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32 Sims 4 Curly Hair CC & Mods Hairstyles Look Gorgeous



sims 4 girls curly hair

A hairstyle is one of the most essential things to make when we are going out to a party or going to any event. Without the hairstyle, the overall look does not look good. You can make many different hairstyles and can look gorgeous.

Girls are very conscious about their hairstyle. But in real life, most of us are not capable of doing our hairstyle. Sims 4 has provided this opportunity for every male and female to make their hairstyles, especially for curly hairs.

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Sims 4 Curly Hair cc is quite a mess and we don’t know what exactly to do with them before we go to the party. But thanks to Sims 4 developers who are making beautiful cc curly hairs that can make your Sims look fabulous.

Curly is quite a blessing for some people because now it’s a trend that people are making their hair curly to have a different look. Having naturally curly hair makes you look fancier.

In Sims 4 you can find hundreds of curly hair. And to save your time from exploring curly hair in Sims 4. I have mentioned some of the top hairstyles for Sims with curly hair below. These hairstyles will make you swear off straight hair ever again.

1. Sintiklia Diva Clayified

Sintiklia Diva Clayified

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With this hairstyle, your Sims will look like the modern-day’s princes. You Sims have wild curly hair and don’t be embarrassed because this hairstyle is quite famous among girls.

2. Gabby Hairs

Gabby Hairs

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Gabby’s hair makes you look beautiful and attractive. The people getting this gabby hair are very lucky because they seem quite natural and beautiful. They are great one above the shoulder length and gorgeous.

3. Morgana Hair

Morgana Hair

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Morgana’s hair is short-length hair above the shoulder and they are of three colors green, blue, and brown. You can use any of the colors for your Sims and make her look more gorgeous.

4. Baddie Hair

Baddie Hair

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Baddie hair is the inspiration for most of the girls because they are one of the most unique designs in Sims 4. It features half up and half down style with a nice twisty bun on the top. It’s great hair for any sim.

5. Jayden Hair

Jayden Hair

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Jayden’s hair is beautiful long length with an amazing design. The hair comes in three different colors blue and 2 different shades of brown. You can choose the best color matching your Sims tone.

6. Ophelie hair

Ophelie hair

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If you want to look classy then you must use this hair for your Sim. Ophelie hair is short hair above the shoulder length and in light brown color. Your Sims will look dazzling in the major events of her life with this hair on.

7. Kool Thing

Kool Thing

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It is said that women with curly hair have strange personalities. Maybe this is because of the huge volume of their hairs. With curly hair, your Sims will have a personality that fits into any occasion.

8. Fiona Fro

Fiona Fro

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Fiona Fro is simple curly hair with more texture and creative effort. This is one of the best hairs that will best suit your Sim. Fiona Fro is short hairs above the shoulder with black in color and having white pins on both sides to assemble the hairs.

9. Tiare Hair

Tiare Hair

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Tiare Hair is one of the best styles to attend large events. If you are going to some special event then this hair is best for your Sim. If you are looking for Sims that is bigger than life then Tiare Hair is best suited for you.

10. Anjela Hair

Anjela Hair

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Anjela Hair is short-length hair above the shoulder and comes in three different colors grey, blue, and brown. With this hair on your, Sims will look quite a devil and you can even do pranks with other Sims.

11. Mercedes hair:

Mercedes hair

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Mercedes’s hair is best if you want your Sims to have an innocent look. The hair is medium in length down the shoulder with dark brown. You Sims will look like a rich person that everyone wants to become friends with.

12. Julie Hair

Julie Hair

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Julie’s hair is big and puffy hair. You will have a lot of attitude with this hair on. In real life it will be quite a challenge to manage this Kind of curly hair but not for your Sim.

13. Going So-Low

Going So-Low

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It is one of the most elegant hairstyles. If your Sims is doing some Kind of Job then this hair is best suited for your Sim. Medium size hairs with a ponytail look quite natural and realistic.

