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Valheim Dragon Eggs: Where to Find Dragon Eggs?



Valheim Dragon Eggs

The whole map of their Valheim has been consisting of six Valheim biomes for now. But in these 6 biomes, four biomes are the most widely used.  These four biomes have almost everything regarding the game. The player can find every material for their survival in these biomes.

Every biome has its unique characters and properties. Moreover, these four biomes have their unique boss. To fight any boss of any biome, the player first needs to summon it, to summon the boss, it needs some specific materials.

Dragon eggs and their purpose

Dragon eggs are purple-colored eggs with a greenish base. These can be found in the mountain biome. They are used to summon the boss of the mountain biome, the Moder. A total of three dragon eggs are used to summon the boss. It has been the most difficult boss of the game.

Where to find dragon eggs?

As mentioned, they are used to summon the strongest boss of the game and the boss of the mountain biome, which means that these eggs might be found in the same biome. It can also be judged from the materials required to summon other bosses can be found in the same biome as the boss.

Therefore, as these eggs are used to summon the mountain boss, they must be found in the mountain. The player has to wander here and there in the mountain biome to find these eggs.

Wandering in the mountain biome is not an easy task because if not prepared properly, the player will take frost damage and die of frosting. Therefore frost resistant mead or wolf armor set is required to explore the mountain biome.

After getting equipped with suitable instruments, the player can start exploring the biome for the egg. He can find the egg randomly anywhere in the biome. Mostly they are present under the ice caps. So, break the cap and collect the eggs. Collect three eggs to summon the mighty Moder.


Hence, the player can find the dragon eggs in the mountain biome. These can be used to summon the boss of the mountain biome called moder. To find the dragon eggs, the player needs to explore the mountain biome. And to explore the mountain biome, the player must need to be equipped properly, or otherwise, he will die of frost or the attacking of the wolves.

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