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24 Best Sims 4 Maid Outfit CC & Mods



Sims 4 Maid Outfit

Tired of the default outfits in Sims 4? Good news, we’re just about to bombard you with a wide collection of sims 4 maid outfit CCs. Some of these outfits are peculiarly serious in nature.
There’s a lot of traditional cutwork involved alongside some common cleaning tools. On the other hand, there are some very provocative options on the list. These maid uniforms will be well received by those who focus on story-making while playing Sims.

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Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a strict or exaggerated version of a maid in Sims. That’s because there are multiple options for each kind. For the sake of customization, there are also shade variations. So, you can make the most and build some of the most well-rounded characters. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Sims 4 outfit cc

1. 3 Historical English Maids Uniforms

3 Historical English Maids Uniforms

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These are slightly more conservative in nature. So, these maid outfits would go pretty well with a setup involving catholic or precisely English maids from the past. The outfit is much longer than the average length and the fabric is closed up near the neck. One can even assume that these outfits go pretty well with the Victorian era due to their classical appearance.

2. Unconventional Maid Outfit By Flovv

Unconventional Maid Outfit By Flovv

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The style for this outfit is slightly more over the top. Furthermore, it’s very different and a little more provocative for a few people’s tastes. This unconventional maid outfit almost imitates an LBD. It’s quite shorter in length as compared to a regular nurse’s outfit. The inclusion of a deeper neckline makes it appropriate for a modern scenario.

3. Japanese Style Maid Short Skirt Version

Japanese Style Maid Short Skirt Version

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Whether it’s the black boots or an over-the-top blouse, this Japanese-style maid outfit is very peculiar. It’s an overall skirt whose length usually reaches the knees. At the top, there’s a black blouse that has strings attached for adjustment. This outfit will go very well with scenes surrounding a modern Japanese housekeeper.

4. Traditional Japanese Style Maid Uniform

Traditional Japanese Style Maid Uniform

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As the name indicates this maid outfit for Sims 4 is slightly more stereotypical. It’s a bit more mellow and picture-perfect. Grace oozes from these traditional outfits. Hence, they’re perfect for circumstances where an adorable Sims is involved in house care.

5. Brilliant Kawaii Maid Dress In Custom Colors

Brilliant Kawaii Maid Dress In Custom Colors

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Now, this one is special on its own. This dress appears to have jumped straight out of a Japanese anime. This maid dress is something that is usually called “kawaii”. It simply means that it’s very adorable yet innovative. This brilliant maid outfit is also available in custom colors. It’s more appropriate for circumstances involving modern times or futuristic scenarios.

6. Ideal Maid Outfits for Males And Females

Ideal Maid Outfits for Males And Females

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This one has more of a unisex approach to it. There’s something that will look appropriate on maids of both genders. The collection features a female maid outfit consisting of a modernly stitched skirt. Meanwhile, the male outfit consists of a good old shirt and pants. What’s even more appealing is that both outfits come with 3 color variants.

7. Seductive And Stormy Maid Uniform V1

Seductive And Stormy Maid Uniform V1

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This particular outfit is modeled after a Sims that knows how to maintain her appeal. The cuts are much sharper in both the skirt and the blouse. Furthermore, this skirt’s much shorter than a traditional maid’s skirt. This outfit is very revealing, tempting, and provocative. It is appropriate for scenes involving an evil, provocative maid.

8. The Charming French Maid Uniform

The Charming French Maid Uniform

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Who knew a maid’s outfit could be so chic. There’s a lot of thread work involved at the top section of this uniform. There’s a lot of focus on fitting around the middle section. This Parisian outfit embodies all the qualities of French fashion and doesn’t seem that modern in appearance. Apart from the black and white skirt, there are also black knee-high socks in this uniform.

9. Waitress Maid Dress With Apron

Waitress Maid Dress With Apron

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This one’s quite a classic. One way or another you’ll spot this outfit on the servers at roadside cafes and small inns. It seems like this maid does more pantry-related work around the house. There’s a good old apron at the front which seems appropriate for any waitress. Furthermore, this dress is a bit simpler. It’s also available in 4 customizable colors. So, you can mix or match colors with the background or furniture.

10. EVE Maid Set

EVE Maid Set

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The whole attire is a little too provocative in appearance. Eve’s maid set includes a headdress and a dusting wand. She can also be seen wearing a tiny apron that serves practically no purpose. This uniform includes a white blouse with bell shoulders. Meanwhile, the skirt’s pretty short and leaves little to the imagination.

11. Maid One-piece

Maid One-piece

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Like traditional maid uniforms, this one also includes a headpiece. The black headpiece looks pretty appropriate and matches very well with the black one piece. This maid outfit just oozes happy-go-lucky vibes. It’s not what you would expect an actual housekeeper to wear because of its Tumblr-inspired appearance.

