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52 Best Sims 4 House Mods & Pretty Realistic



sims 4 house mods

Sims has many different mods like sims 4 house mods that have inspired many players. All these mods are pretty realistic and the player feels as if they are facing the challenges of real life. Everyone has some dreams which they cannot fulfill in real life but they have the opportunity to fulfill them in the Sims 4 video game.

You can create your own Sims, customize it and complete different challenges. Sims 4 House mod is one of the best mods and quite realistic. Everyone in real life has a home that they decorate and live in. Similarly, in Sims 4 you can purchase a small home and start a family.

When you make the progress you can then buy a beautiful house for your Sim. Either buy the house or just spend the vacation. Each house collection in Sims 4 is beautiful with breathtaking surroundings. Some of the best Sims 4 house mods are mentioned below.

1. The Grotto Park

The Grotto Park

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First entry is not home but the park. It’s a beautiful park with two different pools that is ideal for taking swimming classes. The upper pool is better for fishing and relaxing than the bottom one.

2. Martha


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Martha is a pretty and unique home that is surely going to be loved by everyone. The architecture of the house is just amazing. The decoration style is pretty electric with lots of bold colors and plants.

3. Club Vegas

Club Vegas

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As the name suggests Club Vegas is one of the largest and most beautiful night bars. The bar features bold red and black colors highlighted by a plethora of neon lights. Inside there are plenty of rooms to drink and chill.

4. Apocalypse – In Ruins

Apocalypse – In Ruins

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This is ideal for vampires as the architecture is full of vampire style. The house features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the other entire item that is essential for a small household to live comfortably.

5. Riverways


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It is a compact house for the Sims who have lots of free time to roam around. The house features a dark wood veneer wrapping up the top floor, plentiful greenery, appealing furniture, and much more.

6. Bar Tanara

Bar Tanara

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It is an elegant café in a modern luxurious style. It has a beautiful sitting arrangement outside for couples. The grand flower garden serves as the centerpiece of the café. In case of a rainy day, you can have an indoor reservation with a beautiful interior.

7. Gunnel


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Gunnel is a small and compact house for a small family. While the outside of the house is not extraordinary, it does look spotless and well-designed. The house also features a garage where you can park your car.

8. Villa Satayina

Villa Satayina

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Villa Satayina is the largest villa and every Sims desires to have it. It’s a shady millionaire dynasty. This villa is best for flaunting their wealth around. The massive pool is highlighted and the interior decoration is quite appealing.

9. Cynthia – Small Home

Cynthia – Small Home

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It is a little eco-friendly house with some modern Asian influence. The house features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small pool. Small families should live in.

10. Little Aegean Church

Little Aegean Church

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The church is built on a hill overlooking the ocean. The church features bright white and blue paint with an image of the Virgin Mary hung over the door and foreshadows the inside.

11. Stacked Containers

Stacked Containers

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Stacked container houses are made up of containers of different colors. The house features a vegetable garden, swings for children, a recycle bin, and even a solar panel on the roof.

12. French Townhome

French Townhome

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This home looks like it is magically transported from Paris because the architecture of the house is elegant and appealing with the breathtaking surroundings. Each room inside the house has a unique style.

13. Knitted Cottage

Knitted Cottage

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One of the most unique and beautiful cottages for small families or couples. Flowers grow up the walls of this cottage that is best for medium-sized families with a thirst for peace.

14. Tropico Moderno

Tropico Moderno

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It is a modern and unique Bungalow. The house features straight lines, square shapes, and lots of ventilation to let the sun reach deep into the house. The open-air terrace adds beauty to the house.

15. Sushi Restaurant 2

Sushi Restaurant 2

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Most people have a great love for Sushi. The sushi restaurant is made in Japanese fashion. The interior of the restaurant is mostly covered with woods from the floor to tables and seats.

