Sims 4 Pet Mods

29 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods For Pet Lovers

Sims 4 has added stunning features for pet lovers. There have been two types of animals in Sims 4 Pet Mods. One is a cat and the other is a dog. There might be kittens, puppies, fish, frogs, and insects as well.

But in general, there will be only cats and dogs. Now like other features, the player can also tweak a bit with their pet. Including different mods, the pet mod can also be installed in the game.

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This pet mod can have different features. Some might increase the in-game features. Others can diminish these features. The player can install the respective feature according to his ease. You will get a chance to grow your pet faster.

Introduce games for them. Sometimes you can even increase their barf time. This all will ease the difficulties for the player. Hence the player will get more chances to enjoy the game.

There have been numerous mods for pets. These are developed by different developers. Some of the widely used mods are included in this article. Hence in this article, the player will find the most famous pet mods of the Sims 4. Hence stick to the article and choose the best mod for your lovely pet as well.

1. Less Pet Barfing

Less Pet Barfing

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This mod might look meager. But while playing Sims 4, you will not like to get distracted. The normal barfing time for the pet is 30 to 60 mins. Hence the player needs to check on their pet to avoid it. Less pet barfing mod is developed by Yakfarm.

After installing this mod, the barf cool-down time increases significantly. This will give more windows between two consecutive barfs. This mod can increase the barf time up to 150 to 240 mins. This is pretty enough to manage various things.

2. Animal Lover Custom Trait

Animal Lover Custom Trait

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Animal Lover Custom Trait mod is also for pet lovers. After installing it, they can get access to a variety of different things. They can buy different things for them. So if you feel bored, do not worry anymore.

Just install this mod and get access to different goodies for your pet. This will help in increasing the love for the pet. That’s why it is called animal lover custom trait mod.

3. Pernese Dragon Costume for Cats

Pernese Dragon Costume for Cats

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This mod is self-explanatory. This will add the dragon costume for the cats. The mod is developed by Emilitarabbit. This dragon costume has 5 different colors. These include yellow, brown, light brown, blue, green, and white.

White is the most suitable. Especially on the white cats. This dragon costume also has scales on it. Cat face comes out of the place of the dragon face. Hence it gives a charming and aww look to your cat.

4. Playable pets

Playable pets

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Playable pets mod came out so quickly after the last updates. Players can’t control the pet or check their needs or see their relationships. But there is a special mod for this. Relationships with pets are nice players can see any of the traits like how old they are as well as their family tree.

5. Pet pregnancy

Firstly Player has to become friends with the animal. For this purpose keep doing interaction. Then the player repeats the same for other animals. After that player has to click on the animal that he needs to mate. Then choose other animals to encourage the pet to mate with. After this the player has to wait for 24 hours.

6. My first farm animal

This mod does require cats and dogs. This mod allows the player to turn his pets into farm animals. The player can choose to produce a harvest for his household or can sell the goods to the marketplace. With this money, the player can increase farming skills. After having enough animal player can sell the animal or even eat them

7. Animated placeable fish

The total amount of fish in this mod is about 50. The first pack contains 12 different fish species. All of these fish can easily be found by typing animated fish into the search bar. To activate all different fish effects go to lift mode. Then click the interaction symbol set these different fish effects will appear

8. Service animal

With this mod, the player can turn his pet into a service animal. This adds some realistic effects to the game. For this purpose, the first player has to select one of his pets. After that the player can give a service trait to the selected pet. Players can see satisfaction reward traits. The Player has to activate his service ownership for a particular animal.

9. Animated Placeable Birds (Crows)

Finding crow is very simple in game .Just go to the search bar and type crow and here it is. Now place an invisible object and wait for some time until the crow will land at the invisible place. It will stay here for some time before flying. Players can place multiple crows. The player can also place a bird on the roof

10. Animated Alligator

The Player has to find the jungle effect. Then go to the search bar or go to the decoration center. It is recognizable by shape in the right corner. Place an invisible effect on the water surface. Always remember the place of an invisible object. It will not appear immediately the player has to wait for a few game seconds.


11. Farasi the Horse

In this mode, the player can have the horse. To get the horse go to the search bar and write horse. After searching the horse place an invisible object in an open place and here it is the horse. The player can select the color of the horse. There are 5, 6 different colors. The player can rename the horse.

12. Playable pet mod

This mod is on sims Go to the website and download it. Now open the sims folder this is a script mod. Put the downloaded folder directly into the mod folder this is a very simple mod. In this mod, you can play with the pet and control has a selective pet script. You can now have a pet in-game

13. Minor pet traits

Minor pet traits

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These traits are for small animals. There are two traits. First is to love small animals. The second one hates small animals. If the player selects a loving animal he can interact with any small animal very easily. If he selects hate animals it would become very difficult for the player to interact with small animals.

14. Pets Can Find Pet Stuff on Other Floors

Pets Can Find Pet Stuff on Other Floors

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By activating the death of a mod player can make pets anything on the other floors as well. Pets can find anything placed on any floor. In this mod, the pet can find any box placed anywhere. Also, this mod provides the opportunity to find any bowl that is placed in the house pet can find any pet stuff

15. Dragon Package

Dragon Package

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Now the player can have a glorious dragon in sims 4. Dragon got little back spikes. He has scales like climbing up his stomach; he has scales that are going down to claws. He also got a horn and wings. This is the most realistic dragon in any game ever. This is fantastic.

