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17 Best Sims 4 Kimono CC For Women & Men



sims 4 kimono cc

Sims has never stopped surprising its fans. Targeting its huge audience with great efficiency. The Sims 4 Kimono CC mod is specifically for the Japanese. Japan is one of the greatest markets of gaming. Furthermore, the Japanese are the best in everything. Thus every developer will try to attract the Japanese market.

Kimono is the national dress of Japan. Kimono is a Japanese word. Its meaning is “to wear a thing”. Hence it represents the dressing of the Japanese. It is made of tonomono clothing. It is a clock-shaped dress. It has special stitching. The sleeves are very large and open. There is a belt on the waist as well.

This dress is the trademark of Japanese people. They wore it on every special occasion. On marriage or at any party. Thus this dress has great importance in the life of Japanese people.

Hence the main purpose of this mod is to attract Japanese traffic to the game. Kimono mods include various Japanese-themed things. It includes footwear, headwear, dress, and many more.

Therefore this article is going to be Japanese culture-related. In this, the reader will find the various kimono mods for Sims 4. This article will focus on the kimono dresses majorly. Hence stick to the article. Unleash your curious beast and get to know about the kimono more in Sims 4.

1. Mariposa Kimono Blouse

Mariposa Kimono Blouse

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A Mariposa Kimono Blouse is a type of kimono dress. It is a unique dress. It can be worn on both party and casual days. It is a short upper body blouse. Covering the thighs. It has unique butterfly colors. The mods come in three different combinations of colors. Thus this dress has three colors in Sims 4. Moreover, the loose look of the dress adds to the feature of the dress.

2. SimmieV SaH Kimono Blouse for Men


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This kimono dress is themed according to the pandemic. The ongoing pandemic has startled everybody. SAH in the costume means to stay at home. Thus this mod means to just relax at home. The blouse is also developed accordingly. It is a loose blouse for men only. It has embroidery of the dragon on the back. This embroidery varies into 7 designs. Moreover, the sleeves and arms also have golden designs. The front open design adds to the comfy look of the blouse.

3. Kimono Jacket Set 1 & 2

Kimono Jacket Set 1 & 2

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This jacket is also male-exclusive. This jacket is also pretty comfy. It comes in 10 different colors. It is not like the traditional western jacket. It has a coat-like look. With a ribbon to tie between. It gives a bit of a bathrobe look. But it has its uniqueness. Half sleeves design adds to the comfiness of the jacket.

4. Izanami Kimono Cardigans

Izanami Kimono Cardigans

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Izanami Kimono Cardigans are the mod for the female exclusive top. It is a pretty decent top. It can be used in everyday work. It is not party wear. Hence lack many vibrant colors. But still, this top is pretty colorful. This is due to the flowery pattern on the shirts. These flowers have numerous colors. The mod has 4 different colors. These are based on the colors and designs of the flowers. Hence choose the top which suits you best for your look. It is from the open. Therefore suitable for everyday use.

5. Sakura Kimono Jacket

Sakura Kimono Jacket

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This jacket is more like a bathrobe. Its design is complete like that of the bathrobe. It has a similar towel-like look. Large knot on the waist. Lining on the collars. But still, this mod is unique. This is because of its colors. Its colors are very unique. They give a proper Japanese look to this top. The mod has 5 plain colors. It also has 5 additional Japanese colors. Hence the player gets 10 colors to choose from. Modify your look as you like.

6. Khalifa Kimono Top

Khalifa Kimono Top

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This beautiful top is versatile. It can be worn at parties as well as casual wear. It has a deep V neck. This neck reaches below the chest of the player. The top is female exclusive. There is an elastic belt at the point of intersection of V. this upper portion is of two different colors. The right side of the dress has a different color from the whole dress. This double color gives a unique feature to this dress. This top has 4 different swatches. Hence choose the one you love.

7. Japanese Retro Student Costume

Japanese Retro Student Costume

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This is the male-exclusive costume. Most Japanese tops have a robe in front of it. This costume is no different from the rest. The student costume consists of two pieces. One is top and the other is bottom. The top has a conventional Japanese top with a V shape. The bottom is a bit unique. It is a long skirt-type bottom. It also has a lot of turns which gives a wrinkly texture to the bottom. This costume comes in 6 different colors. Both top and bottom have different colors.

