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Valheim Bronze Pickaxe: How to Craft & Get Bronze Pickaxe?



Valheim Bronze Pickaxe

In Valheim, everything has been linked with the survival of the player. If the player has better equipment to fight with, he or she can survive in the game with ease. Therefore, the right weapon, tools, potions, and material can increase the chance of survival of the player in the game.

Valheim Bronze pickaxe

Talking about the weapon, nobody can ignore the importance of the pickaxe in Valheim. It has been used in mining ores and heavy metals. The pickaxe is of various kinds, bronze pickaxe has been one of the most powerful and useful pickaxes of the game.

Bronze pickaxe has great utility. It can help to fight the enemies as well as can be used to level the floor or to mine the objects from their ores. Therefore, having one bronze pickaxe can increase the chances of survival in the difficult world of Valheim.

Bronze pickaxe requires specific material to craft. It includes

  • 3x core woods
  • 10x Bronze

After collecting respective materials, just come to the base and come to the workbench. The bronze pickaxe will be unlocked once the player has unlocked all of its ingredients. Simply craft the pickaxe and it is ready to use.

Well, this is not as easy as it seems. Collecting material for a bronze pickaxe is tricky to collect. Therefore, in this article, the reader will also learn how and where to collect the materials to the made iron pickaxe.

Valheim Core woods

Core woods are the easiest material to collect in the recipe of the bronze pickaxe. It can be easily crafted or mined from the pine trees. Pine trees are in abundance in the black forest biome. Therefore the player can find the Valheim core wood there in abundance with ease.

To chop the pine tree, the player must need a pickaxe. It can be any form of pickaxe, even antler pickaxe. Chop the tree down. After cutting the tree, chop it down even further smaller pieces. Keep on chopping until it is converted into the pickable material.

As the player collects the core wood, all-new recipes regarding core woods will be unlocked. For the iron pickaxe, the player only needs 3x core woods. But he can collect even more because core woods can be used in various f different recipes.

Valheim Bronze

The 2nd thing which is needed to craft the bronze pickaxe is bronze. Bronze is required in larger quantities to craft the bronze pickaxe. A total of 10x bronze is required to make a bronze pickaxe.

Bronze cannot be mined or collected directly from its ores or from anywhere else. Two different materials are needed and then they are forged together to make iron. Two materials that are required to forge bronze are copper and tin.

Valheim Copper

Copper is an element that can be mined from the black forest biome. The copper can be mined in the form of copper deposits from the black forest biomes. To find the copper deposits, the player needs to wander in the biome.

Copper deposits and the stone of the black forest biome have similar green texture and colour. The only different thing is that copper deposits have yellowish light emitting from them. So after exploring some copper deposits, the player can easily differentiate between copper and regular stone.

After mining copper deposits, the player now needs to smelt these deposits in the smelter. Simply go to the base and smelt the copper deposits in the smelter. After a while, the smelter will yield the copper. As the player will pick the first copper material, a new recipe unlock will be prompted on the top left corner of the screen.

Valheim Tin

The second material which is needed to make bronze is tin. Tin can also be found in the black forest biome. To find a tin, the player needs to explore the shore or water body edges in the black forest biome. There the player will find the tin ores.

Tin ores are black with a shiny surface. When the player turns his pointer towards this, it will show the prompt of the tin ore. Use the pickaxe to mine the ores. After mining and collecting a bunch of tin ore, the player needs to smelt it also to produce tin materials.

Hence, come back to the base and smelt the tin ores in the smelter. Smelt as many ores as possible into the tin materials. When the player will collect the first-ever tin material, new recipes regarding tin will unlock and the prop will be seen on the top left corner of the screen.

Valheim Forge bronze

Once both copper and tin are collected and smelted in the smelter, it is time to forge the bronze. To forge the bronze, the player must need a forging machine. After crafting the forging machine, forge the material to make bronze material. To make bronze material, the player needs to forge 2x copper and 1x tin to forge the bronze.

After forging the bronze, collect them from the forge. As the player picks the forged material, the recipe of the bronze pickaxe will be prompt in the top left corner of the screen. Besides bronze pickaxe, various other recipes will also prompt on the screen which involves bronze material.

Crafting Bronze Pickaxe

After collecting the required materials that are core wood and bronze, the player can now easily craft the bronze pickaxe. To do so, go to the workbench, and simply craft the pickaxe.


In a nutshell, to get the bronze pickaxe, the player must need core wood and the bronze material. Core wood can be mined from the pine trees in the pine forest, but to forge bronze, the player needs copper and tin. Copper and tin both can be found in the black forest biome. Then smelt both individually to get the copper and iron materials. Forge them together to make bronze materials. After getting bronze, craft the bronze pickaxe by using copper and tin in the workbench. After getting the bronze pickaxe, the player can explore the world of the Valheim with more ease and efficiency.

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