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36 Best Sims 4 ELF CC & Mods



Sims 4 Elf cc

Sims 4 elf cc is a hypothetical and mystical character. It has been seen in several different movies. Thus it is loved by many people. Sims 4 has kept its tradition; the tradition of targeting the vast gaming majority. In this case, the elf lovers.

Due to the vast fan following of elf, Sims 4 also has its mods. Elf is the mystical character. It has supernatural powers. It is of small size with pointed ears. It has a human form. Its ears are the thing that makes them unique.

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Their ears are pretty pointy and long. These long ears add to the cuteness of the character. Thus Sims has a mod for these pointed ears. The player can install this mod. Then he can enjoy the similar look of his loving character.

These ears can be long, small, and many other variants. Therefore in this article, we will discuss Sims elf ear mods. We will try to cover every ear mod for an elf in Sims. Thus this article will be pretty interesting for elf lovers.

Besides, these ears give a cute look to the player. Hence it is liked by everyone. They are for both males and females. Moreover, they are also available for young and old age characters as well. Hence stick to the article to absorb in this nostalgic article. Here the reader will find numerous elf ears mods.

1. Moon Eyes

Moon Eyes

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Moon Eyes mod is developed by Mort. This eye mod is pretty sick and unique. It has a moon-like appearance in this eye. Thus this mod is of white colors. It imparts the white color to the eye. Therefore vanishing the eyeball. If looked closely, it is not fully white. It has some marks on it like the moon. Therefore this eye mod looks pretty decent on the character.

2. Blood Elf Eyes

Blood Elf Eyes

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Blood Elf Eyes are one of the suited eyes with elf characters. It makes the character more similar to the elf. It has a green eye color. Further, these eye colors have two different shades. One has a clear eyeball. While others have a faint eyeball. Thus both looks give a unique feature to the character. Moreover, these green eyes match perfectly with the elf look of the character.

3. Black Phoenix Elven Suit

Black Phoenix Elven Suit

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This suit is a luxurious costume. It gives a luxurious look to the character. The costume consists of two pieces. One is top and the other is bottom. Both pieces have their variants. The top has 35 different colors. While the bottom has 22 different colors. The top consists of a long clock. It covers the back of the character. It goes all the way down to the feed. The front of the top just covers the chest of the character. The bottom is full-length trousers. It has a phoenix on it with golden embroidery. Hence the right color choice gives the perfect look to your character.

4. Elven Dogun Coat

Elven Dogun Coat

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The Elven Dogun Coat is one of the pieces of the Dogun set. It is a male-exclusive set. This is a pretty sleek coat. It covers the upper body of the character. It has 24 different colors. Hence choose the one which you love. The coat has a long shirt-like look. The collars have golden embroidery. A belt on the waist adds to the delicacy of the character. The color of the arms matches that of the belt. Hence it gives the perfect color balance to the coat.

5. Elven Dogun Pants

Elven Dogun Pants

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Elven Dogun Pants continues the beauty of the set. They are simple pants. The coat has a lot of designs and patterns. The pants are simple as compared to the coat. It has a double buckle belt. This is the distinguishing feature of the pants. The upper part of the pants has loose-fitting. The pants came in 24 different colors. Thus the player can choose according to the coat. Also according to his choice.

6. Erina Dress

Erina Dress

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Erina Dress is a long frock-like dress. It is the female exclusive dress. It is a single piece from top to bottom. It comes in 10 different colors. The dress has a unique leafy design on it. The branch of a leaf going all across the dress. From top to bottom. There have been two branches. On each side. It gives a unique look to this dress. The color of these branches is golden. Thus it suits all the colors of the dress.

7. Bosmer Eyes

Bosmer Eyes

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Bosmer Eyes are ghost-like eyes. They have different shades in them. There have been a total of three different colors of this eye. All of these have mixed shades. It lacks the conventional black color of the eyes. The white part is also mostly yellow. The eyeball of the multicolor. These multi colors are the unique feature of these eyes. This gives a spooky look to the character.

8. Marks of Wood Elf

Marks of Wood Elf

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It is a type of tattoo. Marks of Wood Elf is the character pattern of tattoos. These tattoos came in three different colors. These are not ordinary tattoos. It has a specific pattern all over the body. From face to feet, the whole body has marks. These designs are more intense on the face and arms. The remaining body has just long lines or two. This is the characteristic pattern of the wood elf. Thus tattoos have a woody look.

9. Marks of Night Elf

Marks of Night Elf

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Talking about tattoos, there has been more than one type of them. Marks of Night Elf is another type of tattoo. Unlike wood elf marks, they are only on the face. Moreover, it has a small marking on the face as well. There have been straight bolt signs on both eyes. These signs cross the eyes parallel to each other. Moreover, a crescent on the forehead gives it uniqueness. This tattoo mod has 15 colors. Moreover, they are HD compatible.

