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Valheim Frost Arrows: How To Craft & Get The Frost Arrows?



Valheim Frost Arrows

Valheim is all about survival. The player who has the best loot and best collection of weapons, armor, and food, can survive in this game with ease. Otherwise, the player will face a lot of difficulties in the game. Therefore it is recommended to keep upgrading and updating the weapons as well as the characters of the player.

Three have been a lot of weapons in this game. All of the weapons have their unique power, damage, and range. Therefore while fighting with the enemies, it is important that the player must have equipped the right weapon at that time.

Valheim Frost arrows

Frost arrows are one of the types of arrows. These are made up of ice and can give explosive damage to the opponent. Like other powerful things, these beast arrows are also difficult to craft. To craft them, the player must require 4 different materials. It includes

  • 8x woods
  • 4x obsidians
  • 1x freeze gland
  • 2x feathers

After collecting all of that, the player can craft them and can make frost arrows. Some players might find it difficult in finding all of these materials. In this guide, the reader will also get to know the location of all the materials needed to craft the frost arrows.

Valheim Woods

Valheim Woods are the most widely available material of the game. They are in abundance in the meadows biome. The player can mine them from trees or can simply collect them from the floor. Therefore this material is the easiest to collect or mine. Most players have abundant wood at the very beginning of the game.

Valheim Feathers

The next easy thing in this recipe is the feather. The feather can also be found with ease. The player needs to hunt birds to get the feather. First craft a bow and arrow and then start hunting the birds.  Thus players can also get the feather with ease in the game.

Valheim Obsidian

Obsidian is relatively difficult to find an extractor mine. This is so because they are present in the most difficult biome of the game, the mountain. The player needs to prepare himself to fight the enemies of the biome as well as from taking damage from the frost.

This can be done by taking frost-resistant mead or by wearing the wolf armor set. To defend himself against the enemies of the mountain, the player must have a useful and strong weapon with good movement skills.

Obsidian can be mine in the mountain biome. They can be seen on the ground. They look like an ordinary rock but a bit dark in colour with a shiny surface. They are named Vaheim obsidian deposits. Mine them by using iron or Valheim bronze pickaxe and collect them in the inventory.

Valheim Freeze glands

This is the most difficult item in the whole recipe. Freeze glands can be obtained by killing drakes in the mountain biome. They are flying dragon which can secrete ice crystals to damage the player. They are difficult to shoot because they can fly with great efficiency.

Fighting the drake is so difficult because the player needs to defend himself from the frost attack as well as from the attack of the drake. Use frost-resistant mead or wolf armor set to fight the frost. Use fire or flint arrows to shoot the drake.

As the drake throws ice towards the player, it is better to take cover behind a stone. This is because if the player is not equipped with proper armor, he can die with ease. On the other hand, the player needs to land only 4 to 5 successful shots of the arrow on the drake to kill it.

Therefore, be precise while shooting it. After hunting down the drake, the player can get a freeze gland from it. Each drake will give one freeze gland, and a single freeze gland can be used to craft 20 frost arrows.

Therefore a single freeze gland will be enough to craft plenty of frost arrows.


After collecting all the necessary items from the recipe, it is time to craft the frost arrows. Go to the workbench and craft the arrows. The above-mentioned recipe will give 200 arrows.  Hence after doing a bit of a struggle, the player can easily craft a lot of powerful frost arrows. So facing these hardships to get the frost arrows are worth taking.

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