest of the room including the bedsheet and back wall is black. This is an extremely unique 11 piece set. Furthermore, the Zara bedroom set also has a well-lit clothing rack. So, it seems that it’s appropriate for Sims to be a self-proclaimed fashionista.

6. Erin Bedroom

This bedroom is very nature-inspired. Huge windows are overlooking the garden. Meanwhile, the tall indoor plants in the room will ensure that your Sim remains close to nature. Taking a single look at this blue-themed room can turn on vacation mode. There are two paintings on the back wall which show the image of a beach. This bedroom almost looks like a resort room. So, if the narrative involves a trip to an island, this Sim 4 bedroom would be the right fit.

7. Moroccan Bedroom

The décor in this bedroom is heavily inspired by the Moroccan culture. There’s a lot of silver and golden work on both the walls and décor items. You’ll also notice mandala designs on the sheets and the rug lying on the floor. The almirah in the corner of the room has traditional cutwork and looks very exotic.

8. Alessa Bedroom

The furniture in this bedroom set is very straightforward and sleek. The texture of each wood item is very stark and crisp. Furthermore, there are 16 pieces in this set yet it doesn’t seem overcrowded. Alessa’s bedroom in Sims 4 gives multiple chances for customization. Perhaps the most attractive item in this CC is the massive walk-in closet and giant mirror.

9. Alwine Bedroom

The vibes coming off from this bedroom CC are very immaculate. It appears very calm and collected due to the muted wall paint. In the back wall, there’s a huge mural showing the imagery of a dense forest. This is also a 14 piece set that shows a wide range of woodworking. The animal heads mounted on the walls indicate that it belongs to someone who loves to hunt.

10. Princess Bedroom

It’s the picture-perfect sleeping space for any Disney enthusiast. From the look of it all, it will be appropriate for a young tween girl. There’s a princess-inspired bed and the walls are painted in pastel colors. To fit the exact image of a palace even the candle stand in this set is very retro. There’s an abundance of drawers in this Sims 4 bedroom CC. It does look a bit overcrowded, but it’s appropriate for a young character.

11. Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack

This bedroom would look perfect in a studio apartment in New York. You can customize as much as you want by using the two-floor texture and wallpaper options for this set. Collectively there are 25 new items in this set. As the name indicates, the whole arrangement is very minimalistic in this room. So, there’s nothing over the top and you definitely won’t find any frills or loud colors. The wall paint and furniture are in muted shades of beige, grey, and white.

12. Daisy Bedroom

The most prominent item in this bedroom CC is the huge bed lying in the middle of the room. The style utilized in this CC is very bohemian and rural. The tropical indoor plants in Daisy bedroom CC give a very Caribbean feel. So, it almost seems like this room is in a tropical island’s beachside resort. There’s a mandala-like rug on the floorboards under the bed. This bedroom set has 11 unique items and appears very exotic.

13. Neutral Bedroom

The scenery outside the window oozes serenity. This room seems like a hotel bedroom that overlooks a large skiing rink during spring. The white fur rug under the bed gives off a royal appearance. When you match the rug with the king-sized bed, it seems like the Sim in question is totally loaded! Right near the end of the bed, there’s a bench. Most items in the room are in neutral colors and they aren’t very loud.

14. That’s What She Bed

The name of this set is truly humorous and feels like a dad joke. In the middle of this bedroom is a comfortable bunk bed that twins can share. Furthermore, this set provides many customization opportunities. You can take full freedom while experimenting with multiple wood patterns and 8 color palettes. Switch up the colors to pastels if it’s a room for girls otherwise the default one looks fine. Lastly, there’s a tiny study desk in the left corner that your characters can use while completing homework.

15. Tropic Like It’s Hot Beach House Set

This bedroom’s easily the most compact one on this list of Sims 4 bedroom mods. There’s little to no extra furniture or clutter. The room has a bunk bed that might be perfect for kids. The most prominent thing here is perhaps the submarine-inspired round window on the wall. The nautical appearance of the entire bedroom and the use of navy blue makes you feel as if you’re still in the ocean. There’s an indoor plant on the right end and a small bookshelf. Even though the room is slightly smaller than most bedrooms here, it’s still quite spacious.

16. Armelda Bedroom

This is a 12 piece set that appears very exotic. This tropical bedroom includes a noticeable amount of rattan. The furniture in this set includes a bed with a metal frame and a cupboard with 4 drawers on the side. You’ll also find a Native American artifact placed on the bed table. At the back of the bed, there’s a floral painting that gives the bedroom a pop of color. There’s a tropical indoor plant at one corner of the room. So, this bedroom fits perfectly in a beach house.

