Best Eyelashes CC & Mods

37 Best Sims 4 Eyelashes CC & Mods For Sultry Eyes

If you want to have beautiful lashes you can create one in sims 4 if you are not able to create one in real life. Different rewards are given to the player who plays CC. Reward includes accessories, and Sims 4 Eyelashes CC. One of the funniest things in the whole game is changing the eyelashes.

The eyelashes are very unrealistic and make the sims look much cartoonier. The eyelashes can change the entire content of the sims and make them even more gorgeous.

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Eyelashes are the best thing that can make your eye pop and attract everyone around. In Sims 4 multiple eyelashes options are given to you. You can use any of the eyelashes and become prettier.

These eyelashes are available for both maxis to match custom and alpha custom content lovers. These eyelashes are available in different forms. Some of the eyelashes are very powerful which do not fall from your eyes no matter what.

Types of Eyelashes

Some of the eyelashes are a bit darker which can make your eyes weirder. Most of the eyelashes in Sims 4 attract many players because they are strong and leave an everlasting impact on the user. These eyelashes are very gorgeous, colorful, and equally splendid.

These all gorgeous eyelashes are handmade and give a more realistic look. Some of the eyelashes mentioned in Sims 4 cc content are 3D eyelashes they are especially for the people who have big eyes.

They do not look with small eyes. They flow lavishly upward and downward and they can suit eyes with every color. Smooth eyelashes are a more stunning pair of eyelashes that can ever exist. They have a long length, smooth curve, and beautiful design. If you want to create an anime styles sims then you must use anime styles eyelashes. It will make you look like an anime character.

1. No EA eyelashes

No EA eyelashes

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Most of the eyelashes mode treats the games with a new pair of eyelashes. But before you can add No EA eyelashes to your list you have to first download the No EA eyelashes mod so you remove those bulky eyelashes that are on sims by default. These eyelashes are very gorgeous and make your eyes look bigger and attractive.

2. Skin Detail lashes Pack N01

Skin Detail lashes Pack N01

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These eyelashes come in different lengths so they can set with the eye of every length. These eyelashes look natural, healthy, and beautiful. They also come in 5 different colors to match every outfit. Along with the eyelashes, you will find 8 eyeliner and eyeshadows versions.

3. WM eyelashes 201802

WM eyelashes 201802

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If you wear these eyelashes it will ensure to increase attractiveness without drawing too much attention. They come in different lengths and thicknesses so they can accommodate different eye sizes. These eyelashes give your eyes a very natural look.

4. WM eyelashes 201811

WM eyelashes 201811

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If you are looking for something flashier then consider eyelashes 201811. Unlike most of the previous eyelashes, these eyelashes are straight rather than curled. These eyelashes give a different look to the sim.

5. Ethereal Lashes N27

Ethereal Lashes N27

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These eyelashes are made for the refined and wistful sims who always seem to have their head in clouds. These eyelashes are made for vampires who can draw prey by their breathtaking beauty. These eyelashes come in 10 different versions.

6. Eyelashes Pack N07

Eyelashes Pack N07

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If you want to build a cat-eye with a beautiful cat outfit then you must consider Eyelashes pack N07. These eyelashes are a bit rounded making them ideal for handling intense makeup looks. These eyelashes come in 10 different colors you can choose the right one for your eyes.

7. Full Exposure Eyelashes

Full Exposure Eyelashes

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These eyelashes are full attention-grabbing and can attract many people. These are thick dark lashes they are eyeliner shaped to look like intense glam eyelashes without being 3D. They are best for the one who wants to look like Bratz.

8. Burn Eyelashes V1

Burn Eyelashes V1

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Burn eyelashes V1 are perfect for the glowing face. They are dark thick eyelashes that can suit almost every eye. They are available in two natural colors and the best part is that they can work with both male and female Sims.

