Sims 4 Black Hair CC

11 Best Sims 4 Black Hair CC To Fulfill Your Desire

Sims 4 black hair cc is a popular custom content option for the Sims 4 game. In The Sims 4 game, the hair can be customized and you can pick the style, color, and length. This implies that you really need various styles to look over to fulfill your desire. However, Black hair has been viewed as a symbol of strength and power for centuries. In old Egypt, Cleopatra was popular for her dark black locks. The fame of this tone has expanded lately as additional individuals have embraced their natural beauty.

In this way, just natural black hair is quite possibly of the most famous hairdo in both reality and games, for example, in the Sims 4 since it’s adaptable, easy to style, and can be worn the way you want. You can likewise involve black hair custom content for any complexion to make them look more realistic. Furthermore, you can involve the haircuts as well to make a wide range of appearances for your sims.

It is feasible to play the Sims 4 with a wide range of hair tones and surfaces, however, there might be a couple of hairdos and varieties that appear to be not quite right. It is not an easy task to track down the best black haircut as a large portion of the hair cc accessible in the Sims 4 don’t come in black. This post will give proposals and ideas for Sims 4 dark hair cc.

Below in this article, there are numerous choices accessible for you to select. Hence, take a look at these black contents for your black-haired Sims and make as numerous haircuts that are out there to suit your taste!

11 Best Sims 4 Black Hair CC

1. Illusions Cornelia Hair

Illusions Cornelia Hair

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The Illusions Cornelia Hair is great for any Sims 4 player looking for decent yet stylish hair. It features an everyday hairstyle with a wavy, messy, and beachy feel that is enough to perfectly finish off any sim’s appearance.

The details of the hair are amazing with some wonderful in-depth texture that can frame any sim’s face all around well. While it is a simple hairstyle, it offers a great deal of realism for the players, and it is compatible with hats as well.

The curly texture and side part of the Cornelia Hair’s side part can be mistaken for Alpha CC but it is a Maxis Match. With this black hair cc, your female sims will definitely look at their best in any outfit they are wearing.

2. Ora Hair

sims 4 Ora Hair

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Trying to find a charming black hairstyle that is a semi-up do for your sims can be a hard task to do. But, here you are! The Ora Hair gives your sims that incredible semi-up do, ideal for a night out on the town.

The Ora Hair falls simply past your sim’s shoulder, matched with a little bun pulling a portion of your sim’s hair into a bun. With stray pieces of hair falling around the sim’s face, outlining it, the sims look absolutely elegant.

Satisfying being Maxis Match, you can also have the 18 unique EA hair tones out of which black looks way more flattering. The Ora Hair looks flawless on teenagers, young grown-ups, grown-ups, and elders.

3. Kyra Curry

Kyra Curry

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To evaluate various searches for your Sims’ hair without totally changing its appearance, the dark wavy style is a great decision.

This is an amazing choice for people who are wavering in regards to their own style since it compliments individuals of all ages basically. The wavy hair in black is an extraordinary choice for the people who need to explore different avenues regarding their Sims’ hair yet at the same time need to keep it looking realistic.

This style looks perfect for practically all ages, so a simple decision for those who are uncertain about what sort of style they ought to pick.

4. Marcel Hair

Marcel Hair

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Marcel Hair is one more great black hair mod for all the male sims out there, particularly in the event that you’re searching for something edgier.

This hair mod features short hair with certain trendy dreadlocks on top, making it extraordinary for any sim either young or mature.

The Marcel Hair is base game compatible, and it is decent yet exceptionally detailed. The dreadlocks’ texture is making it a number one black hair cc for the majority of Sims 4 players.

5. Stealthic – Paradox (Female Hair)

Stealthic – Paradox

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Finding ponytails in the Sims 4 isn’t actually difficult, however finding a black one that looks practical and astonishing can be a difficult task.

Stealthic – Paradox (Female Hair) gives your female sims a thick luscious black ponytail to wear. With a couple of loose hairs from the ponytail, this style is great for the open air, particularly in athletic outfits. Truly, it is a must-have for any female sim basically for the style and the texture.

Besides black, you will also have a sum of 27 colors to select for your sim. Colors range from delicate blonde to dark black with other vibrant colors as well.

