17 Best Sims 4 Save Files Guide

17 Best Sims 4 Save Files Guide

The Sims 4 save files are the backup files of your sims 4 game which is a life simulation game that enables the users to create and control virtual people, known as “Sims.” Sims can interact with other Sims, build houses, get jobs, and much more. Sims 4 save files are game data files that record all the progress and settings of a Sims 4 game.

They contain everything that you have played all the way. One person can also share this file with other players by uploading it on the internet. These files have someone else’s saved points and you can load the game from that point.

Recently I got tired of watching the same world created by EA and wanted to explore much more so I decided to try using the sims 4 save files saved by the players all around the world and it worked out for me just the way I wanted. These save files may be created by the users separately or in collaboration with other sims, users to switch their old lifestyle and get their gaming experience to a higher level.

Following in this article are some of the best-known sims 4 save files I have tried that will change your entire world of Sims and hence add some extra interest to your game.

Top 17 Best Sims 4 Save Files

1. Willow Creek Save File By Devon Bumpkin

Willow Creek Save File By Devon Bumpkin


[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://darthmol.tumblr.com/post/663684892383707136/willow-creek-save-file-base-game-only-finally”]
Willow creek is one of the most exciting districts of the sims world. Sims in Willow Creek can experience all four seasons. This world is more suitable for beginners. They can explore many kinds of new adventures in this world. This world also features a beach and a forest nearby and contains many pastel-colored buildings presenting a soft sense.

2. Windokio Save File

Windokio Save File

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://msfrankenstein910.tumblr.com/post/626093035008262144/windokio-asian-inspired-savefile-it-was-giving-me”]
If you love watching anime as I do then I will suggest you hop on to this savefile. Windokio save file is specially created for those people who have a deep interest in Japanese anime aesthetics. It is an Asian-inspired savefile that allows you to enter an Asian world full of anime aesthetics. Windokio save file is a great way to make my own stories in anime style.

3. Original Fishy Save File

Original Fishy Save File

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://benjaminjdavila.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/the-fishy-save-a-complete-base-game-rebuild/”]
Original Fishy Save file is a Sim’s 4 base game file that features Newcrest, Willow Creek, and Oasis Springs world. It provides an ultimate Sims experience. This savefile features maxed-out families, 120 hours of new content, and each and every lot is recreated in this world. It provides a peaceful and cozy environment for nature lovers. The builds are detailed and super fun to engage with. This savefile also features all new families as well as some favorites from the Sims 2 game. If you want any more information regarding this savefile or want to explore more of such interesting savefiles then you can also visit the YouTube Chanel of Lilsimie – the creator of this surprising savefile.

4. The Disney Willow Creek Save File

The Disney Willow Creek Save File

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://pandorasimbox.tumblr.com/post/186961042163/timeless-version-1-a-world-decluttering-mod-if”]
What I have found about Willow creek is it is most favorite of many of the players because of its versatility. In this version of the save file, I was able to make my own Disney land. Most of us have been listening to Disney stories and watching Disney tales from our childhood.

By using this save file, you can create your Disney fairytales the way you want. I could also make money easily and make my sims happy without facing any chaos. Moreover, this savefile features 18 Disney Sims and their outfits, jobs, pets, and skills to make my sims more interesting. This savefile is specially designed for those who want to add a touch of fantasy to their game. So if you want to refresh your childhood memories and feel like a kid again then head on to this savefile and enjoy your sims gaming according to your interest.

5. Little Root Save file by Aveline

Little Root Savefile by Aveline

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://thetinycowplant.tumblr.com/post/643839582439456768/littleroot-savefile-15-by-thetinycowplant-hello”]
This savefile contains a lot of features including townies, lots, and brand new content that can be enjoyed for sims from toddlers to elders. This save file created by TinyCowPlant provides new buildings, locations, and venues to add up a new charm to my playstyle. Some changes have also been made to Brindleton Bay, Oasis Springs, and Granite Falls. You can also find beaches as well as villas in this savefile.

