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24 Best Sims 4 Food, Cooking & Recipe Mods

The Sims 4 is an ideal game that can pass your time easily. This is common that there is something new to look at each time you play the game. It doesn’t matter if the game is coming from EA or the Custom Content community. If you know about the Eco Lifestyle and can hardly wait for the upcoming releases, then there is nothing left to do.

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Here are the Sims 4 Custom Foods

1. The Grocery Store Mod

The Grocery Store Mod

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Your Sims should take care of their storeroom and fill the fridge with ingredients that will open up the culinary possibilities. In past versions of The Sims, you were enabled to visit the grocery store and similar venues.

Now The Sims 4 is somewhat extraordinary around there, it anticipates that you should either develop food yourself or discover it out in the open world. With this outstanding mod from SmagGeorge, you’ll simulate the cooking experience more realistically by actually going to the store to get all you need for a decent meal.

2. More Serving Options and Better Meal Menus

More Serving Options and Better Meal Menus

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When you have done with your ingredients then it will be time to call the family and to serve them a warm delicious meal that will give you some positive buffs. It can be annoying to cook every single male and a lot of times the default serving size is not enough. In this mod, this issue is fixed. You can choose how many meals you have to cook. This mod was produced by LittleMsSam.

3. Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks

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There is not enough variety of drinks in The Sims 4. This should be improved and there should be enough drinks that will keep your sim active throughout the day. This mod was created by LittleMsSam.

Now healthy drinks are available at every venue where drinks are served. There are drinks like Carrot Juice, Spinach Juice, Lemon Juice, etc. Some drinks will give your Sims a positive health-related buff.

4. Edible Junk Food

sims 4 Edible Junk Food

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The Sims are living the same life as humans do you and there are so limited choices for them. Our Sims have not tried healthy drinks in weeks. To expand the variety of snacks and drinks there are CC creators around the game who gave us the iconic pack of snacks. The snacks include Oreo, many flavors of potato chips (Pringles), and Nutella.

5. Assorted Cook Books

Assorted Cook Books

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You can make plenty of dishes and can save a lot of time. This mod was created by LittleMsSam. You can make dishes nearly in 60 minutes (In-game time), it is the best way to keep your sim healthy by making fresh meals with the help of recipes.

6. Custom Food Interaction

Custom Food Interaction

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After installing this mod you will see the Custom Food option anywhere you have regular food interactions. This is one of the most important mods which is related to food. You can cook custom food and you can feed your toddler and also you can make vampire-friendly food.

7. Custom Drink Interaction

Custom Drink Interaction

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This mod is also known as IceMunMun’s custom drink interactions. In this mod. Your sim can get a little flavor in the cup. It can be some cocoa along with marshmallow or Apricot Bellini. This mod is now maintained by other groups.

8. Food Delivery Service

Food Delivery Service

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This mod was created by LittleMsSam. Just like humans if they are tired they simply order food from restaurants. Just like humans, your sim can also order food from different restaurants. Lekin orders food for a single person or a whole family and it will cost them only 25 Simoleons.

9. Granny’s Book

sims 4 Granny's Book

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This mod was created by Littlebowbub. It is an easy-to-use mod, this mod cookbook is there and you can place it wherever you want. You can easily use this and can make several recipes, that include Soup, Chicken, Beef Patty, etc. All you have to do is just select a recipe and your sim will do all the work for you.

10. Drinkable Hot Drinks

sims 4 Drinkable Hot Drinks

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Smart was created by AroundTheSims. This mod is all about visual improvements. The hot drinks only e decorations but the creator made them functional beverages. In this pack, there are so many drinks with elegant and unique looks that can keep you warm. There are also drinks like Japanese tea etc.

11. Drinkable Alcoholic Drinks

Drinkable Alcoholic Drinks

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This mod was also created by AroundThe Sims. This mod shows the better realities of the consumption of alcohol even in the 21st century. Every single drink can you put a different effect on your sim so it will be fun to try them all and see what happens. This mod includes several bartenders and staples too.