14. Crawling Queen

Crawling Queen

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This is one of the high listed hairstyles because it is loved by many players. The hairs are medium size with perfect wavy bangs that would take a true artist to style. With this hair on your, Sims will look like a model.

15. Up and Out Curls

Up and Out Curls

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Up and out Curls is quite managed with a bun on the top leaving remaining hairs on the shoulder. These hairs are short-length messy hair which would be quite a challenge to manage in real life.

16. Zara Hair

Zara Hair

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It is beautiful ombre hair with a darker up on top and a lighter tone on the bottom. This hair is medium-sized right around the ear and looks awesome on every Sim.

17. Joni


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The Joni hairstyle is incredible and adorable. It adds baby hair on both sides of the forehead and two buns on the top dark brown. You Sims might as well go bald.

18. Naomi


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Unlike other curly hairs Naomi’s hair is quite different because it is pigtails. It starts from the top with two French braids on the top and leads to adorable curly pigtails that have a large volume.

19. Luna


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Luna is one of the most stylish curly hair on the whole list. It starts with the beautiful high ponytail with a red hairband on the front that is holding the front hair.

20. Alyssum Hair

Alyssum Hair

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Alyssum’s hair gives quite an innocent look to the Sim. It features half up and half down hair and tucked behind the ears. This hair is quite amazing because you can wear earrings to give your Sims a different look.

21. Astral Hair

Astral Hair

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The Astral hair is best for the Sims who want to shade their hairs. Astral hair features a darker shade above the ears and a light shade down the ears. The hairs are short in length above the shoulder.

22. Axon Hair

Axon Hair

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Axon Hair is one of the best-styled hairs with hair tucked in the ears. If your Sims is a working lady then this hair is best suited for your Sim. This hair looks extremely best on a neck shirt.

23. Bloom Hair

Bloom Hair

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The shoulder-length bloom hair is beautiful and loved by many Sims 4 players. Short-length hair is best especially when they are curly because then they are easy to manage.

24. Blossom Hair

Blossom Hair

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For your curly hair Sims blossom hairstyle is one of the best choices. It looks quite stylish to have half of the hairs at the front and half at the back.

25. Chanel Hair

Chanel Hair

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If you want to give a different look to your Sims then this hairstyle is best. It features a giant bun on the top keeping half of the Sims hair on the front.

26. Crystal Hair

Crystal Hair

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If you are going to a party or some special event then this hairstyle is the best choice. It features two braids coming from the part and working their way back. The other half of the hairs are tucked in the ears.

27. Danielle Hair

Danielle HairDanielle Hair

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Danielle’s hair is gorgeous hair with one side tucked inside the ear. You can show off your earrings and make your Sims look more beautiful and fabulous. Most of the hairs are on the left side in front of the shoulder.

28. Dawn Hair

Dawn Hair

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Dawn’s hair is a great choice for your curly hair Sim. It features brown shade hairs with most of the hairs on the left side which give dimension to the hairs and the other half of the hair is left on the back.

29. Dore’s hair

Dore's hair

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One of the best parts used in this hairstyle is the hairband. Hairband gives a quite different look to your Sims and makes her look more beautiful. Dores Hair features open hair half hair on the front shoulders and half on the back with headband pull off the hair back.

30. Elizabeth Hair

Elizabeth Hair

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If your Sims is in a formal outfit then Elizabeth Hairstyle is best suited on your Sim. It features hair being pushed back from one ear to show off your earrings and the other half of the hairs are left open on the left shoulder.

31. Emma Hair

Emma Hair

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Emma’s hair is gorgeous with beautiful loose curls that are of medium size length and just go below the shoulder. More curls on the left side as compared to the right side. It features the hair in the way that a bit of your ear can be seen allowing you to add earrings.

32. Joanne Hair

Joanne Hair

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Joanne’s hair is one of the most unique and one of the best hairstyles on the list with no bangs. It features short hair above the shoulder with a nice amount of volume down at the bottom. The hairs are beautifully managed with the center part.

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