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25+ Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC Packs



Best Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC Packs

Sims 4 witch cc is very overwhelming for the players. Let’s talk about witches first! Have you ever seen a witch? Yes, you have! May not in the real life, but in reel life for sure. Let me remind you about Hermoine granger, she was my all-time favorite witch. I used to act the way she does and I also had a wand when I was a kid. She was a very famous witch who used to cast spells for good reasons. However, before “good witches” like Sabrina Spellman and Hermione Granger, historical depictions of witches tended to be malevolent wart-nosed monsters who liked to giggle at night.

The witches are incredibly powerful and can easily take down an entire town if left unchecked. There are many different types of CC in the Sims 4 game, but one of the most popular is witch CC. This CC allows players to create their own witch characters and add them to their game. There are many different items that can be used to create a witch character, including clothes, hairstyles, and even furniture.

One of the best things about cc is that it allows players to customize their game experience and make it unique. Sims 4 offers a variety of witch cc that you can use to make your game more interesting. The witch cc includes a variety of items such as a broom, a cauldron, a wand, and a hat. These items create a unique look for your witch character.

Sims 4 witch cc is overwhelming for the players, as there are so many options and things to consider when choosing your witch. So take some time to observe the different cc options and see what catches your eye. You might be surprised at what you find.

Top Sims 4 Witch Mods & CC

1. Cowberry Hat by Saurus

Sims 4 Cowberry Hat by Saurus

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A witch’s pointy hat is probably one of the things to be noted at first. Whenever anyone wants to look like a witch, they wear a pointy hat.

I still remember that I had a couple of pointy hats in my childhood to turn myself into a witch. So the cowberry hat is a must-have for your witch sim.

The hat gives your sims a magical look and makes them look like a real witch. It comes in 30 different solid color combinations and outer space-inspired designs. The Cowberry Hat by Saurus is available for all genders. This hat is also very stylish and will make your witch Sims stand out from the crowd.

2. Witch’s Mark by MariSim

Sims 4 Witch’s Mark

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This mark can be used to identify a witch, to cast spells, or as a birthmark. It is a small tattoo that has a lot of meaning behind it. The witch’s mark is a symbol of power and strength.

It is also a symbol of protection. This may be white, black, or gold. This tattoo is available for both male and female sims. The mark allows your Sim to use magical powers, and it also gives them a distinctive look.

3. Apothecary Cabinet by Bramblefinch

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An Apothecary Cabinet is a great addition to any witch’s home. It allows you to store all of your witchy ingredients and potions in one place, and it looks great too! The cabinet comes with a variety of different shelves and drawers to fit your needs.

I really like the details of this cabinet. Everything placed in it screams witch to me. It contains every typical element including odd jars, potions, weird-shaped candles, old books, and many more haunted things which can only be found in a witch’s home.

4. Magic Eyes by Bakalia

Sims 4 Magic Eyes by Bakalia

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Every Witch has something to die for. Watch out! There are some beautiful witches wandering around that can make you fall through their magical eyes. The Magic Eyes by Bakalia is what makes your sim enchanting enough to fall in her spell.

These eyes offer you three different styles from cloudy eyes to sparkling pupils. All these three styles come in 7 different colors so that you can customize them.

5. Morgana Hair + Cloak by Natalia-Auditore

Sims 4 Morgana Hair + Cloak by Natalia-Auditore

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In many cultures, witches are associated with having long, flowing hair that is often seen as a symbol of her power and is used in many spells and rituals.

Whereas a witch’s cloak is said to be a powerful tool of magic. It is said to help the witch to focus her power, to keep her from being detected by her enemies.

So both of these features are very important in a witch’s craft. Hence proposed by Natalia as an incredible cc for witch sims in Sims 4. These must be a part of your witch’s character.

6. Jadis Dress by Sentate

Sims 4 Jadis Dress

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The Jadis dress has a deep plunging neckline and floor-length skirt which seems like a perfect traditional dress designed for the witch sims by Sentate. This dress is so flattering and looks great on any body type.

