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25 Best Sims 4 Poses Mods & CC Far More Exciting

In Sims 4 there are many game animations that players can find too repetitive after a while. The list of Sims 4 poses mod down below can replace these vanilla animations with something far more exciting.

None of these packs feature poses that might seem too exaggerated or unrealistic. There’s a pack for each story-based situation. These situations are maternal shoots, breakup, boredom, intimacy, or friendship.

These packs are the best catch for story-based players and exciting narratives. These creative pose packs capture the real essence of what a character might be going through during an event. So, without any further delay let’s take a look at some of the most well-liked Sims 4 poses mod;

1. Sibling Poses by ratboysims

Sibling Poses by ratboysims

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There are 4 poses in this particular pack. Just to be very precise the poses in this pack are only for toddlers and kids. There’s one important thing to remember here. In one of these poses, Sims A has to carry Sims B. The beaches of Sulani have a very sunny background which can help you score an adorable sibling photo.

2. Sitting & Talking Pose Collection by ratboysims

Sitting & Talking Pose Collection by ratboysims

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This pack is perfect for story-building tactics. That’s because there are 40 poses in this back which is quite a lot of variety. Furthermore, the sitting talking pose collection Appears very realistic and less animated. The subtle eyebrow lift, hand movements, and body language will precisely capture the poses that occur in a real conversation.

3. Times of Friends by memories plasticine

Times of Friends by memories plasticine

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This pack lets you capture the most realistic candid shots. No amount of artificiality will reflect from your Sim’s poses in their group shots. The first pose in this pack can accommodate up to six friends. Meanwhile, the second one Is perfect for a group of five buddies. The camera angle is very subtle and in none of these poses, the Sims appear to be looking at the camera.

4. “Let’s Walk Together” Pose Pack by clumsy alien

“Let’s Walk Together” Pose Pack by clumsy alien

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This Sims 4 pose pack is perfect for conversational scenes due to its candid nature. In this pose pack, the sims appear to be standing up and busy in a discussion. The body language and gestures appear very unintentional. Hence, the “let’s walk together” pack in Sims 4 is quite endearing.

5. Model Poses 19 Posepack and CAS by HelgaTisha

Model Poses 19 Posepack and CAS by HelgaTisha

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The model poses pack reflects your good old insta baddie vibe. The body language in this pose pack is very confident, sassy, and dominant. Pairing 14 of these custom poses with a bright background can make them appear even more badass. The 5 default CAS poses mentioned earlier express a more evil and smug vibe for dramatic scenarios.

6. Solo Pose 3

Solo Pose 3

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The model pose pack mentioned earlier was perfect for female Sims but solo poses 3 pack projects a more masculine vibe. The gestures in this one are very confident, sassy, and alpha-based. There are a few boy-next doors poses in this back. Meanwhile, the rest of the 10 is very attention-grabbing and has a self-assuring appearance.

7. Bad Bitch Redux by eslane

Bad Bitch Redux by eslane

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The bad bitch redux pack stands tall on its name. For characters that radiate too much raw power, this pack is perfect. What sets bad bitch redux poses apart from other sets is that these poses are much grungier. These poses radiate unbothered femme energy. Thus, perfect for scenarios where a sassy female is involved.

8. Halloween Gift 2020 Collab with BackTrack by wasabi sims

Halloween Gift 2020 Collab with BackTrack by wasabi sims

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This pack can awaken the true Halloween joy by setting the scene right. There’s an abundance of spooky poses inspired by demons, ghouls, and bats. In total there are 10 scary poses in this pack. Furthermore, these poses are appropriate for spooky characters and spooky sequences.

9. Thoughts!!! by Pandorassims4cc

Thoughts!!! by Pandorassims4cc

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The poses in this pack seem very imaginative and artistic. Surrounded by comforting accessories like pillows and comforters, it really seems like a character is in a state of wonder. Furthermore, the Thoughts back by Pandorassims4cc makes your Sims appear broody as it sits cross-legged. Scenes and creative shoots involving contemplation will really appreciate this pack.

10. Phone Call Poses by ratboysims

Phone Call Poses by ratboysims

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There are 6 poses in total in this phone call pack. These poses aren’t overly expressionistic as they might appear too fake. The expressions are very realistic and subtle. Hence, the gist of being on call and talking to someone on the phone really gets easily captured. The model in these poses appears very calm and collected.

11. Bathtub Poses by rue


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There are many phone call-related default poses in Sims 4, so why is this pack so special? The answer is two-fold. This bathtub poses a pack featuring Sims conversing while sitting in a tub which is very unique. Furthermore, this pack features 4 variants for each pose. The expressions are top-notch. So, your Sims can appear angry, worried, sad, and excited whichever way you please.

12. Come to My Window + Open Window Poses by hula zombie

Bathtub Poses by rue

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This sims 4 pose pack comes in handy in very unique situations. For instance; if your Sims is in a brooding mood and wants to be left alone. It could also help create a scene where your Sims is locked inside their room and using their open window to communicate with the outside world. It all depends on your creative perspective. You’ll be the one shaping the narrative with both packs.