9. Bobur Eyelashes-12

Bobur Eyelashes-12

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These eyelashes are small in length but they are dark, thick, and bushy enough that they will be noticeable. They are perfect for teen girls and ladies who are out on a dancing night.

10. Bobur Eyelashes-20

Bobur Eyelashes-20

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These eyelashes look quite realistic on eyes no one notices that you are wearing fake eyelashes. These eyelashes are HQ compatible and come in eight different colors you can pick the right one which can match your tone.

11. Maggie Eyelashes + Eyeliner N94

Maggie Eyelashes + Eyeliner N94

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These eyelashes will look incredible on any sim. They are thick, dark, but short-sized eyelashes. They are available in 15 versions including five different colors. You can select your favorite color that can suit your sim.

12. Hollywood Lashes

Hollywood Lashes

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Hollywood lashes are thick and long lashes and at the same time manage to look natural. These eyelashes are beautiful and very attractive like some of the other lashes. They are available in 21 different versions. These eyelashes don’t include the lower lashes.

13. Magnolia-c 3D lashes

Magnolia-c 3D lashes

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Magnolia lashes are among the most popular and widely recommended lashes. These eyelashes are available only for females. They come with 5 different length variations and colors ranging from black to white.

14. Sapphire-3D eyelashes

Sapphire-3D eyelashes

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Sapphire-3D eyelashes are among the most appealing eyelashes available in sims 4. These eyelashes are long and very thin that give the natural look. These eyelashes look great even without makeup and eyeliner. They are available in 6 modified versions.

15. Ruby-3D lashes

Ruby-3D lashes


Ruby 3D lashes are extremely one of the highly recommended lashes and one of the most famous lashes in the large community. These eyelashes are long and look fabulous with makeup and liner on.

16. Maxis Match Eyelashes

Maxis Match Eyelashes


Maxis Match eyelashes are not very common and they don’t get enough response from the CC community. These eyelashes feature a simple and realistic design. They are available in two versions Jade and Norma.

17. Dream Girl 3D lashes V2

Dream Girl 3D lashes V2


If you want to have a distinct look then you must go with dream girl 3D lashes. They are the most popular eyelashes and the pack includes different eyelash designs from natural to highly stylized.

18. MMSIMS 3D Eyelashes V3

MMSIMS 3D Eyelashes V3


These eyelashes give a very realistic effect and they are created by the Korean creator. These eyelashes are best suited with small eyes giving them a subtle look. These eyelashes are available for both male and female Sims.

19. Plumbob Juice’s 3D eyelashes

Plumbob Juice's 3D eyelashes


One of the most popular eyelashes from the past few years. They are long, thick, and dark eyelashes and stun everyone they come in contact with. These eyelashes in 25 different versions to suit all needs.

20. Kijiko 3D eyelashes 2

Kijiko 3D eyelashes 2


They are lovely, long, and curvaceous lashes and can suit every sims and make them more attractive. These eyelashes are created by the Japanese creator and one of the most updated versions of the CC pack. They are compatible with every eye shape.

21. 3D lashes version 2 by Kijiko

3D lashes version 2 by Kijiko


These eyelashes are available for both male and female Sims. They are compatible with every eye morphing. These eyelashes are available in 25 regular length styles. You can choose the one that can easily fit your eyes.

22. Daily Eyelashes

Daily Eyelashes


These eyelashes are available for both male and female Sims. These eyelashes come with six different natural recolors to fit with every skin tone. These eyelashes are not by default in Sims 4 if you want them you can add them in Sims detail.

23. S-Club WM TS4 Eyelashes 201710

S-Club WM TS4 Eyelashes 201710


These eyelashes look gorgeous on every Sims girl. They are very delicate and simple looking. The pack of eyelashes includes six different swatches three of them are eyelashes with eyeliner and three of them are just eyeliner.