6. Aurora Save file

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://baembee.tumblr.com/post/671287470191706112/download-aurora-here”]
The Sims 4 Aurora save file is introduced by Baembee. One of its pros that I have noticed is that it is compatible with the base game and hence the players don’t need to heed any extra content. I really enjoyed creating new villas and buildings in the creator’s gallery.

7. Uberhood Save file

sims 4 Uberhood Save file

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://anotherplumbob.tumblr.com/post/181606639178/the-sims-2-to-the-sims-4-the-uberhood-20″]
I am still a diehard fan of Sims 2 and so after using this savefile I believed it to be stumbled over to the perfect spot. The Uberhood savefile features an ultimate recreation of many of the Sims 2 famous neighborhoods including Pleasant View, Veronaville, Bluewater Promenade, and many more. Don and Caliente’s houses are also very smartly decorated and show the true essence of their character. Moreover, if you want a fun challenge then this savefile also includes gameplay rules to make your game more interesting.

8. JQ Base Save file

sims 4 JQ Base Save file

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://emilyccfinds.tumblr.com/post/641580777278144512/quiescence90-jq-base-save-10-cc-free-basegame”]
Sims 4 game is an addiction and the players urge to explore more and more new features. But some of the marvelous features require heavy computers. But if I have a low-end computer, don’t worry, it can not stop me from availing myself of the amenities of this game. The JQ base savefile is the solution to the problem. This savefile is a complete base game and free of mods and cc to make no mess with my computer. I used this save file to start my game with no custom content and enjoy my world.

By using this savefile, I have also explored Oasis springs, Willow Creek, and Newcrest all of them having renovated builds. Although it does not feature any new sims it does provide an update to the EA sims with different careers and cold/hot weather outfits as well. Another plus point of this savefile is that it does not need any game back file, hence making it easy to use without bothering about my game being.

9. Maristella Plus Savefile By Jenba

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://jenba.tumblr.com/post/175095314307/maristella-plus-save-file-maristella-plus-is-a”]
The Sims 4 Maristella Plus Savefile is my personal favorite! It is considered one of the most elegant and beautifully designed worlds in the game. This world features very detailed, stylish, and incredible builds and also comes up with new sims. What I have noticed about this world is that Maristella is a new name that replaces the previously existing Oasis spring. However, whenever I want to add some modern builds like roads and stylish buildings to my game, this one is sure to be a go-to world for me.

10. Dizzy Isy Save file

sims 4 Dizzy Isy Save file

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://islerouxsims.tumblr.com/post/664210357967077376/dizzy-isy-save-file-version-3-here-is-the-third”]
I believe that the Dizzy Isy Savefile is definitely an incredible world that features its own theme that makes it stand in the spotlight. For instance, most of the builds in Newcrest are yellow while most of them in Willow Creek are pastel. This offers an aesthetic appearance to the game. In this save file, I can also get a completely renovated Mount Komorebi including secret lots and 160 clubs with rivalries and points. However, that’s not it. The savefile not only provides new sims but each of them owns their storyline as well that seems to be a pretty good point for me. So don’t forget to try this amazing savefile to make your game more curious.

11. Plumbella Savefile

sims 4 Plumbella Savefile

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://plumbob-jam.tumblr.com/post/178049280858/my-brand-new-save-file-every-single-world-is/amp”]
The Plumbella savefile is a base game-friendly savefile with no CC. This savefile is particularly great for newcomers. Unlike other Sims 4 save files, this savefile does not include renovated EA builds but completely new builds created by the developer. It features many new lots and houses that almost remove the whole appearance of the base game. This savefile is for Oasis Spring, Willow Creek, and Newcrest. It is completely up to date for the seasons and everyone should have decent cold/warm outfit. I love playing with my family and so I think this savefile is specially designed for the people like me so that we could go to almost all the community lots and have fun as this one is child and toddler friendly.