10. Marks of a High Elf

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High elf means the superior elf. It can be said that the king or leader is an elf. Therefore these tattoos have unique looks. The character with these tattoos gets the bossy look. This tattoo has 12 different colors. Some lines are on the forehead and the chin. Chin one is thick while the other is thin. Thus representing the special look to the character.

11. Snow Elf Skin

Snow Elf Skin

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It is the type of skin tone. This gives an elf-like look to the character. This skin tone is for all ages and gender. Male, female, toddler, everybody can have it. It has 6 different skin tone colors. The player can modify many things in this mod. Eyelids, nose, cheeks, facial texture, etc. Thus the player can add great detailing to his character. This can be done according to the choice of the player.

12. Dragon Age Elf Tattoos

Dragon Age Elf Tattoos

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These tattoos are also pretty unique. It has 10 different designs or mods. These tattoos are only for the face. Thus it can cover the face differently. In some mods, it covers the full face. While in some, it covers only sides and forehead. Thus all of this varies according to the mod. Therefore the design changes. This changes the look of the character accordingly.

13. Elf Set

Elf Set

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Elf Set covers a wide range of variety. It includes numerous things regarding elf. It includes elf ears, hair, eyes, dress, and various other things. There have been various mods for elf dress only. Thus the player can modulate his elf look as he likes. Due to the vast variety, the player gets many options for doing so. Select the best according to your choice. And play as an elf in Sims 4.

14. Elf Dress

Elf Dress

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This is the female exclusive elf dress. It has 4 different and unique colors. The design of the dress is the same in all colors. It is a long frock-like dress. It has a long tail. The front is pretty unique. The front side has laces on the chest. This exposes the chest of the character in a very different way. Below the chest, the dress has another gown-like pattern. Thus the character may seem to be wearing two dresses. But it is the design.

15. Snow Elf Eyes

Snow Elf Eyes

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Like snow elf skin, the eyes are also pretty unique. These eyes complete the skin tone facial look of the character. The white portion of the eye has a bit of a red lining. It looks like red veins in the eye. The boundary of the eyeball is black. The side portion is white again. Then there is a single black dot in the white eyeball. Hence giving the unique look to the eyes. Thus snow in the name is represented by the white portion in the eye.

16. Christmas Elf Pajamas

Christmas Elf Pajamas

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Christmas Elf Pajamas are the most widely used and loved pajamas. It is also famous for its Christmas outfits. It is of conventional green color. It also has a red marking on it. Due to its uniqueness, it comes only in 1 color. It is for everybody in the game. Male, female, toddlers, children, everybody can have it.

17. Toddler Elf Ears

Toddler Elf Ears

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Elf look is for everyone in the game. Thus this mod is for toddlers. This mod will give elf ears to the toddlers. Elf’s ears are pretty large and pointy. This mod will give pointy ears to the toddlers. The decency on the face of the child adds to the beauty of these ears. This mod is HD compatible. Hence enhancing the detailing of the ear on the toddler. Adding to the cuteness of the child.

18. Elf Ears & Earrings

Elf Ears & Earrings

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Elf ears are pretty unique in themselves. But adding to their beauty, there has been a mod of earrings as well. In this mod, the player can give earring to the elf’s ears. Thus giving the beautiful look to the character. This is a female exclusive mod. Hence, it will add the beauty of the female character. Earrings are round in shape. Moreover, small piercings are also worth loving.

19. Buddy The Elf Shirt

Buddy The Elf Shirt

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It is a male-exclusive shirt. It looks like a Christmas shirt. But a bit different. It has the same green color. But the color is white instead of red in the Christmas shirt. Moreover, there is a giant black belt on the waist. Belt has a similar giant yellow buckle. The Christmas shirt lacks all these features. There has been golden embroidery on the front of the shirt. These all things differentiate this shirt from the Christmas shirt. Hence give uniqueness to the Buddy the Elf Shirt.

20. Elven Castle

Elven Castle

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The Sims mods are not only limited to the charters. It also covers the whole environment and surroundings. The same goes in the Elven Castle mod. In this mod, the player can get a castle. This is a very beautiful and huge castle. The castle is whitish-blue. These unique colors add to the beauty of the castle. The green surrounding the castle is also mesmerizing. Numerous pointed roofs in the castle are also the distinguishing feature of this.

21. Elf Costume

There have been numerous elf costume mods available. These include costumes for everyone. Either male, female, or toddlers. There has been a dress for everyone. The Christmas elf set is the same for everyone. Moreover, there are plenty of male and female exclusive sets as well. These dresses have their uniqueness. Their design is different from others. The common thing in all is the green look of the costume. Otherwise, every elf costume is unique on its own.

22. Elven Princess Dress

Like the beautiful elven castle, the dress is also pretty beautiful. It is less glittery. Also comparatively simple. It comes in 6 different colors. All of these colors are the shade of blue. This may be because of the blue shade of the castle. The dress is in unicolor. The neck and elbows have some golden design on them. The same color strip is also present in the front. This is the unique thing about this dress.

23. Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn is the jungle warrior. His dressing is like the jungle man. The dress consists of a top and bottom. The top is not the complete shirt. It is some sort of half-shirt, exposing one shoulder and half chest. There has been a golden belt-like thing crosswise on the covering shoulder. A similar belt buckle is present on the waist. There have been a lot of golden things in this dress. The tattoos on the character are also unique. This dress comes in 17 different colors and shading. Hence choose one for your warrior accordingly.

24. Vine Belt

As the name indicates, it is made of a vine. Means vine branches. These branches are round around the waist of the character. These branches are in a specific mesh-like pattern. The same color of the hand band also comes with this mod. This vine belt gives the warrior-like look to the female character. Thus the right choice of dress can transform the look of the character with this belt.

25. Elven Circlet

Elven Circlet is the headband or forehead for the character. It can be used for both males and females. It is part of the elven theme. Thus it will be for the prince and princess of the castle. There have been numerous designs and patterns of this headband. It includes a simple and thin design. Also, include a thick and bulky design. Thus the player can choose each design according to his choice. Due to large options, he can customize both males and females accordingly.

26. Zelda

Zelda has been one of the trademarks of Nintendo. Hence it means that Sims has also focused on Nintendo’s players as well. Thus keeping its tradition alive of targeting a vast audience. The player can install the Zelda theme to customize the looks. He can change the look of the player like in Zelda. Therefore it will be a pretty sick mod for the Zelda lovers.

27. Tonian Ears

Tonian Ears are the mod of the elf ears. These are typical elf air. It means they are long and pointy. Moreover, Tonian Ears are comparatively thick and wide. It has a deep ear canal. Thus adding to the size of the ear. This wide size differentiates it from the conventional elf ears.

28. Primrose Hair

Primrose Hair mod is a beautiful hair mod. It is for the casual look of the hair. They have beautifully tied hair. They have flowers in them. They add to the beauty of this mood. There have been numerous knots in the hair as well. All hairs are towards the right shoulder of the character. This mod has s63 different colors to choose from. Moreover, the mod is hat compatible. The player can use 10 different hair colors in that mode.

29. Monster Teeth 5

Sims 4 has also targeted its horror-loving audience as well. Monster Teeth 5 is the mod for them. It is a pretty spooky and deadly teeth mod. It has 9 different tooth designs. These designs also vary in colors. Some are pretty long and sharp. Others are small and sharp. Some are bright red. Others are light red or simple white. Thus the player can alter them according to his favorite look.

30. Thranduil Hair

Thranduil Hair is a pretty simple and normal hair mod. It has long and sleek hair. These hairs have no knot or any other kind of design. This simple hair comes in 16 different colors though. The design is simple. Some hairs are coming from both shoulders. The remaining area on the backside of the character. This simplicity is the uniqueness of this mod.

31. Dark Elf Basic Set

Dark Elf Basic Set is the household set. This set includes four dining chairs and a table, one large chair, one small bed, and one large bed. All of these items are made up of pure wood. The tree sticks and branches can be seen on every item. The bed is made of the fur of some animal. The base of the small bed is tied up by the large branches. This woody look is the uniqueness of this set.

32. Sad Elf Ears Set

Sad Elf Ears are relatively small in size. They are similarly pointy. The unique feature is the downward bend of the ears. The droopiness gives the sad look to the elf. When someone is sad, he looks a bit droopy. This reflection can be seen in this ear mod as well. It is unsexual. Hence can be equipped by both male and female characters.

33. Honey Bee Hair

These are two different mods of hair. One is bee hair and the other is honey hair. Bee hair is relatively short and curly. It comes in 75 different colors. All of these colors are brown-shaded. Thus relatively darer. The honey hair is relatively larger as compared to bee hair. They are similarly curly. They are reaching up to the shoulder of the character. It also has 75 colors. But these colors are bright and vibrant. The player can choose any mode according to the look of her character.

34. Ear Presets and Tattoo

This mode is pretty unique. First of all its ear look. The ears are small but are pointy. They are small but a bit erected. Hence despite their small size, they have an elf-like appearance. Moreover, the tattoos in this mod. The tattoos are pretty sick and sexy, they are all over the body. Especially covering the breast of the character. As this mod includes a naked girl, it is 18+.

35. Autumn Rhapsody

It is a jewelry set. It concludes with one headband or crown and one necklace. It also includes earrings. There are a total of three pieces of jewelry in this set. The player can modify this set according to his choice. There have been 2 variants from this set for now. One is black and the other is golden. Both sets can be worn with a large variety of dresses. They have a unique style that can suit almost every dress.

36. Maari Set

This is also a piece of jewelry. Like the Autumn Rhapsody set, it also has three pieces. But this set includes diamonds in it. These are small diamonds. But they enhance the beauty of the set. Moreover, this set has a more queen-like appearance. Hence it will be suited with the luxury dresses and costumes.

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