12. McDonald’s Custom Food and Drinks

sims 4 McDonald's Custom Food and Drinks

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This mod was created by AroundTheSims. There is so much that you can experience only in a single sitting by ordering food from McDonald’s. You can also make your own McDonald’s as this pack contains so many themed furniture and appliances.

13. Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink

Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink

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We know that there are a lot of people who are too lazy that they cannot make their food. In this mod which is created by LittleMsSam, you can ask others to take care of yourself, but you should keep in mind that the Simpsons don’t know how to cook until they read the recipe.

14. Don’t wash dishes where you angry poop

Don't wash dishes where you angry poop

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This is a fun fact that by the artificial intelligence of the Sims 4, it can not differentiate between the sinks of the bathroom and the kitchen. In this mod, you can tell your sim which sink should be used for washing dishes.

15. Don’t prep food where you angry poop

Don't prep food where you angry poop

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It is similar to the previous mod. In this mod, you can manually tell your sim to set cooking safe stoves in services in the house. This mod is simple but it is one of the most useful and important mods. This should be fixed in the base game by EA.

16. AsteriaSims’ Food Texture Overhaul

AsteriaSims' Food Texture Overhaul

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This is one of the most important mods for your Sims 4 game. In This mod, they have enhanced the aesthetics and the texture of the food in the game. The roasted Chicken is one of the most realistic dishes in this mod. This mod can really enhance your gaming experience.

17. UtopiaSims’ Food Texture

UtopiaSims' Food Texture

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This is another mod that enhances the texture and the looks of your food in the game. By using this mod your food it will be more Colourful, Delicious looking, and warm. You should definitely try these mods for your Sims 4 game because it adds some realistic graphics for your food.

18. GrayCurse’s Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul

GrayCurse's Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul

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This mod was created and launched by GrayCurse. It makes your cooking even more complex. You can get things like Eggs, Sugar, Milk, and cheese, etc. If you are looking for a robust culinary addition to your gameplay, then this mod is really for you. You can buy from the fridge so you do not need to worry about the hunger of your sim.

19. Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul

Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul

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This mod is created by Srsly and it actually changes the recipes which makes them more complex and difficult to cook. Just like the life of the human there you usually can not find the ingredients for your recipe, the Sims will face exactly the same issue. The creator allows ordering from the food delivery service which is one of the biggest parts of this overhaul. The ingredients will be delivered in a package.

20. Cooking Skill and Recipe List

Indus pack you can actually practice your cooking skills. You have to start your cooking once and then it will automatically go for level 1 of the cooking skills.

Your sim can actually e learn the cooking skill by using the Fridge, Outdoor Grill, and Cupcakes Machine, etc. As the level and skills of your sim increase, you will notice New recipes and tricks Will be unlocked for you.

21. Cultural Cook Recipes and Experimental Cook Recipes

This mod was created by LittleMsSam. Area living is required for cultural cook recipes. You can buy this book for $50. You have to read this book, buy the red book interaction and after 60 minutes your sim will have learned all the delicious cultural cooker recipes. For experimental cook recipes dine out is required. You can also buy this book for $50. After 90 minutes your sims will have learned all the experimental cook recipes.

22. Deserts Are Baking Recipes

This mod requires the game version 1.13. It is a third cooking skill that has been added to the game. The recipes of the desserts such as cake were not updated so the test mod will solve this problem for you and also fixes the baking skills and Culinary career.

23. Louisiana Style Recipes 2

The creator made this mod because the princess and the frog is one of the most favorite Disney movies of the creator, and it was created on a request.

It is available from a custom food menu and is compatible with dining out. There is Cornbread with a price tag of $10 for a single serving and $37 for party size. The pets can also interact with them and can also eat.

24. Pumpkin Recipes – Soup and Roll

In this mod, 2 custom cook recipes are added to the game to enhance the gameplay of The Sims 4. These two custom cook recipes are Pumpkin Roll and Pumpkin Soup. You will need a cooking skill of level 3 for Pumpkin Soup and level 5 for Pumpkin Roll.

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