17. Sandy Lane Bedroom

The arrangements in this room are very incredible. It appears less exaggerated and more realistic due to the increased amount of clutter. Furthermore, this bedroom CC looks homely and you’ll be able to notice lots of squares in this room. The entire bedroom is covered in muted shades of beige, white, and grey. Furthermore this Sims 4 bedroom would be quite appropriate for a simple character who always remains organized.

18. Alisha Bedroom

This particular Sims 4 CC is for surrealists and experimentalists. The presence of a lot of items in this room doesn’t make any sense. Furthermore, the décor looks like a mixture of both bohemian and Scandinavian styles. The wallpaper at the back of the bed has floral imagery. There’s also a pink work chair with a cushion in the right corner. Alisha’s bedroom CC has 11 items in total including a very elegant ottoman.

19. Monica Bedroom

You’d expect this bedroom came straight out of a period drama film. The walls of this bedroom have a very soft-looking wallpaper with white flowers. Apart from the floral design the colors used in it are very bright. It looks like a Disney princess’s room. Furthermore, the flowers on the bedside give it a very natural feel. There’s also a roman statue placed in the right corner of the room to give it a very vintage appearance.

The size of this room indicates that it belongs to a huge Hollywood mansion. The purple and maroon hues used in the bedding indicate that this might be a couple’s room. Furthermore, this set includes an altar and space for candles. Seems like it’s the perfect destination for a romantic innuendo. There’s also a king-sized bed in the middle. Lastly, the woodcut is quite unique for each item in this bedroom’s décor.

20. Nia bedroom at Aifirsa

This bedroom seems very appropriate for artistic Sims. Feels like the resident of this room has experimental tendencies. There’s a wide array of rustic tiles near the center of the room. There’s also a huge circular mirror at the back end of the bed. Along the right end of Nia’s bedroom is a wide side table that has multiple drawers. Lastly, to amplify the surrealistic nature of this bedroom there’s an abstract painting on the back wall.

21. Vitasims Salerno Bedroom

This bedroom is a bit more luxurious than most bedroom CCs on this list. It appears to be a hotel suite. There’s a comfortable grey-toned bed in the middle of the room and two side tables. On each side table is a retro table lamp. You’ll also find a huge glass door on the right end which opens to a balcony. The entire floor is covered with a beige-colored carpet. So it’s safe to assume that this bedroom CC is perfect for stories about rich characters.

22. Legend bedroom

There’s nothing too special about this bedroom. Even the walls are quite plain and lack any wallpaper. The walls are painted in a muted shade of grey. So, this bedroom will be perfect for someone who doesn’t believe in doing too much. The furniture includes a simple medium-sized cupboard and bed. In one corner of the room is an indoor plant. Furthermore, at the back wall hangs a picture of a woman on top of a tree. Some might even say that this room gives an eerie vibe. So, stories involving mysterious characters can make good use of this bedroom.

23. Wazden bedroom

There’s a whole lot of furniture in this bedroom. This bedroom CC for Sims 4 features items like; a queen-sized bed, a bench, a bookshelf, and a small-sized table with a single chair. At the top, you’ll find two classy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Furthermore, there are multiple paintings and photographs in this room. Seems like the character that lives here really admires art.

24. Japanese bedroom

Like most Japanese households, this room has traditional fusuma walls. So, the framework on the walls consists of wood and pieces of h3 fabric. There’s a relatively small single bed in the center of the room. Furthermore, it seems like there’s a woodblock painting of a mountain and river hanging at the back wall. On each side of the bed, there’s a grey-colored rug.

25. Ovly bedroom

It’s the kind of bedroom that the protagonist of a chick flick would have. There’s a circular bed in the middle with several cute pillows. Right at the top, many hanging threads look like chandeliers. There seems to be a lot of focus on the floor. That’s because the carpet has several pastel shades of pink and maroon. The large vanity table makes us believe it’s truly a girly girl’s room.

Final Words

These bedroom mods for Sims 4 pay special attention to bedroom decor. Each style is different from the other one. There’s a great range of variety; from bedrooms to nurseries for newborns. Those who need a hint of luxury will really appreciate the bohemian-inspired exotic rooms. We hope that you’re ready to weave the best narratives with advanced bedroom décor. Do let us know which Sims 4 bedroom CC was your favorite out of all these.

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