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17 Best Skyrim Vampire Mods



Skyrim Vampire Mods

The Skyrim Vampire Mods is one of the best inventions in Skyrim. The vampire is one of the fascinating enemies featured in Skyrim.

This mod is quite fun and entertaining for low-level players but as you move forward this mod becomes pretty boring. It depends on you how you utilize this mod. Being a vampire is not as simple as it looks. Vampires have a large variety of strengths and weaknesses also.

You can change your character and become a vampire to experience how vampires live their life. Your existence as a vampire can be tough as is the intention but the purpose of the mod is to get the feel of what it is like to be a vampire. Some of the best Skyrim Vampire mods are mentioned below.

1. Vampire No Sun Damage

Vampire No Sun Damage


As we have seen in most of the movies and series, the vampire’s skin gets damaged when they enter the sun but this mod lets you take less damage under the sun when you are wearing hoods and helmets.

2. Belua Sanguinare Revisited

Belua Sanguinare Revisited


This mod gives you access to customization tools so you can customize your character and how your character looks and acts while in a vampire state. You can scare people and enjoy yourself.

3. Bat Travel Vampire

Bat Travel Vampire


This mod allows you to turn into swarms of bats to travel quickly from one place to another such as you have seen in most cartoons and movies.

4. Lustmord Vampire Armor

Lustmord Vampire Armor


Lustmord Vampire Armor is one of the best things to wear on a female character. Female vampire characters are the most popular in Skyrim. Using this armor will give you the experience of the next level.

5. Dynamic Vampire Appearance

Dynamic Vampire Appearance


If you want the perfect mod to look exactly like a vampire then this mod is best suited for you. This mod changes the face of your vampire depending on which vampire actions you are performing.

6. Royal Bloodline’ – Vampire Lord Perk Tree

Royal Bloodline’ – Vampire Lord Perk Tree


This is one of the best additions in Skyrim as turning into the lord is impressive and fear-inducing to all sorts of foes. This mod has introduced the skill tree for vampires that help to enhance the difficulty of the game.

7. Predator Vision

Predator Vision


This skill is one of the best ones that vampire, werewolves, and others will be able to use. With this skill, your character will be able to see clearly at night which will help you to haunt at night.

8. Better Vampires Fangs

Better Vampires Fangs


This mod makes the fangs look more natural by reducing their length and even adding them to female vampires. The shape of their eyes and face will look much better with this mod.

9. Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim

Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim


This mod has completely changed Skyrim by adding new features such as new perks, abilities, a new skill tree, and much more. You can install this mod and see what other features this mod can provide.

10. Better Vampires 8.4

Better Vampires 8.4


Most people don’t want to turn into a vampire because they think they cannot control them. But with this mod, you can choose how easy you want to feel when you are a vampire or how difficult you want it to be because it’s all up to you.

11. Better Vampire NPCs

Better Vampire NPCs


This mod is less focused on your Vampire character and more focused on other Vampires. So don’t travel the world of Skyrim alone because vampires like these would be a tough fight.

12. Realistic Night Eye and Vampire’s Sight

Realistic Night Eye and Vampire’s Sight


This is quite a simple mod that improves the Night eye and vampire sight spell. This mod is quite useful when you are playing a vampire character. The spell can only remain for 60 seconds.

13. True Hybrid- Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn

True Hybrid- Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn


If you want to be a more powerful character in Skyrim then this mod is best suited for you. In this mod, you will have a choice to either be a werewolf or a vampire.

14. Bloodthirst



As we have seen in many movies and cartoons that vampires feed on human blood. In this mod, your vampire character will choose their victim at night and dark in well-hidden areas to feed on them.

15. Vampire Beasts- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Vampire Beasts- Mihail Monsters and Animals


DLC has added a new creature in this game. These characters are very cool, they are repetitive and get old fast. In this mode, you will see seven new vampire beasts.

16. Better Vampire Weapons

Better Vampire Weapons


This mod has added new weapons to the game. You will find better vampire weapons at different locations as well you can get these weapons by completing missions and different quests.

17. Coldhaven- A Vampire City

Coldhaven- A Vampire City


Coldheaven is the unique yet huge city introduced in the game. A group of vampires has created this hidden city and they all live here. This city contains brand new shops, inns, and much more.

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