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21 Best Sims 4 Lips Presets CC & Mods



sims 4 lip mods

In Sims 4 you want your Sims to look the best and no one wants their Sims to look ugly. In Sims 4 so much facial modifying exists. Sims 4 lips cc is one of the best games that allow you to experience the real-life that you always dream of.

Many different modes are present in Sims 4. One of the mods is the lip preset mod in which you can preset or modify your lips in some other shape that you like.

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Simmers spend quite a lot of time over little details of their Sims face. Most people are very beauty conscious and they also want their Sims to look perfect. They spend their time modifying their Sims’ eyes, face, and most importantly lips. Many different options are given in CC to preset lips. Some of the Sims 4 lip present shapes are mentioned below.

1. Pouty lip slider

Pouty lip slider

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If you want your Sims to look sexy and attract others then a pouty lip slider is best suited for you. Sliders are a little more in-depth than the presets. Your Sims will go through plastic surgery and then result in pouty lips.

2. Three lips present

Three lips present

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If your Sims has thinner lips then three different options are available for you. Each of them varies in the thickness of the upper or bottom lips and the corner of the mouth varies slightly too.

3. Red Wine Lip Presets

Red Wine Lip Presets

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This preset makes your lip look very sharp and gives This also comes in three different options you can select any of them for your Sim. Three even rounded options you can select any for your Sim.

4. Pemoline lip preset

Pemoline lip preset

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This is one of the worst lip presets; it makes your Sims look runaway ready. This preset gives a very proud effect. This preset features your lips corner way too back and trying to balance moving your lips forward.

5. Natural Lip present

Natural Lip present

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Natural lip preset is one of the best presets and it looks quite natural on all Sims. This preset will give you the right amount of confidence and your Sims will look beautiful with this preset. Both male and female Sims can have this preset.

6. Summer Equinox Lip preset

Summer Equinox Lip preset

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In this mod, there are twelve presets in total with different sizes. Each of them is best and very attractive. 123 colors are available you must find the one that is best suited for your Sim.

7. Redefined rat Lips

Redefined rat Lips

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If you consider a lot of choices when it comes to lip preset such as color, size, and shape then redefined rat lips are the best choice. These lips look quite natural on any Sim.

8. Mouth Scale Slider

Mouth Scale Slider

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Before you preset your lips, you have to first consider your face size. This slider comes in three different varieties the first one will slide -100% and this slider makes your cheekbones more prominent. The second slider slides % and it gives you a quite natural look. The third slider slides +100% making your lips move forward.

9. Mwah Lip preset

Mwah Lip preset

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These presets give to 10 unique shapes that you can select your Sim. This preset features the upper lip with quite a defined look while the bottom lip is more rounded making your lips cuter.

10. Lip-kit


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This preset comes in three different styles and shapes. Not only three presets but shape overlays and mouth corners as well. The three presets are quite different from each other.

12. Natural kiss Lipstick

Natural kiss Lipstick

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This mod is one of the best mods in Sims 4 and is loved by many players. Because in this mod, different lipsticks are available. You can choose any of them for your Sims to make them look more attractive.

13. Lip Preset Pack

Lip Preset Pack

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The lip preset pack contains all the perfect lip types that everyone wants for their Sim. You can also select the best-suited lip from this pack for your Sims and make them more beautiful.

14. Cleft Lip pack

Cleft Lip pack

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Cleft Lip pack is one of the worst presets in Sims 4 and I don’t think someone wants to lift only a part of their lips. This cleft pack is available for your Sims of all ages.

15. 7 Lip preset

7 Lip preset

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7 lip preset presents 7 different shapes and you can choose the perfect one for your Sim. This lip preset is available for round shape faces, square jaws, and those with thin cheeks. This lip pack is available for females of all ages.

16. Lip preset 5

Lip preset 5

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Lip preset 5 presents big lips and most of the girls go for surgery just to have big lips. In Sims 4 you can create a distinctly bold look for your Sims by using lip preset 5.

17. Asymmetrical Lips

Asymmetrical Lips

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Three preset lips styles are available one is tilted, the other one is pointed, and the third one is pushing the lips forward. Each of them is having beautiful lipstick. You can choose any style that can fit with your Sims face.

18. Dry Lips

Dry Lips

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Dry lips are one of the perfect lips on the list they like quite natural. Because in real life most of us have dry lips. Not everyone has nice, soft, and pointed lips so if you want to give your Sims a natural look then this preset is the best choice.

19. Bigger Mouth preset

Bigger Mouth preset

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With this preset, almost all the Sims look stunning and charming. This preset is one of the perfect presets. They are beautifully lush and plum lips, your Sims will look more gorgeous with this preset.

20. Realistic Lips

Realistic Lips

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Everyone wants their lips to look realistic. CC presents have made these thirty natural, realistic tones for Sims of all ages. The amount of variation is admirable. The shade of lips ranges from muted pink to darker brown.

21. Mouth Preset 5

Mouth Preset 5

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Boys also deserve the best lips. Mouth preset 5 is for males to customize their lips. The lips look quiet and natural and will make your Sims look more handsome than before.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More