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24 Best Sims 4 Vampire Mods & CC

The Vampire Game Pack was delivered back in the year 2017 which added vampirism, vampire powers, and another private world called Forgotten Hollow where these animals of the dim like to live their “lives”.

It was a huge substance update with new yearnings, attributes, and a ton of CAS increments. But, individuals’, colors. New vampire CC is still probably the most mentioned by players.

What’s more, modders work vigorously to convey. In case you’re one of those individuals that can’t get enough of the baffling bloodsucking animals, well then this exhibition is for you. There are some amazing The Sims 4 Vampire mods that you should have to try and they will enhance the overall gaming experience.

1. Vampire Sun Immunity

Vampire Sun Immunity

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This mod is created by RevRei. In this mod, your vampires will start sparkling when they are under the sun. It is not like that TS4 vampire who dies in the sun in a few seconds. Now you can enjoy picnics and beaches without worrying about the reaper visiting them.

2. Vampires – Free Perks

Vampires – Free Perks

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This is another amazing mod of The Sims 4. This more makes your difficulties of vampirism easy and this mod is a little bit cheating in the game. In this mod, you don’t need to spend any points to become the best vampire. There is also another version that makes The Perks cheaper so it will not break the laws of the game entirely.

3. Vampires – No Weakness

Vampires – No Weakness

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This is another incredible mod that removes the downsides of the vampire. This is another mod that will let you play around freely without limitations and worries.

4. Slower Thirst Decay

Slower Thirst Decay

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If you ever feel that your vampire is becoming greedy and thirsty, then just a few neck sips in a single week should be enough for your vampires. Your vampires are so greedy and thirsty that they can even drink the blood of the entire neighborhood. This is a mod that is created by Baibaihe. In this mod your vampire’s thrust will be decreased half, then you can play your game without being worried about your life.

5. Turn Into Vampire Always Succeeds

Turn Into Vampire Always Succeeds

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You can also turn The Sims into The vampire but this is a little bit difficult task especially in the day. This mod was created by Couch. In this mod, you can turn everyone into vampires to make the Sims your slave.

6. Plasma Pack from Plasma Fruit

Plasma Pack from Plasma Fruit

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This amazing mod is created by LittleMsSam. To keep your Sims safe, The vampire has to make the plasma packs by using the fishes and frogs, but the creator of this mod thinks that this is an unfair thing to the vampires, and the creator made this mod in which your vampire can take the plasma fruit and turn it into plasma packs.

7. Vampires: Stop Pestering Me

Vampires: Stop Pestering Me

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This mod of The Sims 4 vampire game pack was created by Vwaryloth. In this pack of the game, v vampires can be so desperate to drink the blood of your sim and that is pretty much annoying because they can do everything for this purpose, for instance, they can break into your house or they can call you at sketchy places. In this mod, the vampires will stop being creepy towards you and cannot break into your house.

8. Harvestable Heart Tree

Harvestable Heart Tree

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This mod was created by IceMunMun. This mod was created for the celebrations of Valentine’s day for the vampires. There are edible vampire hearts that will fulfill their thirst. These hearts grow from a very special tree that can be planted by you and it grows different kinds of heart fruits that you can also cook. It enhances the overall experience of the game.

9. Airianna’s Vampire Tweaks

Airianna’s Vampire Tweaks

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This mod was created by Airianna. There are multiple floors in this game. For example, you are a vampire and are always out of energy, and even multiple traits related to hunger do not affect them. In this mod, whenever the vampires are idle, they can use dark meditation to fulfill their vampire energy. These are small changes in the game but they can affect the overall experience of the game.

10. Vampire Powers

Vampire Powers

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This mod was created by LittleMsSam. This mod simply adds some extra powers to your vampire. It includes becoming immune to sunlight, the mirror reflection, and stopping uncontrollable hissing. These effects will be gone after 7 days in the game.

11. KM Vampire Eyes

KM Vampire Eyes

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If you are worried about the looks and aesthetics of your vampire Sims, then this mod is specially created for you. Smog is created by KittyMeow. In this mod, 10 new eye colors are red, green, yellow, white, pink, etc are added. This can add a completely changed look to your vampire.

12. Vampirify – Vampire Creation Spell

Vampirify – Vampire Creation Spell

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This amazing mod was created by R3M. In this mod studying so much about the vampire lore will give spellcasters the vampire spell in the end. This can turn anyone into a vampire. Another good thing is the caster of the spell will be the master of the converted vampire.

13. Vampires Can Kill

Vampires Can Kill

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This note was created by Zer0. In this mod, the other sins can be killed by drinking and the vampire can kill them. One of the most interesting modifications is turning all Sims into cattle. The good thing is the cattle sims can only feel happiness when they are serving their master well.

14. Immersive Vampires

Immersive Vampires

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This is another incredible mod in The Sims 4 game which is created by Zer0. in this more your empires will be more engaging and realistic. In this mod, you can also confess your vampirism to the other sims, you can do this to scare them or just to let them know about the vampirism. The reaction of The Sims will be the same, they can have their own opinion based on past experiences. You can also convince them that not all vampires are bad.

15. Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual

Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual

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By becoming a vampire you can be immortal. This mod is created by IlkaVelle. If you can manage a great turning party e then you will get a starter pack that includes the Ultimate Vampire tome Plasma Fruits, and even the Coffin to sleep which is a good thing.

16. Darkside Vampire Career

Darkside Vampire Career

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Darkside club is a new nightclub that has a secret, this is a hub for vampires operations and entertainment. This mod was created by TiaraM. In this mod, you can become a denizen of the night ok and devote your life to hunt them. It is totally up to you.

17. Bloodborne Aspiration

Bloodborne Aspiration

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This mod was created by Sresla. in this mod you can reveal the truth about your vampiric Caste, you have to go through multiple stages and complete the tasks that will reveal the truth.

18. Gentle Female Vampire Skin

Gentle Female Vampire Skin

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To provide you with more skin options for The Sims 4 game, this mod has been specifically created for such purposes that can add skin options for your female vampires. The skin is very realistic, smooth, and gentle. There are a total of 12 different tones. This mod was created by Merci.

19. Romantic Vampire Room With Tomb

Romantic Vampire Room With Tomb

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If you are feeling the loss of a vampiric mood, then you can go for this mod. The tomb in the center is a virtuoso touch enhanced by the red roses. All in all superb chamber for a dark sim, so if you have one of those, you must have it!

20. Cute Vampire Dresses for Toddlers

Cute Vampire Dresses for Toddlers

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If you want to begin your vampirism earlier, then this mod is for you. You can select multiple cute dresses for your toddlers. There in the colors of red White and Black, and comes with many different designs such as webs, bats, and bones, etc.

21. Adorable Vampire Jogger for Toddlers

Adorable Vampire Jogger for Toddlers

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Just like the previous mod “Cute vampire dresses for toddlers”, in this amazing mod, you can also have the back of joggers for the little sims. These dark outfits look cute and adorable condom instead of scary. There are a lot of designs in this pack.

22. Vampire Braids With Sidebangs In 3 Versions

Vampire Braids With Sidebangs In 3 Versions

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In this amazing mod, there is an extremely beautiful and delicate hairstyle. The color of the hair is red and it looks beautiful.

23. Vampire Glowing Eyeshadow Mist

Vampire Glowing Eyeshadow Mist

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This is not an easy task to create a wonderful overpowering look for every single vampire. This model is created to make this easy.

24. Vampire Female Hair Recolors

Vampire Female Hair Recolors

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This wonderful mod was created by Annet You will want the best hairstyle for your sim. In this mod, you will find some brilliant best models.

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