8. Wano Robe

Wano Robe

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The robe consists of two pieces. One is a long robe covering the whole body. The second is the upper or jacket-like clothing. Both these pieces have different colors. The long costume has a belt on its waist. It is a pretty wide belt. The jacket is a bit short. It reaches up to the thighs of the player. This style is the unique feature of this costume. This robe comes in 12 different colors. So the player gets a lot of options to choose from.

9. JomSims Creations: Kimio Kimono

JomSims Creations: Kimio Kimono

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Kimio is another type of kimono. It is developed by JomSims. The dress in this category is pretty dope. It is a female exclusive outfit. It is also a type of robe. It is a long single-piece dress. It also has a wide belt on its waist. There has been a painting of the dragon on the outfit. This is the unique feature of this dress. Moreover, if two same color dresses are looked at by combining, the complete dragon is formed. It means that there is a complete image of a dragon on the dress. It comes in 5 different designs. Each design has a different dragon on it. Thus increase the uniqueness of this dress.

10. Dress Inspiration Kimono

Dress Inspiration Kimono

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It is another type of kimono. It has three colors. Red-orange and yellow. These are not simple dresses. They have magnificent embroidery on them. Dress 1 and 2 are pretty tight. Their design is fit. This dress is the robe dress. Starting from the chest and going all the way to the feet. Hence it gives a party look. Unlike the first two, the third design is different. It has a bell-bottom design. It gives a loose look to the dress. This differentiates it from the rest of the two. Hence choose the color and design you like.

11. Japanese Kimono Maid Dress

Japanese Kimono Maid Dress

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Japanese maid dress is also unique. They got special dress for every work profession. The maid dress is pretty neat and decent. It has a white apron-like look from the front. It is a frock with an apron. The dress can vary under the apron. But the apron is the thing which makes this dress unique. This apron design is the identity of this dress. It has a bell-bottom with loose broad sleeves. This adding to the distinctive feature of this dress.

12. Japanese Kimono

Japanese Kimono

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Kimono is the traditional dress of the Japanese. In Sims 4, various developers have designed its mods. This is because of their love for this dress. It is pretty unique. This is because of the color combination of this dress. There has been a wide range of kimono dresses in Sims 4. So the player can select according to his look. These dresses are for both males and females.

13. Snowy Escapes Yukata

Snowy Escapes Yukata

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This unique dress is developed by Amarise. It is a traditional Japanese housewife dress Japanese. It is a similar single-piece rob set with a wide belt. The unique feature is its belt. Its belts have a giant knot at the back. The look of the whole dress is robe-like. It can be worn as casual as well as party wear.

14. Sakura Formal Kimono

Another masterpiece by SimmieV. It is a 2 piece male-exclusive set. This costume also has a robe and jacket. This jacket is pretty long. Reaching the knees of the character. The robe is pretty unique. It has a Y-shaped knot on the waist. It has 8 different colors. These colors are according to the design and color of the robe and jacket. Hence choose to design according to your look.

15. Sakura Kimono

It is the non-formal variant of the same dress. It is also male-exclusive. Developed by the same developer. This costume lacks an upper jacket. Moreover, the robe is also simple but beautiful. The same color of collar lining and belt is the unique feature of it. This differentiates it from the rest of the dresses. It has a total of 8 swatches. It includes the color and design of the dress.

16. Shohono Kimono

This costume adds to the kimono collection of the Sims 4. This mod is developed by JomSims Creations. This dress is very colorful. It is the female exclusive costume. There have been golden embroidery on every border of the dress. The belt of the dress also has similar embroidery. It has 3 variants. All of these variants are according to color and design. Thus these options are more than enough. Hence the player can choose his/her looks accordingly.

17. January catalog

There are not many kimono dresses in this catalog. But this catalog got a lot more new dresses. It also includes jewelry items. New earrings, necklaces, etc. Therefore the player can choose his/her to look accordingly. Most clothing in this catalog is party wear. Plain colors but bold designs. These add to the diversity of this catalog.

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