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18 Best Sims 4 Mermaid CC & Mods

Sim 4 provides fun and entertainment to its players. In Sim 4 Simmers can perform many different actions by using different mods. The mods of Sim 4 are quite close to reality and simmers feel as if they are in the real world and they can experience real-life problems and challenges.

Some of the mods in Sim 4 are quite boring and repetitive and some of them are pretty unrealistic. Sim 4 mermaid CC is for the people who love to live in an unnatural world and wants to become a mermaid.

People love this very much because they get the chance to derive into the fantasy world. In Sim 4 you will get a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the most of the mermaid life. You can recreate the most famous mermaid story in the world.

Become the fish out of the water and find your first love. Some of the best Sim 4 mermaid CC mods are mentioned below through which you can achieve the perfect mermaid look for your Sims.

1. Mermaid Costume

sims 4 Mermaid Costume

The mermaid costume comes in ten different colors for teen and elder female Sims. You can choose any color costume for your Sim to make her look more gorgeous in a mermaid outfit.

2. Little mermaid Ariadne

sims 4 Little mermaid Ariadne

Little kids who watch mermaid cartoons are always eager to become a mermaid. Sim 4 has made this possible even for the little kids to become a mermaid and provide a beautiful costume for kids.

3. Simple Mermaid Dress

Simple Mermaid Dress

Simple Mermaid Dress is very lovely and almost every Simmer girl would look perfect in this mermaid dress. The dress is simple with a tail and you can select this dress in any color you like.

4. Mermaid skirt

sims 4 Mermaid skirt

Mermaid skirt has attracted most of the simmers. The mermaid skirt is designed by the mod maker Melisa. It contains 15 different mermaid skirts teen, elder, and adult female Sims.

5. Mermaid pearl Lip Gloss N206

sims 4 Mermaid pearl Lip Gloss N206

The mermaid looks not only require the best mermaid dress. The overall look is incomplete without the perfect color gloss. This lip gloss set is available in different colors and you can choose the best suited for your Sims.

6. Mermaid Line Skirt

sims 4 Mermaid Line Skirt

Mermaid dress has inspired many of the Simmers and the dress is available in different styles and colors. Mermaid line skirt is one of the most beautiful and perfect skirts for your Sims.

7. Mermaid Gown

sims 4 Mermaid Gown

Mermaid gown is one of the best creations in Sim 4. The gown features a blue long gown with beautiful silver mermaid skin on the upper half. Your Sim will look perfect with this gown.

8. Mermaid Aspiration:

sims 4 Mermaid Aspiration

The mermaid Aspiration includes three mermaid aspirations as Ariel, Mermaid experience, and Siren Aspiration. You can select any of the Aspirations Mods in Sim 4 to make the game more fun.

9. Leg Scales for Mermaids + Chest Scales for Male (22 swatches)

sims 4 Leg Scales for Mermaids + Chest Scales for Male

This is one of the best mods to give a perfect look to your Sims. This is one of the most popular mods in the Sim4 community. You can download his mod, and enjoy the game.

10. LMCS Liquid Mermaid Eyeshadow

sims 4 LMCS Liquid Mermaid Eyeshadow

To have the perfect mermaid look you need to give a perfect look to your eyes which is only possible with the liquid mermaid eyeshadow. After putting on this eyeshadow you will have the perfect mermaid look for your Sims.

11. Mermaid Aelita

sims 4 Mermaid Aelita

This set is created by denver011974 it is one of the best mermaid-inspired sets. Mermaid Aelita is one of those mermaids who require an island and water to survive. If you want to experience real mermaids then this mod is best suited for you.

12. Sequin Embellished Slinky Mermaid CC Gown

sims 4 Sequin Embellished Slinky Mermaid CC Gown

This mermaid CC gown is stunning and perfect for Simmer girls. The gown is available in eight different colors and you can choose any color to make your Sim more gorgeous and stunning.

13. Siren Mermaid

sims 4 Siren Mermaid

You cannot become a true siren without a perfect smashing outfit. To have the siren look give your sim watery eyes that look like the blue sea and razor-shaped teeth. You Sim will be a new horror of the sulani shore.

14. FRS Mermaid Eyes

sims 4 FRS Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid look is not complete without having the perfect mermaid eyes. This set includes many different colors of eye lenses. You can choose the best-suited one for your Sim and make her look stunning.

15. Little Mermaid Shoes for Toddlers

sims 4 Little Mermaid Shoes for Toddlers

Little kids are more obsessed with the mermaids because they watch mermaid cartoons. To keep the toddlers happy, Sim 4 has introduced beautiful little mermaid shoes for toddlers. The shoes feature beautiful blue and white shoes with a white frill on them.

16. Mermaid Tattoo

sims 4 Mermaid Tattoo

In real life, most people are crazy about the mermaid look and they even do mermaid tattoos on their body. This mod is quite realistic because in Sim 4 also you can have a mermaid tattoo on your Sim’s body.

17. Iulia Mermaid Top

sims 4 Iulia Mermaid Top

Lulia Mermaid top is available in many different colors in Sim 4. This top gives your Sim the actual mermaid look with a tail. If you want your Sim to look stunning in a mermaid look, then this mermaid top is best suited for you.

18. 20 New Mermaid Tails

sims 4 New Mermaid Tails

Mermaid is incomplete without having the perfect tail. Sim 4 has introduced 20 different mermaid tails and in different styles and colors. You can choose one of the best tails for your Sim to give her the perfect mermaid look.

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