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11 Best Sweaty Fortnite Skins



Sweaty Fortnite Skins

Everyone seems to loath sweats because of their peculiar gameplay. They can win victory royale and build forts much faster. Furthermore, they love to boast and flash their skills even when there’s no reason to do so. Spotting Sweaty skin on someone means that the player has been around for quite a long time. Yeah, the competition’s quite tough but once you spot sweaty skins things can get better. These sweaty skins in Fortnite are termed sweaty because sweats use them very often. So, if you only plan on playing for fun, you’ll appreciate our list of some of the most popular sweaty Fortnite skins. Let’s take a look;

1. Siren

This sweaty skin looks like it came straight out of an action movie sequence. Siren’s quite aggressive and her wrath reflects through the eye patch she wears. This Fortnite outfit’s a part of the hit squad set and benjy fishy locker bundle. So, we can assume she’s modeled after an assassin. This skin got added in the game back in Fortnite Chapter w Season 2. Some prominent parts of her attire are a cropped leather jacket with a grey shirt on the inside. Siren sports a backbling named the Last Kiss which appears as a weapon. Furthermore, this skin can cost around 1200 V bucks. This is among some of the rarest cosmetic items. If you spot someone in the siren skin, we suggest running the other way.

2. Diamond Diva

This is an exceptionally rare sweaty outfit. The diamond diva skin is a part of the diamond diva Encrusted starter pack in Battle royale. Players often compare this skin to the Athleisure assassin outfit. That’s because Diamond diva is a recolored version of the former and visibly similar. Furthermore, the diamond diva was previously known as the Ice raider. Players have to spend $3.99 to purchase the diamond diva starter pack; to have access to the diamond diva skin. You’re bound to shine like a diamond with this skin’s icy display featuring; a glistening cap, face mask, and tank top.

3. Crystal

Fortnite’s Crystal skin will cost you 800 V bucks. This sweaty skin got modeled after the famous headhunter character. Furthermore, Crystal’s specifically a female skin which got released back in season 10. Another thing to note here is that this skin’s usually sold with Bronto’s outfit. Crystal fashions a pair of two ponytails that are dyed a light shade of purple. You’ll also find a purple crystal pendant and a pair of glasses as a part of her attire. This outfit is also an uncommon one. So, remember to keep an eye on the item shop till it makes an appearance. Anyone who has a crystal has been around for a while. So, don’t bother trying, and just run the other way.

4. Dummy

This skin appears exactly as you might imagine after hearing its name. The dummy’s thoroughly yellow and he also has a red bandana wrapped around his neck. This sweaty outfit first made its appearance in Chapter 2 Season 3. Furthermore, this skin’s definitely modeled after a crash test dummy. This skin also had an addition of the carbon fiber style recently. Players can buy this skin for 1200 V bucks from Battle Royale’s item shop. This sweaty cosmetic item is a part of the dummy brigade set alongside the crash test wrap and wrong turn backbling. Dummy’s also very hard to hit. The reason behind this is its thin waist area.

5. Soccer skins

Most of these skins were added to commemorate the annual soccer world cup. Furthermore, a lot of these skins qualify as sweaty ones. These skins are quite popular as they give players a chance to build ramps. Soccer skins usually have a common rarity. They are also known to have a smaller hitbox and are very hard to hit. Some of the most popular sweaty soccer skins are; Finessed finisher, poised playmaker, stalwart sweeper, etc.

6. Sparkplug

This particular sweaty skin’s from the boneyard set. Fortnite’s SparkPlug will cost you 1200 V bucks but it’s totally worth the effort. This skin was added to the game in Fortnite’s Chapter 1 Season 7. This cosmetic item also has a backbling named Scrappy. This backbling seems to be modeled after an animated dog. Sparkplug is also a rare Fortnite costume that is usually available after every 30 days. Furthermore, this sweaty skin is a female skin that features; a red bandana, red cap, and blue overalls. This one’s surely for the ones that love blondes because Sparkplug surely fits the definition.

7. Bullseye

This is one of the many sweaty skins that got launched in season 6. Bullseye seems to carry a very hip appearance and it’s an uncommon Fortnite outfit. Players can purchase this skin from the item shop for 800 V bucks. Furthermore, this cosmetic item is precisely based on the Marksman soldier’s character. In Battle Royale, there’s a default version available for Bullseye alongside some fore coming variations. In the default version, Bullseye seems to be sporting pink hair and goggles. Furthermore, you can also identify her due to the white and pink tank top with a target symbol in the middle. In the other edit styles, Bullseye can also flaunt pink pixel hearts on her goggles.

8. Cozy commander skin

This skin’s an exclusive part of the cozy command set. This is an uncommon Fortnite outfit that also qualifies as sweaty skin. It was introduced in Battle royale back in Chapter 2 Season 1. Furthermore, the Cozy commander skin can be purchased for only 800 V bucks from the item shop. This particular sweaty skin is exclusively a female skin that seems to be wearing a holiday-inspired outfit. Usually, it’s a Christmas-themed red and white outfit jumper with a hat on top. This skin appears in the item shop following a diary rotation and can be spotted with a huge weapon.

9. Banner Brigade skins

These skins are among the very first Fortnite skins that’ll feature a Banner more exclusively. Epic Games has surely worked on its tactic to shift the generally plummeting attitude around Fortnite banners. The banner brigade skins allow players to use their banner icons in the game. Fortnite’s Banner brigade set consists of 13 sweaty outfits. These outfits are; Branded Brigadier, Branded Brawler, Symbol Stalwart, Sgt. Sigil, Masked Marauder, Lt. Logo, Banner Trooper, and Signature Sniper.  Moreover, each of these skins can cost around 800 V bucks. Furthermore, the banner brigade skins seemed to have a purple color palette at the beginning. Based on some earlier leaks, this set was supposed to commemorate the 2019 world cup. Each of the skins in this sweaty cosmetic set can be seen wearing a cap and athletic jersey. The colors for each skin vary, which gives each of them an individual touch.

10. Dark Bomber

The dark bomber is quite evidently very gothic. If you’re a goth at heart you’ll appreciate Dark Bomber’s gloomy overalls with purple alphabetic details. This sweaty skin belongs to the special dark series by Fortnite. It was added to the game in Chapter 1 season 6. Players really consider it quite stark from the rest of the skins available in Battle Royale. This outfit can be purchased for 1200 V bucks but it’s slightly rare. The dark bomber also features a backbling named the dark bag. At the front, this backbling features an animated dragon spewing fire. This skin was introduced as a part of the Lighting and Thunderstorm set.

11. Aura

Aura belongs to the long list of uncommon outfits in Fortnite. This particular skin can cost players around 800 V bucks. Furthermore, Aura became a part of Fortnite in Season 8. This is precisely a female skin that is modeled after the redheaded character, Headhunter. Furthermore, Aura seems to have a treasure hunting personality. Her taste also reflects through her whole attire. It’s quite similar to an explorer’s attire as it includes; black gloves, a yellow cap, an athletic top, and pants. Aura’s ginger in her default style but players can switch things up in the winter hunter mode. In her old icon, she can also be spotted wearing a gold chain which adds more charm to the skin.


Now that you know which skins spark the most fear in Battle Royale, you’ll easily spot a sweat. In the past, all Fortnite skins were considered sweaty. Yet, things seem to have changed quite recently. Now we can narrow down some peculiar skins out of thousands, based on their “sweaty” nature. This article also enlists some noteworthy qualities of these sweaty skins. You’ll also find essential details including the appearance period and price value. We hope that this article helped you spot some of the most fearsome outfits in Fortnite. Let us know whether your picks coincide with ours or not.

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