16. Farm House Reinvented

Farm House Reinvented

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The farmhouse is manufactured on the hilltop with beautiful scenery. The farmhouse features a massive master suite, two large secondary bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice big pool, and a huge kitchen.

17. Waterpark


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Waterpark is one of the best places to spend summers with your family. The waterpark offers several water slides for children, teenagers, and adults to have fun in the water.

18. Stylish Sophistication

Stylish Sophistication

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As the name suggests this is one of the most stylish houses; everything within the house is stylish and appealing. The sizable pool outside the house is the dwelling’s centerpiece, but it remains stylish throughout the interior as well.

19. Urban Minimalist 2

Urban Minimalist 2

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It is the beautiful modern home best for small to medium-sized households. The house features a much straight line and a minimal décor style. The ventilation of the house allows the sun to enter the house.

20. Summer feelings

Summer feelings

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If you have tons of money and you don’t know where to spend then buying this house is worth spending. It is a big house with decadent landscaping. The most appealing feature is the massive pool that flows into a multi-tiered waterfall.

21. Bauhaus


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Bauhaus is a compact double-story house. The house features two bedrooms, a lot of greenery surrounds the house, bold, and creative but far from eccentric. Inside exposed concrete and other raw textures give every room an aesthetic look.

22. Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

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As the name suggests the house gives the feel of autumn with warm drinks, comfortable sofas, and three bedrooms. The furniture of the house is just appealing and breathtaking. The bedroom features a lot of décor style.

23. Paradise Wedding Venue

Paradise Wedding Venue

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If you have a desire to get married on a beach then you can fulfill it in Sims 4. The paradise wedding venue features unique furniture. Enough chairs to sit a small gathering of friends and family to watch your Sims getting married.

24. Greenhouse Café

Greenhouse Café

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Greenhouse café is popular because of its greenery. The garden of the café features different species of flowers creating a real festival of colors that serve as a centerpiece. The main entrance of the café is followed by a brick road.

25. Luxurious Abode

Luxurious Abode

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It is a large luxurious house with a white fence and enough rooms to fit your entire family, your office, and your big pool. Every room in this house has its décor style and there’s even an office in which you can do your work.

26. The Witch’s Hut

The Witch’s Hut

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It is a beautiful small hut with beautiful flowers and greenery surrounding the house. The house features many pumpkins outside, an entire patch, and even a bubbling cauldron. Inside the house, you will find everything that the witch needs.

27. Pet Park

Pet Park

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Every Sims in the game has at least one pet. In Sims 4 you can take your pet to the park and have fun with them. The park is beautiful with a fountain and some tables where you can sit and watch your pets playing.

28. Fun Park

Fun Park

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If your Sims has children then Fun Park is the best place to have fun with your family. The fun park has many attractions and activities. It is very hard to count them all. There is a place for everyone in the park whether they are toddlers, teenagers, or adults.

29. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

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Blue lagoon is the modern seaside house and the design of the house is a dwelling. The house features plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a terrace, a large pool, and much more. Each room inside the house has its design and style.

30. Manor House 3

Manor House 3

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This house will surely please every Sims in the game. It is a standard house with beautiful architecture and it is painted in discrete colors. The interior of the house is beautifully designed and decorated with each room different from the other.

31. Mondrian I

Mondrian I

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This house has beautiful architecture with plenty of outdoor and indoor greenery. The home features tasteful furniture, impressive décor, two bedrooms, bathrooms, a home theater, and much more.

32. Beach Paradise

Beach Paradise

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Beautiful dwelling house along the seaside. The house features a lot of unique elements, plenty of open space, the house itself seems connected to nature, and a beautiful terrace to watch the sunset.

33. Mini Beach Bungalow

Mini Beach Bungalow

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As the name suggests it is the mini bungalow alongside the beach. The interior of the house is impressive with intense cyan and turquoise colors. It is one of the most modern designs you will find on the list.

34. Small English Cottage

Small English Cottage

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English cottage is the adorable little house that looks like the setting for a bedtime fairy tale. It looks very small but you will find everything you need inside the house such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and other essentials.

