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Valheim Biomes: All Biomes List, Location & Guide



Valheim Biomes

Valheim has been the game with a mix of different types of environment, gameplay, strategy, weapons, tools, and various other things. These things increase the player’s interest in the game.

Biomes in Valheim

The map of Valheim is quite huge. It has different places to explore and to collect different materials from. These different places and areas are called biomes in Valheim. There have been a total of 6 biomes in Valheim and 3 are expected to be launched soon.

So in this article, you will get to know about all biomes, the nature of the biomes, which biome is friendly and which is dangerous. Therefore stick to the article and enjoy the diverse biomes of the Valheim.

Valheim Meadows Biome

Meadows is the biome in which the player spawns at the start of the game. So it has been the most basic and preliminary biome of the game. As the player spawns in this biome at the start of the game, this biome is the most friendly of all the biomes. Its difficulty level is the lowest of all the biomes so that players can interact with it and can learn to play the game more efficiently.

The most common animals of this biome are deer, gull, boar, grayling, and many others. The major villain or boss of the biome is either. The number of trees and fruits can be grown and can be found naturally in this biome. Different types of ores and potions can and materials can also be found in this biome with ease.

Valheim Black forest Biome

The black forest biome shares its boundaries with the meadows. As the name indicates, this biome consists of dense and dark forests. In these forests, there have been various hostile animals and other beings. Thus this biome is a mix of friendly as well as enemy organisms.

The player can find specific ore and minerals which can only be found in this biome. It includes Valheim copper and tin. Both are used in upgrading the crafting table. This biome has a large number of the skeleton which tends to kill you.

The major boss or the villain of this biome is The Valheim Elder Boss. Therefore don’t forget to take your weapon along with you while going to the dark forest. Players can find different types of food and other edible things with great nutritious value in this biome. Some rare trees can also be found in this biome.

Valheim Swamp Biome

The swamp has been considered the most hostile biome of the game. It has the most number of enemies. As the name indicates, this biome is full of sludge, mud, water, and various other dirty and poisonous things. The Valheim scarp irons can be found in this biome.

This biome is foggy and has a dirty environment. The player can find slime and dirtiness everywhere in this biome. That’s why the boss of this dirty and dangerous biome is the Valheim Bonemass Boss.

Valheim Mountain Biome

The mountain has been the coldest biome of the game. It has been filled with snowy mountains and ice caps. Therefore if the player will try to go there without taking the necessary measure, he will take the frosting damage and will die eventually.

Therefore before going to the mountain biome, the player must take forest resistant mead, cover himself with every possible cloth and take every measure to avoid getting cold.

The animals which can be found at these extreme conditions include wolves, Drake, stone golem and some other. These animals are hostile. The boss of this biome is Moder.

The elements and minerals which can be found in this harsh biome include silver and obsidian. These are somehow rare elements. Therefore exploring this biome is pretty worth it because the player can find various rare items from this biome.

Valheim Plains Biome

The next biome is named plains. This biome is also self-explanatory. It has large grassy plains. Some players might expect to find some sand in this biome, but that’s not so. This biome has brown large grass spreading all over the biome.

Both friendly and hostile animals can be found in this biome. They include Lox, gull, Fulling, Deathsquito, and many more. The boss of this biome is Yagluth.

The minerals, ores, and food that can be crafted from this biome include birch, flex, barley, etc.

Valheim Ocean Biome

The last biome in Valheim is ocean biome. This biome has been the least studied biome. This biome has large and endless stretches of water all around it.

There have been very few animals in this biome as compared to other biomes. Only Fish, Leviathan can be found in this biome. Valheim Sea serpent is the boss of this biome.

Yet to come biomes

There have been three biomes that developers have speculated that they will launch soon. They are Mistland, deep north, and Ashland. All of these will have their unique feature and character like other biomes. Therefore these biomes will also indulge gamers in their unique gameplay and environment. They will have their unique bosses and enemies to fight with. So the actual and full details of these biomes can only be unravelled after the release of the whole. So sit tight and wait for the official release of these biomes.


The Valheim has a total of 6 biomes for now and 3 are expected to be released in the future. All of this and upcoming biomes as well have unique features and character. They possess their uncommon sites and features. Different plants, animals, foods, minerals, and ores can be found in different biomes. Therefore Valheim has provided a great diversity of environment to its players and tries to indulge them more in the game.

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