16. Small Animal Package (Part 1)

The kalino has introduced this magnificent mod. After installing this, the player can have access to different animals. He can get 10 different animals. It also includes a recolor.

Moreover, 6 recolors are also included in this animal package. The animals include Squirrel, Chipmunk, Sugar Glider, Degu, Steppe Lemming, Chinchilla, Bunny, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, and Ferret. Hence the player can enjoy it with other pets. They don’t need to bind to the cats and dogs only.

17. Small Animal Package (Part 2)

This mod has similar fetters to its precursor. Part 1 mostly includes rodents in these packages. In art 2, most animals are reptiles. It includes Skink, Leopard Gecko, Bartagame, Lop Ear Rabbit, Chameleon, Mini Pig, Tortoise, Giant Day Gecko, Iguana, and Flying Squirrel.

Hence this package also includes 10 different animals and recolor. Thus the player can get access to different animals as well. They just need to install these mods. And then they can have fun with more pets.

18. K9 Officer Vest and Collar

K9 Officer Vest and Collar

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This mod is developed by Emilitarabbit. This mod is for dogs. The players who love to play the detective role will love this mod. This is the police uniform mod for dogs. After downloading them, the dog can have the vest and collar of the police.

It can act as a trainee dog running along with the horse. Or it can also facilitate solving crimes directly. Can search goons. It can also help to find lost children. It can do this all by sniffing different clues.

19. Small Dog BTS Hoodie

Small Dog BTS Hoodie

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BTS fans can show their love in the game as well. The developer Beccai has done the dream job for them. They can get the BTS hoodie for their dogs. There has been a total of different colors. It includes black, blue, grey, and red. All have the BTS logo on their back. Hence the player can show it off while walking their dog.

20. Small Dog Collars

Small Dog Collars

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In addition to the leash, owners can have other collars on their dogs. There have been different varieties of the collar in the game. Small collars are more decent as compared to the longer ones. Small collar includes bow style or sometimes simple handkerchief. All of this is tied around the neck of the dog. This adds to the beauty of the pet. And make owners love their pets even more.

21. Crescent Moon for Cats & Kittens

Crescent Moon for Cats & Kittens

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This mod is developed by Kalewa-a. If you love small stickers or tattoos on your pet, this is for you. This mod adds the small crescent on the head of the cat and kitten. The player can choose between the 24 different colors. Cats with the little crescent on their heads give an angelic look. Hence the owners love the beauty of this decent and sleek mod.

22. Walk Your Cat

Walk Your Cat

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Why modifying your pet when you can’t show it off to the world. This is the time. Download the Walk Your Cat mod and boost the look of your cat. This mod enables the player to walk their cat. The mod is developed by LittleMsSam. It is limited to only cats. Hence customize your cats. Then walk them on the street to show it to others.

23. Pets Seasons Package

Pets Seasons Package

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This is also developed by kalino. The whole season package covers both dogs and cats. Moreover, it also provides goodies for kittens and pups. The package includes 3 full costumes. Other small items like hats, sunglasses, etc. are also in it.

3 new shoes for pets and a beach bed also included. Hence downloading this package will give a lot of options for pets. Customize your pets accordingly. This will add to their beauty and cuteness.

24. Slower Pet Motive Decay

Slower Pet Motive Decay

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The Sims 4 pets also demand attention. The player cannot give it to them every time. Hence there has been a mod for it. Download Slower Pet Motive Decay mod now. This will slower tempt your pet’s attention. Thus you can leave your let alone for more time. This will decrease the motive of the pets up to 50%. Therefore the player will get a lot of time to play the game and do missions.

25. Cutie Pie Cat Eyes

Cutie Pie Cat Eyes

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There are not only human eyes that can be altered. The player can select the eye style of their pet as well. Just download the Cutie Pie Cat Eyes mod to get different eye designs. The mod is developed by MadameChvlr.

It gives 10 new colors to the eyes of your cat. Thus download this mod and customize the eye color as well. Adjust them according to the dressing of the cat.

26. PralineSims’ Pet Eye Pack

PralineSims’ Pet Eye Pack

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Eye customization is not limited to cats. Thanks to PralineSims to introduce this mod. This mod gives 54 different eye colors to your pet. It is for both cats and dogs. Therefore it doesn’t matter which pet you possess. Just download this mod to get this many eye colors. Customize the look of your pet accordingly.

27. Small Dog Burberry Sweater Collection

Small Dog Burberry Sweater Collection

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Want to add more sweaters to your collection? This is your time. Pinkzombiecupcakes has developed the mod for sweaters. This mod is only for dogs. Specifically for the smaller dog. It includes 48 different colors.

These Sweaters are in the check pattern. A round neck will add to the cuteness of your pet. Hence download this mod. And get unlimited access to sweaters from the small dogs.

28. Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration

Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration

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Want to understand the behavior of animals more? This mod is for you. Download Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration mod to learn about animal behavior. But by doing so, you can become a professional animal behaviorist. Hence get this mod now. And understand the gesture of your loved pets.

29. Animal Rescue Mod

Animal Rescue Mod

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This mod turns your sims into a professional pet trainer. Most pet owners have soft corners for all the animals. This mod will help to explore that soft corner in your heart. Download this mod and set up your rescue center.

The player train and treat the dog there. He can also teach the dog different tactics there. Therefore it will not a simple rescue center, it will a complete training and healthcare Centre.

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