35. Olympus & Underworld

Olympus & Underworld

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The construction of Olympus and the underworld is inspired by Greek myth. The interior of this is impressive and breathtaking. It is quite large and with dark and cool depths.

36. Korean Home

Korean Home

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The Korean house features large bedrooms, three bathrooms, and several common areas. This house is best for large families to live in. The house looks colorful and eye-catching during the day and looks best at night.

37. Korean Designer Abode

Korean Designer Abode

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The inside of the house is decorated with wooden surfaces with a mostly black and white palette for an elegant look. The outside of the house has a breathtaking view with beautiful plants and flowers.

38. Modern Zen

Modern Zen

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As the name suggests this is one of the most modern and stylish houses on the list with a lot of features. Inside the house, light beige and white serve as the backdrop for simple and tasteful decoration in rich dark colors.

39. Freelancer’s Modern Home

Freelancer’s Modern Home

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Another impressive and most dwelling home on the list. The house features a kitchen, living room, working area, and bedroom all occupying the same space. Outside of the house has a beautiful sitting arrangement.

40. Coconut 3

Coconut 3

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The house is named coconut 3 because of the large coconut trees around. The house is made with heavy use of glass panel walls to let in sunlight but everything is painted with light-reflecting colors like beige and cream.

41. Modern Lake Abode 2.0

Modern Lake Abode 2.0

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The house is usually constructed with glass. Glass is used to let the sunlight through and give Sims a privileged view of the almost garden outside. Inside of the house usually, dark brown and black color is used for decoration.

42. Sakuya


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One of the most lavish houses on the list. The use of black colors and dark wood make it more stylish and appealing. The gorgeous garden outside the house is breathtaking. In general, the indoor decoration is nice and elegant.

43. Seattle Grace Hospital

Seattle Grace Hospital

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Seattle Grace Hospital is just breathtaking. The hospital features all medical equipment a hospital needs, wards for patients, and common areas like a lobby. There are different rooms for patients, operating rooms for major surgery, and others.

44. Bisham Manor

Bisham Manor

This house is also known as a hill house. It is a gorgeous house just like you have seen in many movies and series. The house features a hidden floor. It is ideal for a Sims-like vampire. It has five large bedrooms to fit the vampire army.

45. Aura Modern

Aura Modern

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The house is best described as stylish and luxurious. The house features three double bedrooms, three bathrooms, several dining areas, a private bar, and even a dance floor. The interior of the house is black, white, or grey.

46. Old French Village

Old French Village

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Old French Village contains several different buildings that seem stacked near one another in a very organized manner. These include many different areas like café, bar, and even a pub. Your Sims will feel as if it is living in a Disney movie.

47. Dalaran – The Floating City

Dalaran – The Floating City

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This city features everything you see in the game. This includes the main city area, the rogue, the class halls, malls, café, bars, and a couple of other things that make this city more dwellings.

48. Kindergarten


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kindergarten is the most lively and colorful place for kids to enjoy and have fun. The kindergarten features many toys and park equipment like sandboxes, seesaws, and lush green grass with beautiful flowers.

49. Sulani Wedding Venue

Sulani Wedding Venue

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Sulani wedding venue is a beautiful natural bridge formation that looks magical. Everything in the venue is just breathtaking and amazing. The beautiful pink and brown combination in decoration makes everything appealing.

50. Hope Arts Center

Hope Arts Center

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It is a great place to take your first date. The place features a film screening, stages for band performance, and even a little café to feed your hunger.

51. The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack

You Sims can decorate the house with holiday-themed décor, formal, or fun attire and celebrate with festive objects. Your Sims can wear the perfect outfit for the festivity. The pack includes many fun items that you can use.

52. The Sims 4 Get To Work

It adds a different dimension to the game. Your Sims can have three new career paths they can choose from and get to work. The more you progress the more you get to do.

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