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21 Best Skyrim Face Mods



Skyrim Face Mods

Most of the mods in Skyrim are quite realistic and the player can experience real-life challenges and experience. The Skyrim Face Mods is something that everyone wants to look perfect. Skyrim face mod is very interesting and amazing.

One of the things that have not aged quite well in Skyrim is the way the character looks. In Skyrim with this mod, you can change your character’s face and prevent them from aging.

Hundreds of different mods improve character appearance and look like real humans, which makes the game better than it is. But the main problem is that when you will create your character a layer of realism seems to be missing. Some of the best face mods in Skyrim are mentioned below that will improve your character’s beauty.

1. CharGen Extension

CharGen Extension

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This mod is very attractive and impressive. This mod allows the player to edit their character better than ever before. This face mod will make your character look more unique and beautiful.

2. Freckle Mania 2

Freckle Mania 2

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Through this mod, you will be able to realize how beautiful freckles look and how natural your character will look with freckles on. This mod works well with the character who has a freckle on the entire body.

3. Attractive Elves

Attractive Elves

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Elves are usually the most beautiful creature in the fantasy world. But this is not the case in Skyrim because some of the Elves women are ugly. But this mod has changed the concept you will see Elves women will become 10 times more attractive when creating a new character.

4. KS Hairdos Renewal

KS Hairdos Renewal

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This mod adds 600 new hairstyles to the game and each of the hairstyles is unique and attractive. These hairstyles can fit with any character in Skyrim. There are plenty of options for you when creating a character.

5. The Eyes of Beauty

The Eyes of Beauty

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Eyes are one of the most important things that give an impressive look to your face. This mod adds many new colors and different types of eye shape to the game. You can choose the best eye color for your character and make everything look good.

6. KJ Tattoos

KJ Tattoos

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Most people love to make tattoos on their bodies and want their character to have one also. This mod allows the player to make your character to be fully tattooed.

7. Seductive Lips HD

Seductive Lips HD

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The maker has put a lot of effort into the female character’s lips to make them look natural and more realistic. There is not much difference between the lips of female and male characters except shape.

8. Eyes of Aber

Eyes of Aber

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This mod will truly give a unique look to your character. By using this mod your character’s eyes will become so attractive. Don’t avoid this mod because it is more supernatural than any other mods.

9. Northborn Scars

Northborn Scars

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This mod adds scars to the game. These scars on your character’s body will look quite natural and detailed ones that look miles better than the original scars. These scars are best for making people scared when they attack you.

10. Better Vampire Fangs & Eyes

Better Vampire Fangs & Eyes

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There is nothing scarier than a vampire. In this mod, you will see vampires with glowing eyes and super long fangs. This mod also added fangs for females which are shorter and used for sucking blood.

11. WICO Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

WICO Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

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This mod has made things more realistic than you have ever seen them. This mod will also give you more variety when it comes to building a face, also providing countless choices for eyes, nose, and mouth.

12. Total Character Makeover

Total Character Makeover

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This mod is one of the best mods ever created in Skyrim in terms of character looks. This mod allows you to install some of the best mods ever created in one simple pack.

13. Enhanced Character Edit

Enhanced Character Edit

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This mod gives you a lot of options for building your character face. Most of the female faces are round and symmetry you can even improve by giving her a warrior look. This mod also adds tons of new different sliders; you can even modify different parts of bodies and make your character look better than before.

14. Skyrim Glowing Eyes

Skyrim Glowing Eyes

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This is one of the player’s favorite mods when it comes to the eye mod in Skyrim. It is one of the finest eye mods which does not require any updates. As the name suggests this mod adds a selection of eyes that glow in the dark and makes your character either frightening or gorgeous at night.

15. ApachiiSkyHair


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This is one of the mods that add new hairstyles to the game. It does not only add hairstyles for humans but also Orcs and Elves can select a new type of hair to make them look cool.

16. Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition

Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition

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Another best mod that will surely catch your eyes. This mod adds naked texture for both males and females in the game. This mod allows you to create realistic, custom bodies.

17. Extended Slider Colors

This mod not only adds hair colors but also different colors for skin tone. This mod includes hundreds of colors for skin tone and face details and thousands of colors are available for hairs. You can choose the best suited for your character and make her look different and unique.

18. Better Male Presets

Skyrim not only adds enhancement for the female character but also for male characters. This mod provides you many options such as you can improve character creation, create better faces for your character, and much more. 11 presets are available to choose from.

19. Five-O Clock Shadow

This mod attempts to make the passing of time more evident on your warrior’s face so as the day passes your character will grow a hairy chin. In this, you can interact with your character by shaving the beard and growing it in different styles you like.

20. Argonian Fins

This mod adds female fins and male Argonian. Argonian have large fins on their heads. In this mod, you can even improve the texture of fins and even try new hairstyles on your character.

21. Skin Feature Overlays

If you want to have more realism in your adventures then this mod is best suited for you. This mod features different types of freckles in several locations on the face and body and scars that vary in size and type.

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