12. Maid Uniform V1

Maid Uniform V1

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You’ll spot this uniform on a maid in Sims 4 and totally expect her to be a seductress. The maid uniform V1 is all that you’d expect from an evil maid in a thriller sequence. This uniform has a lower neckline and quite a flirty appearance. This is also available in 6 other neon colors apart from these monochromatic shades.

13. Maid Costume for Females

Maid Costume for Females

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These maid uniforms are quite the go-getters On the very first look you’ll notice the number of color variations. So, you can easily mix and match your Sim’s outfit based on the scene. The puffed balloon sleeves give this uniform a very girly appearance. This maid costume is stylish and professional at the same time.

14. Maid Uniforms

Maid Uniforms

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The creator for this uniform set created two modes; the override version and the standalone version. For all the outfits the fabric seems to be linen. Furthermore, these articles are very elegant and some even include a pantyhose stocking. There are sustained color variations for each of the versions.

15. Maid Costume

Maid Costume

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These maid costumes are exactly what you’d imagine the protagonist of Charlotte Bronte’s novel would wear. To add a bit of more girly charm this costume includes frills. It’s quite a cutesy mini dress that gives your Sims the appearance of a life-sized doll. The skirts are mainly knee high, while the sleeves are pretty long. These costumes are in muted shades but quite eye-catching.

16. 1930s Maid Uniform Set

1930s Maid Uniform Set

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This 30s inspired uniform is very toned down in colors. Maybe if you’re building a war-inspired sequence, this maid uniform will fit in very well. This uniform set focuses quite distinctly on maintaining curves. It has a vintage feel to it and there are two versions for it. One version includes an apron while the other does not.

17. Maid Keyhole

Maid Keyhole

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This is another very exaggerated maid outfit. Apart from having a kawaii anime-inspired appearance, it’s very charming. There are 15 bright neon color variations. The cherry on top is the heart-shaped cutout present near the neckline. The inclusion of white socks and black pumps also gives it a refreshing aspect.

18. Dead Or Alive Maid Set

Dead Or Alive Maid Set

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This outfit is based on a character from the game “dead or alive”. The appearance is pretty wholesome and the overall attire gives only positive vibes. There are 8 variations available for this maid outfit set. It also features a white choker with a pink bow around the neck.

19. Chobits Chii Dress

Chobits Chii Dress

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This dress is very fluffy and might be perfect for bubbly characters. There are 3 color variations for this dress; pink, black, and light pink. The Chobits Chii dress also comes with a matching pair of shoes and stockings. Furthermore, this maid attire has an anime girl-inspired look. It’s based on a character from the series “Chobits”. There are also two prominent pockets near the front of the dress.

20. Mrs. White Maid#8217;s Uniform

Mrs. White Maid#8217;s Uniform

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These are perhaps some of the dullest maid outfits on this list. One look at the attire and you’ll understand that this Sims only means strictly business. The sleeves on this uniform are perfectly fitted and it’s pretty long. It can easily remind Sims 4 players of a much stricter Victorian era. The Mrs. white maid uniform is available in 19 very subdued shades.

21. HIT Pyran Costume 1

HIT Pyran Costume 1

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Evidently, this is a Lolita-styled maid outfit. These outfits are usually quite reminiscent of the Japanese Harajuku style. There are many tiny details in the whole attire including tiny ribbons and buttons. There are flairs around the fabric and this uniform is available in 12 distinct swatch combinations. Lastly, this uniform is inspired by Pyran’s character from “Heroes of Incredible Tales”.

22. Japanese Kimono Maid Dress

Japanese Kimono Maid Dress

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The Japanese kimono maid dress surely has a historical aspect to it. It’s colorful, vibrant, historically significant, and fancy. The picaresque patterns at the front and near the hems make it even more top-tier. This maid outfit has two variants with CC. It also has a royal vibe to it so maybe the sims could be a maid to the bourgeoisie.

23. Maid Dress – Maria

Maid Dress – Maria

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The average wearer of this dress seems to be a young, Spanish nurse which is quite noticeable from its vintage appearance. The vibes radiating from the cut and length reflect the traditional attitude of the maid. In total, this dress has 80 variations and looks very refined. There are slits around the sides of the apron. This might indicate that the maid is very vigilant around the house and not scared to do a little running around.

24. Cute Maid Dress

Cute Maid Dress

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There are multiple sims 4 maid outfits in muted colors. But, this one’s slightly different due to its pastel colors. The cute maid dress consists of a rose collar accessory as well as an underskirt. This outfit also has a prominent heart pattern around the apron. Furthermore, this outfit has a high rounded collar and it’s available in 11 different pastel shades.

Final Words

Some outfits on this list are in very subdued shades. On the other hand, some maid attires are pretty vibrant. The purpose behind that is to make variety a bit more possible. Each maid outfit says a lot about the character. Outfits like the Eve maid set will probably be used for much more negative characters. Similar outfits like these can show the intentions of the character more clearly. In this way, the whole sequence becomes much easier to understand and interesting. We hope that this list of amazing Sims 4 maid outfits sounds appealing to you!

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