The Jadis Dress has 22 options out of which 20 are simple-colored while two of them are patterned. The dress is also very pretty and goes well with any skin tone.

I can bet this dress will be very well-praised among the witches.

7. Young Witches Outfit

Young Witches Outfit

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Sims also have kids in the game and so do the witches. You want to dress up your sim’s daughter like a witch but would you like her to look spooky? I hope not. So, I suggest you give this outfit a try.

It is a witch-themed dress but also cute and lovely for your sim’s daughter. These doll-like dresses will give your little witch a princess vibe.

Satisfying the witch character yet being so adorable, how interesting!

8. Pagan Game Table

Pagan Game Table

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Like other people, witches’ life is also full of interest and entertainment. They also have a life other than murdering people and poisoning apples etc. using their spells. They also love playing games. So how about bringing a game that also suits your witch’s personality?

The Pagan Game Table already looks so intimating and deep that I think only witches should keep hold of it with their fellows.

So add this Pagan Game Table and bring some extra flair and fun to your witch’s life.

9. Witchy Choker and Earrings

Witchy Choker and Earrings

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Witches are also females and as we all know, females have a separate spot in their hearts for jewelry. Witchy Choker and Earings have pentagram shapes that look absolutely gorgeous on any witch.

This stylish pack of choker and earrings comes in 6 beautiful swatches to enhance the enchanting personality of your witch sim.

10. Witches Outfit by Renora sims

Witches Outfit by Renora sims

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If your witches are professional ones and not like the old and traditional witches who are always busy making potions and casting spells, then this dress is designed for them.

It comes in 27 awesome swatches and the color combination in all of them is just perfect. The details of the dress are amazing and are a perfect choice for modern and stylish witches that loves roaming around in their world without having a typical witchy appearance.

11. Forbidden Spells

Forbidden Spells

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As we all know that it is definitely more fun to play the role of a villain than the good guy. And luckily, Sims don’t cope well with the daily chaos.

This CC by Kuttoe has everything you need to inflict untold pain and suffering on any poor Sim that crosses your path. Learn fun chaotic spells like draining the vitality of other Sims, summoning an army of bees to attack others, and causing deadly diseases.

Enjoy the release of your own chaotic energy, but use it wisely – you do not want it to come back!

12. Witch House

Witch House

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A witch cannot just perform the witches’ rituals anywhere on the ground. She must have a home where all the facilities are provided. It allows your witch sim to cast spells, brew potions, and perform other magical tasks.

A witch’s home is not an ordinary house. It should have an intimidating and haunted look that screams from far away that “Hey there! I am a Witch’s house”. This house is an ideal house for witch sims who want to make their house stylish and magical as well.

13. Wicca Nails

sims 4 Wicca Nails

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Old and experienced people could tell that it is a witch just by looking at their nails. The nails of the old witches were wicked and looked disgusting. But for modern witches, the nails should be glamorous yet witchy.

The Wicca Nails are typically long, black, and sharp-looking but graceful enough to be worn as a fashion statement. It comes in 6 dark color swatches that also allow your witch to have nails matching with her outfit.

14. Witchy Sum-books Set

Witchy Sum-books Set

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A witch is nothing without her knowledge! She cannot cast a spell without the necessary formula or the necessary pentagrams. And also without knowing the ingredients, how can the recipe of potions be achieved?

The Witchy Sum-books set features some crafty books every witch needs. In case your Witch Sim is not that intellectual about witches, they can simply use them as a cool great addition to their library.

This set is perfect for the witch in your life, or for anyone who loves sims 4 and wants to add a little magic to their life.

15. Vampire Eyes

Vampire Eyes

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Imagine a sim that has a dual personality of a witch as well as a vampire! Sounds very interesting right?

The Vampyr Eyes allows your sim witch to look more intimidating and mythical. A witch should have mesmerizing and captivating eyes for anyone to fall in their magic even without a spell.

It comes in 9 haunting colors and sims of all ages and genders can take benefit from it. Although this eye set is specially designed for vampires, but you can also apply it to your witch sims for a more enchanting and spooky look.