13. Bored in Bed Poses by katverse

Bored in Bed Poses by katverse

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These poses ooze laziness and boredom. The bored-in-bed poses are perfect for the days when a Sim’s too exhausted to stand the outside world. The poses in this pack reflect the true image of uselessness, unproductivity, and tiredness. In total 5 poses can be used for an illness-related narrative, tiredness, or depressive episode.

14. No Mood Pose Pack by katverse

No Mood Pose Pack by katverse

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The best way to define this pack is to call it the correct representation of Covid 19 lockdown. In the bored in bed pack, your Sims was only limited to their bed. Meanwhile this pack partners antisocial behavior with your lounge, work table, and bedroom. The 5 poses in this pack perfectly replicate the situation when you don’t want to do anything.

15. 15 Sitting Poses Mod

15 Sitting Poses Mod

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The entirety of these 15 poses shows a variation of emotions. Poses like pose number 13, 14, and 15 in this pack state genuine boredom. Meanwhile poses like number 7, 8, and 9 can be great for portraits as it shows the character posing for a picture. In some poses, the sim’s sitting upright to indicate attentiveness. Meanwhile lying upside down on a sofa is a great way to show someone’s lack of motivation.

16. Pose Pack 01

Pose Pack 01

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These poses are meant for female sims. It’s a great pack for narratives with up-close shots and portraits. It can also be used for scenes that involve up-close pictures with character introductions. The gestures and expressions in this pose show that she’s very sly and evil. Furthermore, one pose shows her flirty nature and jolly attitude as she has a finger between her lips.

17. Bestie#8217;s Poses Mods pack

Bestie#8217;s Poses Mods pack

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This pack reflects the inseparable and adorable bond between two best friends. Sims 1 in one of the poses has her arms around Sims 2. Furthermore, the other poses show them being giddy and childish by lifting each other up for fun. The poses are very cute and not over the top like most realistic friendships are.

18. The Sims 4 Better Portraits Pose Pack

The Sims 4 Better Portraits Pose Pack

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This mod pack serves the best poses for a family or friends rendition. There are many mellow and sassy poses at the same time. The variety will be quite beneficial as each pose coincides with the personality of each Sims in a story sequence. A few poses include characters waving to the screen and some have expressions indicating their annoyance.

19. Sweet Couple poses

Sweet Couple poses

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In this pose pack, a couple can be seen in various intimate positions looking straight into the camera. In one of the poses, Sims 1 has her arms wrapped around the waist of Sims 2. Meanwhile, another pose shows them serving sass and looks with their bodies tangled. The poses aren’t over the top, hence the name “sweet couple poses”.

20. Close to Me Sims 4 Poses Mods Pack

Close to Me Sims 4 Poses Mods Pack

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This particular couples pack is different from the one mentioned earlier. The close to me sims pose pack seems more emotional and dramatic in appearance. It seems as if both individuals are going through a rough patch and have bonded once again. In one of the poses, they can be seen holding hands with subtle hints of longing on their face. This pack is quite appropriate for story sequences indicating a breakup, reunion, etc.

21. Sovereign exposed heels – Mesh needed

Sovereign exposed heels – Mesh needed

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This pose pack’s much more simpler than the other Sims 4 pose packs. It’s particularly a pose pack for female sims which shows them dressed up in their best fits. The whole vibe indicates that these characters are very powerful and socially capable. The sims in question seem to be wearing shades and some very expensive-looking high heels. Furthermore, the whole aura could convey the powerful status of a character in a Sims 4 story sequence.

22. Model poses 17 Poses Mods Pack and CAS

Model poses 17 Poses Mods Pack and CAS

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This pose pack features 17 various ramp-worthy poses. Some feature a sims strutting with a leg at the front and some have them posing with a hand on their waist. There are many variations in terms of positioning and gesturing. There’s only a single pose that shows the model posing while sitting upright on the ground.

23. Model poses 22 Posepack and CAS

Model poses 22 Posepack and CAS

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This pose pack is a bit more lowkey and very casual. The gestures are a bit more expressive and ooze sass. For models that like Tumblr-inspired hip appearance these poses go quite well. Most of these 22 model poses are a bit less pro-ramp. This pack is appropriate for character sequences with a female character that’s too rough and sassy to be messed with.

24. Pregnancy Poses Mod Pack 2

Pregnancy Poses Mod Pack 2

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Most of the time this is used as a maternity shoot pack. The poses feature various gestures. Featuring a mellow background, your Sims can replicate maternal gestures by posing with her bump. Most of the poses either feature the mother sitting upright or standing upright with a hand on her baby bump.

25. Model poses 23 Posepack and CAS


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This particular pose pack mod looks like it’s inspired straight from the NYFW or ANTM. Some gestures are very over the top e.g. with a hand over the mouth, with a finger up in the air. Meanwhile, faces are less expressionistic indicating the professional attitude of the model Sim. These poses are great for creators shooting a couture-inspired shoot or using it to exhibit clothes.

Final Words

We hope that this collection of irresistible SIMs 4 poses increases the fun for you. What’s so special about each of these packs is that each of them shows a wide range of emotions. Even in the simpler ones which feature the characters only sitting down. The various positions and hand placements can show polar opposite attitudes. If there are any other pose packs that you’ll regard as creative excellence, do let us know!

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