24. TS4 05 Eyelashes by Glaza

TS4 05 Eyelashes by Glaza


Glaza is the colorful eyelashes and one of the craziest sets of eyelashes. Colors include blue, pink, red, white, and rainbow. In the pack of lashes, you can also get natural-looking black and brown lashes. You can choose the one best suited to your Sim.

25. MMSIMS Eyelash V4 Set

MMSIMS Eyelash V4 Set


These eyelashes look more natural on the eyes. They are the thinnest and most gentle eyelashes. With these eyelashes, every Sims girl looks like the most elegant human in the world. These eyelashes are available in different colors, versions, and lengths.

26. S-Club WM TS4 Eyelashes 201709

S-Club WM TS4 Eyelashes 201709


These are fabulous eyelashes and can make eyes look more beautiful. These eyelashes look best on the Sims with round eyes because they make them even more round giving them a dolly look.

One of the most popular and widely recommended lashes on the list. The girl Sims looks very innocent after wearing these eyelashes. The eyelashes are available in three different colors and nine swatches. The eyelashes set are fully HQ compatible.

27. 3D Lashes by dreamgirl

3D Lashes by dreamgirl


These lashes are available in different lengths and styles. Very attractive lashes that every Sims girl would like to try. All lashes in this set are unique, thick, dark, and long. You can choose the eyelash that best matches your eyes.

28. Skin detail Lash Pack N01

Skin detail Lash Pack N01


This pack includes more items than just an eyelash. In the pack, you can find eyelashes of different colors, lengths, and styles. The pack includes eyelashes that give a realistic look but some of the eyelashes are for makeup lovers.

29. TS4 04 Eyelashes by Glaza

TS4 04 Eyelashes by Glaza


The set includes a total of 42 lashes which are quite beautiful. These eyelashes look gorgeous on almost every Sims girl. All the lashes included in the pack are natural-looking, straight, curvy, thick, and thin eyelashes.

30. Bobur eyelashes 19

Bobur eyelashes 19


These eyelashes can attract a large community. The pack of eyelashes includes a different variety of eight colors. Each of the Sims who use this eyelash looks stunning. This set of eyelashes is very seductive.

31. LeahLillith Hollywood Lashes

LeahLillith Hollywood Lashes


One of the best eyelashes that makes heroin out of every Sims girl that you cannot ignore. The pack includes 21 swatches in total. Each swatch has lashes of different lengths and styles. But all the lashes look quite attractive on the Sim.

32. Easy Design 3D Eyelashes

Easy Design 3D Eyelashes


These eyelashes give a more natural look to the Sim. These eyelashes are available for both male and female Sim. The eyelashes are non-default and you can use top and bottom lashes separately.

33. Maggie Eyelashes and Eyeliner №94

Maggie Eyelashes and Eyeliner №94


These are the sweet eyelashes that give an angelic look to the Sim. These eyelashes are one of the best which look great on all kinds of eye shape and skin tone Sim. These eyelashes are available in fifteen different versions each with eyeliner on the top lid.

34. Male eyelashes 02

Male eyelashes 02


This set is available for only male Sim. These eyelashes are quite real and look natural on almost all kinds of eye shapes. These eyelashes are simple and look fabulous on male Sim.

35. TS4 18 New Mesh Eyelashes by Glaza

TS4 18 New Mesh Eyelashes by Glaza


These eyelashes look great on every Sims girl making them more attractive. The pack includes 18 different swatches that vary from natural to wild-looking ones. These eyelashes make the eyes Sims look round and more innocent.

36. Halloween 3D eyelashes

Halloween 3D eyelashes


These eyelashes can make every non-original Halloween look into something more attractive and fabulous. The set of these eyelashes include many eyelashes with different style, color, and length. The whole set includes a total of twelve swatches.

37. Female Eyelashes 06

Female Eyelashes 06


These eyelashes are the most loved eyelashes by the Sims girls. The pack of lashes includes ten swatches that give a very natural effect to the eyes. The colorful eyelashes look very mature and attractive.

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