16. Forset Spirit Horns

sims 4 Forest Spirit Horns

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It is not necessary for a witch to always look spooky and haunted. After all, there exist some good witches which play the role of fairy godmother for some people.

The Forest Spirit Horns, also known as Fantasia Horns, are a must-have Sims 4 witch cc for such witches who are a bit more fond of a fantasy world than a horror world.

The horns are adorned with beautiful and refreshing flowers which always spreads good vibes. It comes with 8 gorgeous swatches to add some glamour to your witch’s personality.

17. Witches and Warlocks Mod Pack

Witches and Warlocks Mod Pack

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EA has once again been beaten by the hard-working CC community with this massive mod pack that is more or less a game in itself.

This set features everything we know and love about warlocks and witches, including new CAS items, clutter, abilities, and a mysterious quest with a golden statue!

It also offers exclusive occult items such as the Loyal Witch’s Cauldron, Mythic Fire, and (of course) the Magic Broom Cabinet. Moreover, it has a new list of spells that will make the poor Sims extremely uncomfortable.

With such a large mod pack, you wouldn’t want to wish you were anything less than a witch.

18. Witchy Kid Chemistry Table

Witchy Kid Chemistry Table

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The young wizards, unfortunately, didn’t get enough attention they deserved in the Sims 4 Realm of Magic. Thanks to the Witchy Kid Chemistry Table, now you can offer your child sims a chemistry table that possesses a magical essence until they become eligible to fully use their powers.

You will get two versions, one of which matches the Wizarding World furniture. It is a must for all young witches.

19. Spider Necklace for Witch

Spider Necklace for Witch

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Spiders always had a deep connection with witches and wizards. You may notice that in every haunted house, there are a lot of spiders along with their webs. They create a horror scene.

Hence, the custom creators have shown up with the great idea of a spider necklace. This spider necklace is one of the most unique and interesting pieces of jewelry I have ever seen.

The stone of the spider pendant has 2 color shades to match your witch’s personality.

20. Witch Eyes by Tatiana

Witch Eyes

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What a magical eyes cc I must say! This is the most enchanting and glowing eyes cc available in the game.

A witch’s magical appearance is incomplete without shining and glorious eyes. I really admire these glassy eyes. They appear in 20 swatches with an intense shine in them.

Just one deep look into these eyes, and the prey is down!

21. Hedge Witch Hill

Hedge Witch Hill

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The Hedge Witch Hill house is just a reflection of thought anybody could have when listening to the word “Witch House”.

The house is incredibly creepy and atmospheric and is filled with all sorts of dark secrets and hidden dangers. It is located in the deep forest away from the population and hence serves as a perfect spot for doing witchy things.

It has everything you may expect from a witch’s house. I absolutely love it.

22. Witch Nose and Chin Preset

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A witch with a hooked nose and pointed chin is the priority step in crafting a witch. In any play or drama, the one who is going to be a witch would definitely search for a typical witch’s nose and chin first.

The Witch Nose and Chin preset by ice cream for breakfast are a fine piece of work. Also, there is a mole on the witch’s chin describing the details are amazing.

This set is a great way to add some spooky flare to your game.

23. Coven Set – Simblreen 2020

sims 4 Coven Set - Simblreen 2020

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Coven Set is a must-have for any witch. Without it, how can the potions be made?

The Coven Set by Joliebean is a magical coven for practicing incantations and making potions by the spellcasters. It is truly an incredible coven bringing the vibes of fantasy.

The coven is essential for the mystic and arcane passion of your witch sims.

24. Bad Witch

Bad Witch

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How about having an expansion pack that would serve as a grab-and-go set for a witch? This Bad Witch set is very expedient.

This collection features a custom witch hat, two new dresses, and several makeup items that make it a perfect collection for a modern witch.

The fishnet body suit and gloves with a skirt and corset are enough to show your evil witch attire. It gives your Witch Sim a more dark and mysterious look, which I think is really cool.

25. Witchy Decor Set by tinywardens

sims 4 Witchy Decor Set by tinywardens

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A witch’s house should be decorated in a way that reflects a witch’s personality. It should be far beyond someone’s expectations. It must have all the elements that depict an image of a witch tradition.

