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Valheim Weapons: The Best Weapons in the Valheim



Valheim Weapons

In Valheim, everything is linked to survival and how to survive in the vast and difficult environment of the game. The player needs to craft different weapons, armors, tools, building materials, and various other minor things to survive the harsh environment of Valheim.

The weapon is the most important tool in any game. Moreover, when the player is playing the survival game, the weapon is a necessary evil which the player must need to possess to survive. The same goes in the Valheim.

There has been a variety of combat weapons in the game. The combat weapons are the most useful weapon because it helps player fighting the different enemies and the bosses as well. The player can use a sword, axe, dagger, bow, and arrow, and many various weapons as well.  Each of the mentioned weapons also has different types. In this article, the reader will get to know about the best type of everyone along with its crafting material. Hence, stick to the article to know the recipe for the best weapon of the game.

Type of weapon Name of weapon Description of the weapon Recipe for crafting the weapon
Early weapon Stagbreaker Early blunt weapon to get. Have antlers at the end of the weapon. Can give shockwave damage to the nearing opponents 20x Core Wood

5x Deer Trophy

2x Leather Scraps

Sword Silversword One of the best swords of the game. Can give a lot of damage to the enemy, especially to that of the black forest biome 2x Wood

40x Silver

3x Leather Scraps

5x Iron

Knife Black metal knife Best stealth weapon. Can kill a lot of enemies in the single attack 4x Fine Wood

10x Black Metal

5x Linen Thread

Mace Porcupine Split pierce and blunt attack can give huge damage to the opponent. Can be the once and for all weapon of the game 5x Fine Wood

20x Iron

5x Needle

10x Linen Thread

Spear Fang Spear Can act as a stealthy weapon. Have a wolf fang at the tip of the spear which can give great damage to the opponent 10x Ancient Bark

4x Wolf Fang

2x Leather Scraps

2x Silver

Axe Battleaxe Mighty two-handed axe. Can attack as well as parry the attacks like a shield. Can hit multiple enemies in a single swing 30x Ancient Bark

35x Iron

4x Leather Scraps

Polearm Black metal Atgeir Can give great damage to the player from distance. Excellent power as well as parry attack. One of the versatile weapons of the game. 10x Fine Wood

30x Black Metal

5x Linen Thread

Sledgehammer Iron Sledge Endgame version of the Stagbreaker. The best sledgehammer of the game 10x Ancient Bark

30x Iron

4x Ymir Flesh

1x Draugr Elite Trophy

Bow Draugr Fang Can add poison to the bronze, iron, silver, and obsidian arrows. Have great power and damage. Magnificent glowing look 10x Ancient Bark

20x Silver

2x Deer Hide

10x Guck

Utility weapon Abyssal Harpoon Not an effective weapon. But can pull enemies towards the player. Can be used to drag sea serpent out pf water for the easy kill. 8x Fine Wood

30x Chitin

3x Leather Scraps


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