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Valheim Workbench: How to Craft & Upgrade your Workbench



Valheim Workbench

Valheim has been the survival game in which players always need to upgrade their stuff to make progress in the game. To upgrade stuff like weapons, and other things, the player needs to upgrade the workbench. In this article, you will get a complete guide about how to build a workbench and how to upgrade it to craft more things in less time. So stick to the article.

Workbench in Valheim

Workbench has been like a working station in Valheim. Everything needs to be crafted on the workbench. In other words, to build or to craft anything, the player must need a workbench to do so. Either it is a potion or weapon, either you want to build a weapon or to repair Valheim Tools or to upgrade it, you must need a workbench.

Workbench cannot be made everywhere, so there have been some criteria to build the workbench.

Location of the workbench

Workbench cannot be placed anywhere you like. There must be a proper place for it. You can build it anywhere, but it will not work efficiently. The most important thing to make the workbench properly, the location of the workbench is most important.

The player cannot place the workbench in the open. There must be a roof to cover the workbench. In some cases, there must be a floor to place the workbench on it. This so because in some cases if the workbench is on the floor, it works more efficiently.

So in conclusion, it is good to construct a new house or a separate room or shack to place a workbench in there. It has been more preferable that the room or shack will be large enough so you can upgrade the workbench later on. Therefore construct a spacious room and place a workbench in it.

Construction of a workbench

To construct a workbench, you must need some special materials. To initially construct the workbench of level 1, the player is going to need 10 pieces of wood. The pieces of wood can be found with ease on the floor all across the map. So explore to find more woods.

Moreover, to unlock the recipe of the workbench, you first need to craft a hammer. To build the hammer for the first time, the player is going to need 3 wood and 3 stone materials. So after crafting a hammer, click on the build menu and then on the workbench. Place the bench according to the above-mentioned key things.

Crafting a stone axe

It is better to craft a stone axe before constructing a workbench. This is because by using the stone axe, the player can chop down trees to obtain woods, which can be used to craft the workbench. Further, a stone axe has been a pretty handy thing and has a variety of uses. The player must need to craft the stone hammer. So therefore it is better to craft earlier so the player can use it more efficiently.

To craft the stone axe, the player has to collect 5 wood pieces and 4 stone pieces. After that, he can craft the stone axe and can use it in many things.

Upgrading the workbench

As the player has already constructed the level 1 workbench, he can craft many things on this basic level of workbench. But this workbench is slow and can craft far fewer things. Moreover, it cannot craft modified weapons and can also not upgrade the weapon.

The level of the workbench will mostly define the level of the weapons of the players. It helps in upgrading and repairing various other things but weapons are the most dominant in them. The level can be upgraded to a certain limit according to the workbench of the player. So if the player has a maximum level workbench, he can upgrade the weapons to their maximum level.

Upgrade workbench to level 2

After crafting the basic workbench, the player needs to upgrade it. The upgrading of the workbench is simple. The player just has to place a few things near the workbench and after that workbench will be upgraded. First, it will be upgraded into level 2. Place a chopping block near the workbench to upgrade it to level2. To construct the chopping wood, the player must need 10 wood and 10 Valheim flint. Woods can be found all across the map or players can cut the trees to get the desired woods.

On the other hand, flint can be found near the water. Both wood and flint can be found in the meadows biome, but flint is more widely available near the water. So look for flints there.

Upgrade workbench to level 3

To upgrade the workbench to level 3, the player must need to place another thing near the workbench. The order of these things can be varied. The player just needs to place specific things near the workbench to increase the one level of the bench. The next which can be placed near the bench is the Tanning rack. To craft a tanning rack, the player must need 10 wood, 15 flints, 20 leather scraps, and 5 deer hides.

The place of finding wood and flint is mentioned already. While to get Valheim leather scraps and deer hide, the player must hunt deer. After hunting, the player can get these items from it. Deer can easily be found in the forest near the forest. Hence, go to them, hunt them, and get the required material to upgrade your workbench to level three.

After constructing the tanning rack, place it near the workbench and the workbench will upgrade at once.

Upgrade workbench to level 4

The final or most advanced type of workbench in Valheim is the level 4 workbench. To upgrade the workbench to level 4, you must need to place the final thing near it and that final thing is the Adze. To craft eh adze, the player needs 10 fine wood and 3 bronze. To construct the bronze, the player needs to combine Valheim copper and tin in the forge.

On the other hand, the fine wood can be collected from the birch and oak trees. To cut these trees, the player must need a bronze axe. Therefore first create bronze and craft bronze axes and then collect fine wood to make Adze and to upgrade the workbench to level 4.

Pattern or sequence of placing things near the workbench

Workbench can be upgraded by placing three things near it and these include, chopping block, tanning rack, and adze. Some players might get confused that the order of placing things near the workbench should be the same as mentioned in this article. But that’s not true.

The player can craft an adze first and tanning rack at the end or can follow any sequence. The thing is, the workbench must have these three things near it to upgrade to level 4. In this article, the sequence has been kept in this pattern because the chopping block is most easy to construct and adze require the most complex things.

So in this article, the things are arranged in this way to ease the players so they can craft the easiest thing first and the difficult thing later. Otherwise, they can follow any pattern they like.


Till now, there have been only 4 levels of the workbench. As the game has been in its initial version and its early access on stream, it can be speculated that later more upgrades can be introduced for the workbench. Well, this will only be unraveled after the release of the full game. For now, there have been only 4 levels of workbench. To upgrade each level, a specific thing needs to be placed near the bench. The pattern of placing things near it doesn’t matter.

As the player must need to place these things near the workbench, therefore it has been guided at the start of the article to make a spacious room to place a workbench. That’s so because these things can be placed near it to upgrade the workbench. One can only hope that the developers might introduce more upgrades to the workbench to upgrade the weapons and potion more as well.

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