The Witchy Decor Set by tinywardens provides all the items a witch house must hold. It features a ton of gadgets including pagan amulets, dusty tomes, candle holders, a stack of ancient, witch dolls, craft books, owls, pentagram, mushrooms growing suspiciously in a clay pot, and many more intimidating things.

I think it is a most important collection for decorating a witch’s house and is sure to give them a boost in their magical abilities.

26. Magic Sigils by Natalia Auditore

sims 4 Magic Sigils by Natalia Auditore

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Summoning is a particular talent of witches and warlocks. It can only be carried out through a magic sigil. Now I hope you have understood the importance of a magic sigil in a wizard’s life.

The Magic Sigils by Natalia Auditore offers a set of sigils with 12 colors or textures. These sigils also add to the beauty and aesthetic of the floor.

Imagine having glowing magic circles drawn on your floor. How cool!

27. Haunted House CC Pack by Nocturne

sims 4 Haunted House CC Pack by Nocturne

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Some witches like modern and stylish homes to live in. While the old-aged, more evil, and powerful witches decide to perform their rituals in a classic witch home instead.

The Haunted House CC Pack includes 42 haunted items that bring a spooky and eerie look to the house. The spooky items are necessary for a witch house so that if anyone dares to sneak into the house, he will surely get chills down his spine!

28. Witch Hat for Toddlers

Witch Hat for Toddlers

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A hat is a part of a witch’s attire. It completes the mythical personality of a witch. So why not for toddlers?

Sims 4 custom pack creators never stand back for toddlers in any case. Every cc always possesses an adorable pack for toddlers as well.

The Witch Hat for toddlers by zurkdesign features lovely hats which are not much spooky for a kid’s appearance. The hat comes in 7 cute colors so that your witch toddler sim would not face any problem matching with the outfit.

29. Witch Potions Clutter

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A potion clutter has always been an important part of witch’s shelves. It includes the ingredients needed for making out a perfect potion.

In this Witch Potions Clutter cc by simdertalia, there are some humorously named ingredients such as spider venom, mermaid tears, fox glove extract, lizard tail, snake tongue, and many more items that will leave you terrorized. The pack includes 13 swatches to suit your shelves.

30. Star Tattoos by Sugar Owl

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These Star Tattoos are truly mysterious and creative. They come in 15 gorgeous swatches and are compatible with all genders.

Especially the gold swatch on darker skin tone truly looks magical. They look great on any witch sims for a more peculiar and mystical appearance.

The pentagram tattoo on your witch sim’s back works like a cherry on the top of a sundae.

31. Witches Brooms by Teanmoon

Sims 4 Witches Brooms

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The broom is an essential item for any witch character. Most of the traditional witches do not use cars or any other worldly transport, all they have is a magical broom. They can use their broom to fly around the world and cast spells.

A broom is a very fun element to use which is particularly associated with witches and wizards. The Witch’s Brooms by Teanmoon features two mystical designs and both of them come in 10 swatches.

There are a lot of different cc options for Sims 4, but Witch CC is some of the best cc that I have used so far. Sometimes, we just get bored of living a simple life. But Sims 4 is a great way to live in a fantasy and magical world. You can transform your sim into any character indulging your gaming experience into a new expression. Witch CC is a great way to add some extra flavor to your game. You can use them to create a unique look for your witch character, or they can be used to add some extra functionality to your game.

One of the best things about Sims 4 witch cc is that there is such a wide variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for a full witch outfit, complete with a hat and broom, or just some subtle accessories to add a bit of witchy flair to your Sim’s look, you’re sure to find something that you love.

No matter what your witchy needs are, there is sure to be a cc out there that will help you create the perfect game experience. So, take a look around and see what you can find. You might be surprised at just how much cc is available for witches in Sims 4.

Since the beginning of 2018, I've been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and having the most fun possible. I have a long-standing fixation with this game. I would be delighted to discuss my enthusiasm for it with each of you.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More