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Valheim Iron: How to Craft & Find Iron in Valheim



Valheim Iron

In Valheim. Different materials are crafted to give rise to new objects, tools, and weapons. Sometimes, it requires more than any material. To craft something special or more powerful, the player might need some extra things to craft that unique item or weapon. These extra things can be any material or any ore, which can be combined with other materials to craft the powerful weapon or armour.

Iron in Valheim

Iron has been one of such ore or metal which can be used to craft different things. Iron is used in crafting a weapon, building materials, armour, and other tools as well. Therefore iron has great importance in the game. But iron cannot be obtained by simply mining or collected from one place. It has to explore and then smelt to produce iron material. In this guide, the player will get to know everything regarding iron, how and where to find iron, and how to use iron as a crafting material.

Iron ores

Iron ores can be smelted to produce iron material. Therefore the player needs to find or mine iron ore from any possible source. The easiest way to get them from the swamp biome. After defeating the boss of the black forest biome, that is the Elder, the player will find a swamp key. Collect this key, it will help a lot in finding iron ores.

After that, go to the swamp biomes. They are easy to find. Just go away from the centre of the map of Valheim and the player will find swamp-like things to a distinct place. This is a swamp biome.

Crypts in the swamp biome

Anchor your boat there and hope on to the swamp biome. In here, the player has to find crypts. The crypts have green lanterns or torches burning outside them. These torches can be seen from a distance. So the player can find these crypts with ease due to these torches.

After finding the crypt, approach them. They might be close with the iron bars. Here the swamp key will come into action. Open the iron bar using a swamp key. After that, enter into the crypts to mine iron ore.

Crypts are very large with several different tunnels leading to the different rooms. Try to explore the whole crypt. The player can find up to 30 iron ores there with ease. Mine to muddy scrap piles to enter and to explore all parts of the crypt.

Collect as many iron ores as you can.

Take iron-ore Home

Now the next task is to transport iron ores to your home so that the player can smelt them to produce iron material. There is a problem with iron ores, and that is, they cannot be teleported like some other materials. Therefore players must need to take them personally to their home.

The right way to do this is to mine as many iron ores as possible from the crypts. Then come back to the boat, and store all iron ores there. The ship can store up to 120 iron ores while the inventory can store only 30 iron ores. Therefore it is better to store iron ores in the boat after mining them from the crypt.

It might be laborious activity but the player can get more iron ore in a single visit of the swamp biome.

Making a home in the swamp biome

Some people might wonder why to take the trouble of transporting iron ore to meadows, it is better to make a home in the swamps and thus simply collect them in your home. Well, this is not easy. The environment of the biome is too hostile. To make a house in the swamp, it must be away from the ground or on the top of the tree.

If the player constructs a house on the floor of the biome, the enemy will attack and destroy the house. The player cannot defend the house from the enemy of the swamp. Therefore, either build a house on the top of the tree or simply transport material to the house in the meadows. Making a house in the swamp biome is not a wise decision to make.

Smelt the iron ores into iron material

After bringing iron ores to the home, the next task is to smelt them to convert them into iron material. Smelt can be manufactured by mixing the right amount of sterling stone and stone. After making the smelter, place iron ores in it to make iron.

It will take some to smelt iron ore. So it is preferable to smelt the ores at night and then go to sleep. So when the player will wake up in the morning, the irons are already formed and can be collected.

Crafting things from iron

As the player collects the first piece of iron from the ground, the whole list of new recipes will be seen on the top left corner of the screen. Iron will unlock a lot of weapons, tools, and building structures. Therefore the iron has great utility in this game. Major things which can be crafted using iron includes:

  • Iron axe
  • Iron head arrow
  • Iron atgeir
  • Iron helmet
  • Iron nail, etc.


In a nutshell, the players can get iron by mining the iron ores from the crypts of the swamp biome after defeating the Elder of the black forest biome. After mining the ores, take these ores to the home base by using the boat. Smelt ores in the home to convert them into iron materials. The player can use these iron materials to craft an abundance of different power full weapons, tools, and constructing materials.

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