6. Anto – Echo (Hair)

Anto – Echo

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In Alpha custom content, Anto Mod Creator has been the most famous one. In case you do not have any idea what their identity is, you are missing out on a major opportunity.

Anto’s Echo Hair is a piece of incredible art, especially for black hairdos. This hair CC is wonderful for males as well as females. The style of this CC features medium-length hair falling into your sim’s face with trimmed back and sides.

Besides the fact that this hairdo looks perfect because of the texture, the black color as well as all the other colors you pick looks flawless. Anto – Echo (Hair) is the ideal black hair cc for any sim you choose to make. On the off chance that your sim needs to wear a formal and fancy dress, this haircut will work great.

7. Esmeralda Hair

Esmeralda Hair

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The Esmeralda Hair Set is a wonderful choice for anybody needing detailed yet simple black hair. This Sims 4 black hair cc has been intended for players looking for a calm, introverted, and shy look, however, it’s still basically as polished and adaptable as one could ever imagine.

It is also compatible with headwear accessories like caps – a fairly mind-boggling yet can be a disappointing issue with many other hair mods out there. Moreover, if you decide to change your mind from black, this set offers 18 color swatches and it will fit each sim young lady from adolescence until the older stage.

8. Dee Hair

Dee Hair

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First, let me simply say that this is one dazzling simulation! The black version of this hairstyle is exceptionally striking. To really sweeten the deal, it has a seriously satisfying hue. The Dee Hair afro cc is for females, youngsters, and elderly folks. The headband is recolorable and is compatible with wearing caps as well.

The most awesome aspect of this cc is that it accompanies the EA default colors in addition to extra color swatches so that your sim can have colored tips and ombre hair tones. Every user who plays The Sims wishes their virtual partners had beautiful short dark hair.

Nonetheless, what about your virtual partners? I might say that they will not have the option to oppose the charm of these black hair. It will prove to be an ideal temptation for them to take it out and play with it.

9.  Belen Hairstyle

Belen Hairstyle

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Belen Hairstyle is perfect for any female sim needing smooth and modern yet cheeky and dynamic black hair. It has some amazing HQ and is ideally suited for pretty much any event.

Unlike numerous other hair mods out there, this mod features some great hair bangs that can impeccably approach pretty much any sim’s face. While players can decide to remain neutral or natural, players can likewise zest it up with 60 astounding samples – including pastel tones and, surprisingly, clear neon tones.

10. No More Blue Hair (TS4)

No More Blue Hair

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While there is a wide assortment of hair choices accessible in The Sims 4, black hair is by all accounts a famous priority. It’s a hit since it is versatile and admiring a variety of complexions, requiring less exertion when styling.

If you have any desire to use the black versions of the hairs remembered for the Jungle Adventure game pack, then this CC pack is a must-have for you.

In order to match the set of cuts and colors that are recently released, this is recoloring. Also, there are a few additional items for your head that accompany the set.

11. Ainhoa Hairstyle

Ainhoa Hairstyle

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If you are searching for a bombshell Sims 4 black hairdo that looks and feels really realistic as could be expected, then the Ainhoa Hairstyle could be for you. This wild and wavy haircut has extraordinary attention to detail. It tends to give cheeky and sassy vibes or can be made light of to make it reasonable for more innocent styles. This makes the hair styling ideal for pretty much every female sim, regardless of age or style.

Also, if at any point you come across the mode of switching black hair, it has the solution. The Ainhoa hair cc is accessible in 60 distinct colors for players to choose from. These include everything from regular blacks and, surprisingly, silver to brilliant neon and fragile pastel tones.


Sims 4 black hair cc is a great way to add some variety to the game. It can be used to create a unique look for sims or to add some spice to an existing look. There are a number of different ways to use black hair cc in the game. And hence the players should experiment to find the best way to use it.

The black hair cc can be utilized to make individuals of any complexion show up more different and diverse. Moreover, the varied hair stylings will enable you to provide your sims with a large variety of personalities. I hope that you have already found the best black hair cc for your aesthetic by exploring the above post. Make sure to use these surprising black hair cc for your sims to add more realism to the game.

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