12. Newlyn Hills Save File By Jenba

Newlyn Hills Savefile By Jenba

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://jenba.tumblr.com/post/157328576067/newlyn-hills-is-a-completely-cc-free-save-file-in”]
This savefile is filled with Willow Creek, Newcrest, and Magnolia Promenade containing the creator’s own builds. It features many townies, households, and several clubs as well. It is a CC-free savefile that offers many incredibly renovated lots to roam around. The Jenba has added an amazing style to the builds to make the game look more elegant and modish.

13. Isleroux’s World

Isleroux – Isleroux’s World

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://islerouxsims.tumblr.com/post/611934725716770816/islerouxs-world-save-file-version-61-just”]
This world is very close to my heart. It gives me a look of fantasy. Isleroux’s World is named after its creator Isleroux who is a very famous and talented Sim forum user. She has made this mysterious and creative save file with many exciting traits and new lots. It includes 5 amazing worlds and also features starter homes for your sims. The existing townies are also enhanced with new relationships, skills, and backstories. This savefile includes 93 clubs adding fun to the game. The Isleroux’s World Savefile is designed for those who love nature and so can avail bloomy spring fantasy through this world.

14. Simsie Savefile By Lilsimsie

Simsie Savefile By Lilsimsie

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://lilsimsie.tumblr.com/post/187879373795/simsies-starter-save-file-version-80-download-my”]
Lilsimsie is a talented sims user who released one of the most incredible and detailed savefiles I have ever came across. She has revived each of the EA lots and also provided her own builds into the world. She has introduced many townie families having careers, skills, and relationships to create a perfect storyline. It has many modern designed buildings and beautiful areas your sims can explore and enjoy.

15. Illogical Sims Save file

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://illogicalsims.tumblr.com/post/177184293294/seasons-hot-cold-starter-save-file-11″]
Illogical Sims is a fresh EA starter savefile. When the Seasons began, the townies were provided with some random cold and hit weather outfits. Some of these looked strange on the sims. As a solution to this problem, the Illogical Sims savefile was introduced. This savefile does not bother with anything except the outfits. So for anyone who was annoyed at those random outfits and townies’ appearance, this savefile is a game changer.

In Illogical Sims savefile, every sim in the game is given a decent, sensible, and appropriate outfit they can wear in any weather. Now the good and graceful look doesn’t depend on the weather anymore.

16. Not So StrangerVille By SuppJason

sims 4 Not So StrangerVille By SuppJason

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://suppjason.tumblr.com/post/183302380810/not-so-strangerville-save-file-version-10-by”]
Like everyone, I also love to play in strangerville but the only problem I face with it is that I had to solve the mystery. But now, thanks to the SuppJason, this issue has also been resolved. Now I can easily play in the strangerville without bothering the solution to the mystery anymore. This savefile is just identical to the existing strangerville by EA except that the mystery is solved. It means that there would be no more weird plants, no more neighbors looking odd and bizarre, and no one further discussing the conspiracy theories. Now I can easily explore the sites and have fun except for the secret lab to restart the chaos.

17. Rosebud – Strange Town Update

sims 4 Rosebud – Strange Town Update

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://therosebud.tumblr.com/post/187172124130/throwback-save-file-strangetown-and-pleasantview”]
The Sims 4 StrangeTown save the file by Rosebud is a CC-free savefile inspired by The Sims 2. It is one of the most popular Sims 4 save files. In this save file, Willow Creek is replaced with Pleasantville whereas Strangerville is replaced with a StrangeTown-inspired world. Both worlds have recreations from the original builds that existed in The Sims 2 worlds. The townies are also made over to reflect the world’s stories of The Sims 2. Those people who liked The Sims 2 will definitely love this savefile and will surely recognize the well-known buildings.

So these all are my favorite savefiles with their game features making them stand away from the rest of the others. Sometimes I get bored by watching the same old worlds, townies, buildings, lots, and other things created by EA. By using these savefiles, I can finally access the worlds created by super talented sim forum users and not only enhance my playstyle and skills but make my game more entertaining by adding more details, drama, relationships, storylines created by the users, and much more. These are a great way to start off a new simming journey. Use these above-mentioned savefiles to add more thrive to your gaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite Sims 4 savefile and get your life started today!

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